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The Enigma of Katie Walsh's Protector

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Did you know the slut bucket Katie Walsh has a protector? No it is not her man whore finance Mike Shields, nor even her coup plotter leaking boss in Reince Priebus.......then again Reince Priebus has the same protector who came out in full fake news in supporting Katie Walsh and Reince Priebus, after Gateway Pundit in Jim Huff, Jerome Corsi of Infowars and Got News in Charles Johnson, reported who the leakers were in the White House, the coup plotters and that they were on the way out.

Yes Steve Bannon launched the full salvo for his .............leakers.

Bannon, who left Breitbart News in August to serve as CEO of the Trump campaign, sings Walsh’s praises.
“Katie was an integral part of our campaign post convention,” Bannon said in an emailed statement. “She was in New York day in and day out working hand and glove with the campaign to execute a GOTV effort on our behalf unlike anything our Party has ever seen. Her partnership was invaluable. Every day since election day Katie has worked tirelessly to help enact the President’s agenda. She is essential in ensuring things get done.”

It appears that Katie Walsh is Steve Bannon's little go getter.

Then again, there is Reince Priebus, who Steve Bannon calls his "partner" and swoops in to defend his little darling Chief of Staff.

(CNNMoney) Steve Bannon is "livid" with Breitbart News. Bannon, who was executive chairman of Breitbart before becoming Donald Trump's chief strategist, slammed the right-wing website on Wednesday for a report suggesting that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus might lose his job. "Not upset - livid," is how Bannon described his feelings about the article to CNN. "The story is totally untrue. Reince is doing a great job. I couldn't ask any more from a partner."

That appears to settle it all it seems, just like fake news in a Bannon intelligence operation.

Could Steve Bannon be part of an intelligence operation, like a counter intelligence operation, like some popular girl pointed out that it was the Defense Intelligence, specifically the United States Navy in NIA, the military counter to CIA who was providing cover for candidate and then President Trump.

But Bannon is not that like Darrell Issa and Bob Woodward running intelligence operations against the President is he?

Bannon was an officer in the United States Navy for seven years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, serving on the destroyer USS Paul F. Foster as a surface warfare officer in the Pacific Fleet and stateside as a special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon.Upon his departure he was ranked as a lieutenant (O-3)

What is this? Steve Bannon was a Naval Officer, serving on board the most advanced electronic warfare destroyer in the United States Navy in the Paul Foster, that even in retirement is a test ship prototype for advance electronic warfare.

USS Paul F. Foster

For those who do not know Naval jargon, Steve Bannon somehow ended up as the staff for the Chief of Naval Operations, who reports directly to the Secretary of the Navy, and is the most powerful officer in the US Navy.

But how does a squabby appear in the Pentagon in such a  meteoric rise.

After serving as president of the student government association, he graduated from Virginia Tech in 1976 with a bachelor's degree in urban planning and holds a master's degree in national security studies from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. In 1985,Bannon received a Master of Business Administration degree with honors from Harvard Business School

If you notice in the above this Virginian, in Virginia is intelligence central in the CIA and NIA just adore recruiting bright children early, that Steve Bannon found his way into the most prestigious Foreign Service Schools where all the elite intelligence officers study.

It is all JESUIT, as in black robe Vatican, Obama loving indoctrination, and it may be of interest in this that William Clinton went to the same school as Steve Bannon.

The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service (commonly abbreviated as SFS) is a school of international affairs within Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.. Recognized as one of the world's leading international relations schools, SFS is sometimes referred to as the "West Point of the U.S. diplomatic corps" due to the large number of SFS graduates who end up being diplomats. Founded in 1919, SFS predates the U.S. Foreign Service by six years.
Despite its reputation for producing top diplomats, SFS is not exclusively a diplomatic academy and its graduates go on to have careers in a diverse set of private and government sectors. The school's most notable alumni include U.S. President Bill Clinton, CIA Director George Tenet, King Felipe VI of Spain, and U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig, among others.
The School of Foreign Service was established in 1919 by a Jesuit priest Edmund A. Walsh.

So we have a Jesuit world conquest indoctrination center at Georgetown, and Steve Bannon a Naval Officer serving on a top secret US Destroyer, and ends up as staff to the most powerful man in the United States Navy.

Good things seem to happen though to Steve Bannon as if by design, because urban planner, meaning United Nations manipulation of Americans lives like rats in a cage, becomes a foreign service intelligence officer like Bill Clinton and George Tenet, and ends up in Obama Harvard with a business degree, and just as fast as you can say GOLDMAN SACHS, the CIA's investment bank, Steve Bannon is VP there, starting his own bank in negotiating sales to leftist Ted Turner, and then sells his bank to Société Générale.

After his military service, Bannon worked at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department.When he left the company he held the position of vice president. In 1990, Bannon and several colleagues from Goldman Sachs launched Bannon & Co., a boutique investment bank specializing in media. Through this company, Bannon negotiated the sale of Castle Rock Entertainment to Ted Turner. As payment, Bannon & Co. accepted a financial stake in five television shows, including Seinfeld. Société Générale purchased Bannon & Co. in 1998

Now what is Société Générale? That would be the French bank, that if you had bothered to read Lame Cherry in tracking the 9 11 economic terror attack upon America which installed Obama into power in 2008, was the French Bank which was utilized by the globalists to collapse the Anglo American Finance and send the west into an Obama Super Depression.

Lame Cherry: Feb 13, 2010
Feb 13, 2010 - This is most amazing as if my memory banks are working this 'inevitable break up" of the Euro is coming from Paris-based Société Générale, ...

For a history lesson in this, Iceland was chosen as the "working model" to crash their economy in a lab experiment, and then it moved onto London, and then to France where Société Générale, ushered in the first crash wave against America, which the United States survived. The second wave appeared in late summer 2008 in which John McCain stopped is campaign, but the 9  11 economic was complete and Obama stole the election in a 10 million e vote flip.

Did I mention  that it was this criminal bank chosen by the globalists who purchased Steve Bannon's bank?

2008 Société Générale trading loss - Wikipedia

In January 2008, the bank Société Générale lost approximately €4.9 billion closing out positions over three days of trading beginning January 21, 2008, a period ...été_Général

This would all seem to be the stuff of leftists looking for Bannon's sacking from the Trump Administration to put forward, but it is all covered up in what is really taking place.

Steve Bannon was the oligarch Robert Mercer's boy, but before that you might remember a laddy named Andrew Breitbart who somehow created a little site named Drudge Report for Matt Drudge, and then took his programming to create the alt left site for the intelligence community of Huffington Post, to provide him the financial stake of an enterprise called Breitbart, which had numbers of interesting intelligence connections, including another name who popped up at the start in the board, who is named Steve Bannon.

We all know that Andrew Breitbart had handed to him the information which would bring down the entire Obama regime, and that meant the cartel. To the which, an assassination team was sent to California which assassinated Andrew Breitbart, and by miracle who should  gain operational control of this but Steve Bannon, who suppressed the information Breitbart had, and thus entered the computer programmers in the Mercer family, who in the removal of Corey Lewandowski, and the Paul Manafort in soft coups, who should appear but the Mercer family who supported vote fraud and Ted Cruz, to whisper to Donald Trump that the best man to manage the victory was none other than Steve Bannon, who has been part of the Trump Trans removal of all the Trump Loyalists and Christians who by God's Grace secured Mr. Trump the Presidency.

We now know that Big Koch oligarchs have put into power Mike Pence who is Bush fam, that Reince Priebus who is Big Koch Wisconsin mafia, is hiding under Bannon's wing, and that Bush fam's Katie Walsh is servicing them all as her gentlemen.

. And so I think I serve as a funnel from some other senior staff. So when folks are saying, “we want to push this message” or “we’d like to get these folks in to meet with the president to work on this issue,” it’s my job to take those things, put them in some kind of organizational order, and take them to Steve and Reince and say “these are our recommendations, how would you like to move forward?” Obviously, it’s a ton of conversations at senior levels with senior staff, but at the end of the day those three gentlemen [Kushner, Bannon, and Priebus] are going to make the decisions, so they need to be given context and details and a full understanding and picture of what’s going on so they can make decisions.

That little rainmaker Katie Walsh is Steve Bannon's gatekeeper, and we now are certain that Priebus and Walsh have convinced Bannon that they are his loyal staff, as he has absolutely no problem with the conspirators destroying Christians, Loyalists......oh and wait a minute, these leaks are destroying the President of the United States too.

So now you know the name of the Defense Intelligence Officer who has been put into place to craft President Donald Trump, as the President is told he is being protected from the intelligence coups, and he has only loyal leakers around him.

I have the greatest appreciation for DIA, but with John McCain around creating ISIS, other DIA looking to start nuclear war with Russia as extensions of the industrialists, and the rather not so officerly and gentlemanly of the caretaker of Andrew Breitbart's corpse in not serving President Donald Trump in these precarious times, just do not seem to be up to Navy standards.

Bannon wanted Mike Flynn out, because Flynn was competitor DIA intelligence, as did Priebus, Pence, Walsh and Kurschner for stereophonic ear of President Trump in isolating him, and presenting instead like DIA officer General McMaster to NSA for this  grande scheme of nation implosion for a new ordered society.

“I think the schedule is never a sexy thing to talk about but at the end of the day the most valuable time we have is the president’s time,” Walsh told Breitbart News:

Interesting choice of words for Steve Bannon's go getter girl.


It is only fitting if my son dies under Obama

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

God I loathe the hypocrisy of these political whores who claim righteousness in their silent grief, and then make it a point that they are part of the Obama treachery setting this nation on edge for riots in ripping it apart.

Meet the new Cindy Sheehan in Bill Owen, whose son was KIA in the Yemen approved operation, set up by the Obama regime, and could only be launched for best results on a moonless night, so it fell to President Trump and Mike Flynn to green light it.
For those who do not remember Cindy Sheehan, she was the leftist mother whose son was KIA under President Bush43, and Nancy Pelosi used her to drag the GOP to defeat so she could be Speaker, and right on cue here comes another political whore feigning silence and can not shut up to the press, who are going to use him willingly as a political assassination tool against a sitting President.

Owens and his SEAL commandos set out in the dark of night. Planning for the Yemen raid began last year during the Obama administration, but the execution was tabled because it was decided it would be better to launch the operation on a moonless night, which wouldn’t occur until after President Trump took office Jan. 20.

What this all revolves around is Bill Owens own words and his featuring his son as an Obama boy with pictures, and it all has to do with politics in Hillary Clinton's pet Muslim, that Khan, who attacked all Americans at the DNC while waving the Constitution at them, over the death of his son.

Owens, also a military veteran, was troubled by Trump’s harsh treatment of a Gold Star family during his presidential campaign. Now Owens was a Gold Star parent, and he said he had deep reservations about the way the decision was made to launch what would be his son’s last mission.

In research, the soldier Khan of Iraq, was killed because he let terrorists into the secure area of a compound. Khan's job was to train what was and would become the militant force of ISIS.

Yet here is Bill Owens featuring the proud photo of his son, not with Obama, but at the White House. This would be the same son and same Obama who oversaw the slaughter of SEAL Team Six in Afghanistan, but all of those dead SEALS by Obama and Joe Biden outing the as murderers of the bin Laden acting group in Pakistan, did nothing to dissuade the Owen's family from not desiring a meet with their Birther Hussein occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue.

The younger Owens served under three presidents and met one of them: Barack Obama. This photo is from a visit to the White House. Courtesy of the Owens family

Bill Owens wants an investigation into Yemen, and the Lame Cherry wholeheartedly agrees, because it is time that the Obama Muslim treachery be exposed, as what took place in Yemen was a set up by terrorists, in they knew the Americans were coming.
Just so all of us are on the same page in this, President Trump signed off on this operation, after being briefed for it's necessity by Director Mike Flynn, who had it on his program, because he had inherited it from the Obama regime.
The same regime which has been leaking stories to the press which are fake news. The same Obama group now under FBI investigation for releasing classified information to get the President and Mike Flynn, and the same Obama group who had Soldiers in kill pits in Afghanistan, ran up the body count on "not special" US Soldiers, did not have time to attend medal ceremonies for Vietnam Veterans, but none of that mattered to John McCain who created ISIS, the Obama's, nor apparently the Owen's family as there was not any protest to the Miami Herald.

So bring on the investigation, and let us all discover who it was in the Obama regime who set up this operation, knowing they would dump it into the Trump Administration as an action order.......KNOWING THAT IF PRESIDENT TRUMP SAT ON THIS THAT A NEW LEAK WOULD HAVE APPEARED THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP SAT ON AN OPERATION THAT YEMENI TERRORISTS KILLED AMERICANS IN THE DELAY.....because those behind this, were setting the political smear stage in President Trump would be smeared if he did something and smeared if he did not do something, because all angles were covered, and the reason the terrorists knew the Americans were coming is because the same Muslims in the Obama operations were still there leaking information to the terrorists.

Yes but Bill Owens does not want to talk, but can not shut up in his political vendetta, as he uses his son, in the most disgraceful way. We find out in the chattering Owens though that he still is mentioning the family of his son in offending them for political reasons, and admitted that he is a #NeverTrumper. Such a degraded condition these people operate under, in they will use anyone and say anything to carry out  their obsession against a President, because Hillary Clinton did not steal this election., so they have to get the President any way they can.

Bill Owens doesn’t want to talk about Ryan’s wife or his three young children. There are other things that he believes should remain private. He spoke out, he says, at the risk of offending some of his family and friends.

“I’d like some answers about all the things that happened in the timeline that led up to it. I know what the timeline is, and it bothers me a lot,” said Owens, who acknowledges he didn’t vote for Donald Trump. 

So let us bring on the entire investigation into the death of this SEAL, as Bill Owens in his open borders genocide of Americans, has focused on Trump protection of America, and how Owens has focused on this in it was those damned Muslims who leaked information over Trump policy, when the reality it was the Muslims who his beloved Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, with their implanted stooges leaked again information that put American Soldiers in jeopardy and body bags.

One aspect of the chain of events that nags at him is the fact that the president signed the order suspending the entry of immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Yemen, on Jan. 27 — the day before the mission.
Owens wonders whether that affected friendly forces in Yemen who were assisting with the raid.
“It just doesn’t make any sense to do something to antagonize an ally when you’re going to conduct a mission in that country,” he said. “Did we alienate some of the people working with them, translators or support people. Maybe they decided to release information to jeopardize the mission.”
No Bill Owen, the information release came from Obama Muslims in Centcom as it always has, and it was your political messiahs who hired them, and put them into power, as you preened over not being a racist in voting for you Designer Negro Obama as your warped hatred of America was focused on Donald Trump and still is focused on President Donald Trump, as you are not a parent, but a political pariah dishonoring America, the Navy and the SEALS.

To explain the above medals as no one cared enough on this hit piece on the President as SEAL Owen had only one purpose in this by his political papa.

Silver Star Medal Silver Star

Navy and Marine Corps Medal Navy & Marine Corp Medal

Bronze Star Medal Bronze Star

Purple Heart Purple Heart

Defense Meritorious Service Medal Defense Meritorious Service Medal

Joint Service Commendation Medal Joint Service Commendation Medal

Additional note: In Medal Display Order

Additional smaller stars appear on various medals, it means additional service, in stars or oak leaf clusters, an additional wounding as  in the Purple Heart

Service star - Wikipedia

... star pointing up on the suspension ribbon of a medal and or service ribbon. A silver star is worn instead of five bronze stars ... star is also similar ...


Did Bill O'Reilly plagiarize William Manchester?

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

Last year I stumbled across a copy of William Manchester's biography on Douglas MacArthur, entitled "American Caesar: Douglas Macarthur 1880-1964", on sale for a quarter in the thrift store. It proved to be a difficult read, partially because this edition was the annoying kind that is a short, squat book, so half my time reading was spent physically turning pages, but mostly because much of it was anti-MacArthur propaganda and subtle smears cleverly sown into the actual history of his life.

Much to my surprise, a quote from Bill O'Reilly's latest book, "Killing the Rising Sun", appeared on Facebook last week that looked eerily similar to something I had read in Manchester's biography months earlier. So I did an internet search and came up with the following:

Quoting from O´Relly´s book ´Killing the Rising Sun´ page 19:

Rather than conduct a savage aerial bombardment, the forces of Dai Nippon-or Great Japan-aimed to seize control of the entire country. (The Philippines)

´ The invasion was planned for almost a decade beginning with an influx of Japanese soldiers disguised as immigrants, a systematic mapping of the Philippines /snip/ and spying on Philippine coastal defenses.

Only later, Filipino President Manuel Quezon will remember, did I discover that my gardener was a Japanese major and my masseuse a Japanese colonel ´

A commenter on another thread uses "masseur" instead of "masseuse" in the quote:

"Last night, as I was reading “Killing the Rising Sun,” I came across this paragraph: “The invasion [of the Philippines] was planned for almost a decade, beginning with an influx of Japanese soldiers disguised as immigrants…”Only later,” Filipino president Manuel Quezon will remember, “did I discover that my gardener was a Japanese major and my masseur a Japanese colonel.”"

Yet another person quotes William Manchester's book in this thread:

In 1934 Major General Frank Parker, then the commander in the Philippines, reported to Washington that Japanese immigration continued to grow at an alarming rate, that they were mapping coasts, and that most of them were men of military age – some, indeed, known to hold reserve commissions in the Nipponese army. The War Department shrugged, and so, once more, did [President Manuel] Quezon. The newcomers were industrious; they were useful bicycle salesmen, sidewalk photographers, and servants; they seemed to contribute to the quality of Filipino life. “Only later,” Carlos Romulo recalls, “did I discover that my gardener was a Japanese major and my masseur a Japanese colonel.”’ – William Manchester, "American Caesar" pp. 170-171.

I can confirm that the above passage quoting from William Manchester's biography also appears in the annoying squat edition on page 187, which is sitting right beside me. According to the notes at the back of the book, this is a DIRECT QUOTE from Carlos Romulo himself during an interview with William Manchester on October 18, 1977. This means the direct quote is most likely not in Romulo's book, "I Saw the Fall of the Philippines", and most definitely cannot be attributed to an interview with Manuel Quezon who died in 1944 (unless somehow he also magically wrote the exact same thing in his own autobiography, "The Good Fight").

This looks an awful lot like plagiarism. And not just your run-of-the-mill plagiarism seen in the echo chamber halls of hallowed learning, but a really lazy copy-paste attempt along with a complete lack of sourcing.

(As a disclaimer, I have not read Bill O'Reilly's book as I have neither time nor the money to waste, so I cannot confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that he does not give proper notation to William Manchester in the passage. From what both people quoted on separate websites attributing the observation to Quezon instead of Romulo as shown above, I highly doubt it.)

Seems as if Bill O'Reilly owes Manchester's descendants a cut of his financial earnings for plagiarizing their father's work.

You people really should stop funding these Bill O'Reilly, Dinesh D'Souza, Michelle Fields, and Mark Levin type frauds in their copy-paste plagiarism and go to the original sources to read the actual history. It's the same amount of wading through the Mockingbird muck, but at least you won't be voluntarily padding a faux-conservative fraud's pocket in the process.


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Reince Priebus's Dirty House

Katie Walsh's fiance Mike Shields with former Speaker Boehner

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a matter in the situation of White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, which reveals that this is a person who does not belong anywhere near the President of the United States, because his entire past is nothing but filled with ethics violations and criminal dealings.

Reince Priebus arose to power by performing a coup with a GOP operative who was awarded part of the GOP data mining scheming of FLS in the L being Operative Larson from South Dakota, transplanted to Minnesota. Priebus successfully brought down the Obama of the GOP in the corrupt and ineffective Michael Steele of Maryland, but the entire action was one of a coordinated effort and quid pro quo engineered by Priebus in a power grab.
Priebus would oversee the exact replica of this in Trump Trans where Christians were booted to the curb, for paybacks to Big Koch, the Indiana Mafia of Mike Pence, the Kurschner Ashkenaz liberal mafia and Bush fam putting Jeb Bush's advocates in 1600 Penn.

Priebus as head of the GOP chose as his top lieutenants Mike Shields as Chief of Staff and Katie Walsh as chief finance officer. The problems with this arrangement were Walsh was living in adultery with leftist GOP Senator Kirk of Illinois, and after he stroked out as an old man, Walsh bed hopped her way over to Mike Shields.
Again a problem, because Shields left the RNC for the House election control, and the woman he was sexing in Katie Walsh, was given his job by Priebus, as Walsh gave her job to her best friend.

This is unethical, scandalous and criminal. This is what Reince Priebus was overseeing as head of the RNC in a sex ring of quid pro quo of cronyism and nepotism.

It degraded worse as both Shields and Walsh were #NeverTrumpers, and coordinated working against Donald Trump for his defeat and it was Priebus who approached Donald Trump and tried to get him to quit the race.........for Jeb Bush.

The prominent conservative group American Action Network has hired Republican National Committee chief of staff Mike Shields to be its new president.

Shields, who joined the RNC in 2013 as part of an effort to diagnose the party’s failings in the 2012 election cycle, will also head the group’s sister PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, which has close ties to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

And promoting the same corruption, Shields moved against Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and American mothers who had their children raped and murdered by Mexicans, for his traitor Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan Demolished His Primary Challenger -

... the same platforms as Republican ... Congressional Leadership Fund president Mike Shields told ... So We Asked a Woman Who Was Born in Nazi Germany

Priebus' dirty house house was plotting a scheme from the start of this for Jeb Bush. It was a replay of HW Bush's machinations in using Christians for his election and then telling them to shut up and go away. Priebus oversaw with Mike Pence and Jared Kurschner an exact replica of this in Trump Trans as the massive money laundering scheme which Priebus had overseen in the GOP in making certain that no funding donations went to Donald Trump and the other 200 million went to the data mining operations and select GOP minders in the media, in this ACORN kickback scheme, is something Priebus, Shields and Walsh should be indicted for, and upon victory cut the Christians out of the entire appointment loop.

This degrades into a strange world if one tracks Mike Shields as he was supposedly working for the GOP. In online posts, Shields is found in England and Germany, assisting their political operations. This is something which one has to question in who is funding this, and why are foreigners meeting with Shields who was supposed to be working with the GOP as the priority.
Shields was inside England's 10 Downing Street and in the headquarters of German Angela Merkel's campaign. It is a fact that Shields was part of a group in Germany which is international with offices in DC and across Europe which was founded by a Nazi and advocated the annexing of other parts of Europe.

Trump tramples on Republican orthodoxy -

Thinking the unthinkable on Germany going nuclear ... "It's almost like he's running a third-party candidacy within the Republican party," says Mike Shields, ...

Yes it was Mike Shields spreading the damned lie that Donald Trump was 3rd party and Shields was doing it in the MI5 British press.

Mike Shields, the chief of staff at the Republican National Committee who is at the core of the GOP’s efforts to reboot itself ahead of the 2014 mid-term elections and the next presidential race in 2016.

When one realizes that John McCain can not meet and or quote enough Nazi's in attacking Donald Trump, one has to ask the glaring question of what in the hell is someone who is running the House election division belonging to a Nazi group in Germany, as his fiance is the Deputy Chief of Staff to President Trump, both appointed by Reince Preibus.

This is the Dirty House of Reince Priebus. It is money laundering, political sabotage, insurrection against the Government of the United States, philandering, coup plotting, betrayal, unethical, anti Christian, adulterous and just criminal.

Republicans and Democrats threw out Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Boehner and Big Koch oligarchs, and yet under Reince Priebus, we have Mike Pence in the Indiana mafia bringing in Big Koch, Mike Shields has brought in John Boehner's Big Koch Ohio Mafia, the regime of Obama and Clinton leaks non stop and Katie Walsh has brought in the entire Bush Machine with the help of Mike Pence and Jared Kurschner.
Every damn thing that President Trump and the American People flushed, Reince Priebus was grabbing in the sewage with both hands bringing the shit back in.

The Lame Cherry has posted of the qualified Americans who must be brought in to replace this junta which is sabotaging the Trump Agenda, and it begins with Chris Christie who will remain loyal to President Trump in driving for indictments of Mike Shields, his sex kitten Katie Walsh and their pimp Priebus as a start, as no one is asking questions in this in the media and that includes Sean Hannity, which makes you wonder why are Hannity and Levin not aware of what the hell is going on in the underworld of Reince Priebus for the oligarchs, when a popular girl without resources can dig up this information which is posted in these criminals' profiles.

Nuff Said



SALVATION BATMAN: Batman vs Joaquin Phoenix

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It has come to the attention of the Lame Cherry that Ben Affleck has homicidally murdered the Batman franchise, in a forever film, which was too much for the fat old bearded liberal male to not be enough high energy to deal with, so in that, Lame Cherry Productions announces a Lame Cherry project as only Lame Cherry can create in:


Batman vs Joaquin Phoenix

Yes, whenever the Lame Cherry is puzzled about things in life, the Lame Cherry asks, "What would Joaquin Phoenix do?", and in that we have the answer to SALVATION BATMAN, we simply pit Mr. Jennifer Garner against Joaquin Phoenix in, SALVATION BATMAN, Batman vs Joaquin Phoenix.

The movie opens with Robin slapping Batman who is out making propaganda films about Jimmy Carter not being a failure, gambling and having carnal sex with women who mistake him for Ryan Reynolds.

Attention Alert, Ryan Reynolds and the wife, appear as Barack and Michelle Obama on Virgin Island, wrestling with Dick Branson in debauchery.

Next we have Robin going to Commissioner Gordon, pleading for an intervention, and that is when Commissioner Gordon picks up the Red White and Blue phone, and makes an emergency call to President Donald Trump, who Tweets a special coded message which states: TO JP: HELP:DT

Immediately Joaquin Phoenix knows what to do in ordering Lame Cherry to write a script worthy of the greatest actor, like for all time, and immediately Batman Ben smirks and says he has a message from Birther and the Lurch to save jello from Bill Cosby.

Immediately Joaquin Phoenix responds in taking control of the German Waffen tank corp, and attacks Batman Ben.

There stands Joaquin Phoenix, white scarf in the wind, sunglasses on, dressed in leather, taking heavy fire from the Bat Cave, and at the opportune moment, stuffs Alec Baldwin into a 105 Howitzer and shoots Batman Ben with Alec Baldwin.

Next Joaquin Phoenix rescues Jennifer Garner and children from Ben Affleck, and they immediately adore Joaquin Phoenix, and life has never been so good.

Scene two opens with Batman Ben in a fury, and knowing he is not man enough to take on Joaquin Phoenix, even with Alec Baldwin protruding from his anus, Batman Ben enlists the help of Nasty Woman, Ashley Judd to kidnap the happy family of Jennifer Phoenix and children.

Immediately President Trump signals on Twitter, JP: HELP: DT, and immediately Joaquin Phoenix takes command of the B2 Bombers of America, and personally flying his own F 35 fighter, leads the command where he personally drops Joaquin Bombs, specially designed bombs to eradicate all who are not fond of Truth, Justice and the American Way, and those who do not appreciate the great talent of Joaquin Phoenix.

The bombing obliterates all of California sedition and Joaquin Phoenix personally unloads Rosie O'Donnell as a fat bomb, which obliterates Nasty Woman.

Unfortunately when Joaquin Phoenix unloads his fat bomb, the weight adjustment is too much and the F 35 pitches and Joaquin Phoenix must parachute to Batman territory, where he lands at Wayne Manor, where Batman Ben is throwing a party for Muslim Invaders.

In a hail of gunfire and gore, a fight from hell, a scene as horrendous as Madonna's nethers, Joaquin Phoenix with his Colt 45's blazing, fights his way to the Mansion, with a protective shield of lead, and and picks up David Letterman, rips his leg off and beats 100,000 Muslim terrorists to death.

In an epic chase, Batman Ben flees in the Bat Mobile with Joaquin Phoenix on his trail riding the Bat Cycle.

On Golden Gate Bridge Joaquin Phoenix catches Batman Ben, and they fight their way to the top of the bridge, and plunge into the troubled waters below, where a Great White Shark awaits to attack Joaquin Phoenix, but Joaquin Phoenix, punches the shark and as Batman Ben makes his way to shore, Joaquin Phoenix throws the shark like an arrow, and engulfs Batman Ben in a shark cell of razor sharp teeth.

Commissioner Gordon arrives with Robin, and they take Batman away to be rehabilitated by listening to Joaquin Phoenix rock and roll, and being made to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

With the credits rolling, Jennifer and the children say, "Why can not all men be like you?" Joaquin Phoenix then says, "They all could if they just tried".

At which point, Matt Damon appears and says,  Mr. Phoenix, can I be your friend?"

"NO", Joaquin Phoenix says and orders ICE to arrest Matt Damon, for impersonating an American.

Yes, a Lame Cherry production and creation, Batman vs. Joaquin Phoenix, SALVATION BATMAN.

Seriously realize, what a disaster Batman has been since the great Adam West left the role, and what Batman would have been like if the great Joaquin Phoenix had starred in this series for the past decades, compared to the horrid ensemble and now with Ben Affleck having killed the franchise.



Bedtime Stories

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a rather unfortunate fortunate story, as I collect Bibles...yes no revelation, but if a little girl had not thrown away her picture Bible, I would not have any idea such a thing existed, and it really is a pretty good Bible which would work for reading to children and grandchildren before bed.

That is one happy memory I have is Bible story books as a child before bed.

This is The Picture Bible by David C. Cook with illustrations by Andre Le Blanc......yeah sounds Canadian.

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So any way, what I appreciate about this, is it is the entire Bible and with cartoon pictures. It covers all but Revelation, and in checking out the porn content like David and Bathsheba is it covered with the naughty bits left covered, so a child will get the message to behave and being bad has consequences.

I have numbers of Bible story books I have collected, for when we have children, but this one is about as close to perfection as I could have created. The Le Blanc illustrations are vivid colors with attractive people, so it will hold a child's attention for the few minutes before bed and sleep.

Mine I obtained free as little Haley tossed hers, but sodomite Amazon has it listed at 15 bucks hardcover, so it is an affordable and good investment that Mr. Cook is not profiteering off of his picture books like some Rush Limbaugh types.

I am not jumping to conclusions as perhaps Haley threw this book away or her Mum did in thinking it would go to some other miscreant child, but why anyone would give away a childhood memory is beyond me, especially when your Church bought it for you and your name is in it.

Whatever the reason, it allows me to do a book review as this is a nice book which has never been read by the looks of it, and few people are aware of it.

Post Script: I did some investigating in Haley was born in 2007, so she is 9 years old and it would appear the mother must have tossed the father died in 2010.

God help that child. I presume this is someone I will be praying for as the indications do not look good in what is going on with the Mum.

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Lee Marvin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Talent is something that you either have or don't as Hollywood sure as hell doesn't .

- Lame Cherry

I was thinking about Lee Marvin and a film I really enjoy in The Dirty Dozen, a film he hated as he said he sold out for the money. If only actors who could act, actually made movies they sold out for the money, then Hollywood would not be bankrupt on Obama liberals.

Lee Marvin was not your typical American. He was a New York patrician, directly descended from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Yet in World War II, he was one of the best Soldiers America ever produced.

Served as a marine in the Pacific theater during WW2. In total, he took part in the invasions of 21 islands, and was wounded and nearly died as a result during the Battle of Saipan. He was a sniper, and would be sent in during the night in a small rubber boat, prior to the rest of his platoon. His wartime experiences deeply affected him for the remainder of his life.

Marvin was shot in the ass, and it affected his sciatic nerve, which got him a job as a plumber, and moved him into acting.

I would not agree with Lee Marvin on politics as he was a Kennedy and McGovern voter, but that came from not enjoying war and hating it which clouded his vision. A vision which was bizarre as if you realize the greatest movies of all time that cemented stars in classics, Lee Marvin turned down the roles.

Marvin got into a fight with Sam Peckinpah and left the Wild Bunch, and William Holden starred.

Marvin refused Dirty Harry, as John Wayne did, and it cemented Clint Eastwood as a star

Marvin lost interest in Death Wish as the director left, and Charles Bronson starred in that series.

Marvin was even up for Col. Trautman in First Blood, the Rambo series as he refused to play a Colonel. The role went to Richard Crenna.

People like Lee Marvin are interesting, because of their ability to not give a damn about saying things, and this observation was something vintage of Lee Marvin.

Newman has it all worked out. I get a million. He gets a million, too, but that includes $200,000 expenses. So, if that's the game . . . I never talked to Newman in my life. No, I talked to him on Park Avenue once. Only to give him a piece of advice. This 15-year-old girl wanted his autograph. He told her he didn't give autographs, but he'd buy her a beer. "Paul", I said, "she's only 15". "I don't give a shit", he said. I think it shows. With Newman, it shows. Cut to an old broad in Miami Beach looking at his picture in Life magazine: "A Gary Cooper he ain't."

Yes always wonderful to be educated about American blue eyed pussy throb literal Paul Newman was a pedophile, and Hollywood celebrated it.

That though is Lee Marvin and he was the one man who could hold his own with John Wayne on screen in the Comancheroes. Most stupid thing ever was the film killing Marvin off in the first part of the picture.

I know my career is going badly because I'm being quoted correctly.

- Lee Marvin

Now that he is gone, I am pleased he never shut up.