Thursday, April 27, 2017

Existing in a world not our Own

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I post this not for sympathy nor for the cheering of those who sought to destroy me. It is simply a fact that the Drudge headlines reveal that America and the world are overflowing with a demon psychosis of derangement and evil.
I simply with the evil that is willed against me for having posted this blog, am at collapse point. I was exhausted  in the year 2000 and needed to rest then, but no rest was given, and producing the time line of Donald Trump as President was supposed to be the shield for all of the good people to recover, but that has not taken place as it has been a fight daily protecting this Presidency and attempting to steer it to a sound course, but the evil which was rolled back is now returning in a tidal wave. I simply have not grown into the Light to protect the world from this millions in evil thoughts, the rampant demon machine and a government which is amplifying instead of neutralizing every situation.

Things have been in a degrading state here for sometime. To get to me, my plants and animals are afflicted and murdered. It can be anything mysterious like violets suddenly flooded out with no one watering any different to Monday night Darby and Libby were perfectly fine, and on Tuesday Darby was shaking and uncertain on her feet, and now this morning Libby is the same. The vet is coming and he thinks it is colic, but there is not any way these two horses both contracted colic from a diet unchanged which is simply grass. The source is the evil directed at me and it has been slow torture since December in things I do not care to remember.

Evil is amplifying and most of you are well aware that it is there and it is afflicting you in things which do not make sense. For everything that has died here, I felt like Job before, and now I am just going through the motions, as the suffering of innocent things is what rips me apart inside. I feel like hamburger in my Spirit after all I have been put through this past 2 years and each time I recoil  to recuperate, something goes inside and shreds me to those nerves again. So I do not know what to continue on with this blog, if it will be a daily synopsis or what it will be. I need at least some income so I have to struggle here as there is no alternative in the shape I am in. I felt ok a week ago for the first time in some time, and then Daisy jerked me and my spine and shoulders have not been the same.

Each of you has to let go of the distress in the disappointment. You have to trust in the Lord and do not act out, as a blind person could see this is the beginning of sorrows. Do not get yourselves into trouble. Do not threaten anyone and do not act out. Just focus on the things which give you serenity and the Lord will carry you through.
Each you have enough problems and do not care to hear about whatever is taking place here. I simply make note of it as a barometer in these afflictions point to something very wrong in this world and these kinds of ruptures and manifestations at this Mad Max extreme levels reveals something is very wrong.

The headlines:



Woman Files Suit Against DELTA After Man Masturbates...

UNITED AIRLINES bunny death mystery deepens as breeder demands body back...

VIDEO: Maxine Waters suffers brain freeze during rant on NKorea...


Striking reversal in culture wars...
Graveyard of First Amendment...
Portland rose parade canceled after 'antifascists' threaten Republican marchers...

Everything I have tried was to protect the Trump Presidency and the family from all which is now imploding. I gave specifics in the children needed to be OUTSIDE advisors. I stated that Ivanka needed COVER in Elizabeth Dole to be her political go between inside the White House. I informed the White House they needed God and Loyalists, as in Christians to be the Spiritual buffer, that the President needed to gain control over the deep state first, and above all make peace with Vladimir Putin in order to give him success as he relied on proven people legislators like Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich and Jamie Beutler to give him 3 victories in Congress to build upon. Instead the entire barrier has broken down in the worst consequences in Donald  Trump thinks he is a dealer, but he failed in he lied to everyone in causing upheaval in his base, which was already suffering wife beater syndrome from 20 years of the Bush fam.
So now it comes to thee communist Murdoch wives attempting to give Ivanka Trump cover when this entire administration has violated every political rule, in they brought in their enemies who hate them and are betraying them, and alienated their base which was the only protecting they ever had.

Insulting Ivanka: Why the media are turning on the first daughter

CNN commentator and former Ted Cruz aide Amanda Carpenter said that “when I see Ivanka taking on this role, I really see her becoming like Hillary Clinton in the worst ways. She’s sort of becoming increasingly unlikable. She’s trying to get these jobs she’s not qualified for based on family connections.”
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews compared the Trumps to “the Romanovs,” saying the president envisions a royal family and “it is un-American. It is untraditional. It’s somewhat weird.”

The Cruz people were not pacified and the Clinton people never will be mollified. Now with the base no longer believing in the President, all he has are the very people who both the right and the left detest.

By God's Grace he has worked through me to get you this far, I though am not capable of carrying the load as I am broken down from it. I will stagger where I can to though in your tomorrows, but now all of those who wished harm upon me because they did not like the Truth, will not have to deflect for them when the time comes.
That which has been unleashed is amplified and it is returning. It has momentum and there is not going to be any stopping this. It is a spiritual fire with too much fuel and will only be extinguished by burning itself out.

Stay with the Lord Christ, do not misbehave or act out. God in Peace in Jesus Name Amen and Amen


How Mexico Pays for the Wall

It is time to finish the job of 1845
It is time for Texas and the United States to annex the Texas
which Mexico has been holding hostage for over 150 years

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Donald Trump is a President who just can not penalize Americans enough for his PROMISES.

For example, the President Promised DACA families that these invaders who murder and rape Americans would all be repatriated to their own shit holes, and yet on a Friday eve, Donald Trump slunk away with a betrayal of Americans in allowing dreamer criminals to stay in America to murder and rape more Americans.

In the same reality, now Mr. Trump's fictional wall on the border with Mexico is penalizing Americans.

First Mexico is in control of where the wall can be can not be built on the Rio Grande.

Second, Mexico is displacing American landowners from their property as Mr. Trump is building the wall on AMERICAN LAND.

Third, Americans now are being threatened with court orders to give up their land, and not Mexicans who are the problem.

I trust President Trump now as much as Jeb Bush wearing Hillary Clinton's panties,  so I place into the public sphere a solution on the Border Wall and it is based on the REALITY that MEXICO IS THE PROBLEM and Mexico will not only pay for this wall, but will also provide ALL THE LAND.

It is amazing what M 1 Abrams tanks and 50 BMG's will have Mexico agreeing to.

As the Lame Cherry already solved the wall in concrete panels, to create a rail and business center along this entire route, the solution for the wall is as follows:

The first part is the Senator Ted Cruz solution of utilizing the confiscation of Mexican Mafia seizures in order to pay for the material cost for the wall.

Second is the Lame Cherry cost share, in which conglomerates will buy shares in the wall, for transportation and business development, for an additional billion dollars, exactly as the American railroads were developed across America.

Third, the wall is built under Eminent Domain in treaty with the Republic of Texas, as all of the land in northern "Mexico" is greater Texas, and Texas never relinquished their rights to this vast store of property. The State of Mexico owes the Republic of Texas in the trillions of dollars in rent and penalties for not paying Texas their due income on this property.

In this, the Border Wall is to be constructed in 9 zones on greater Texas, south of the Rio Grande, and on the best passage routes, including on established roadways in this area.

Now appears the necessity of Border Wall Two, which is a wall of 5 security zones, acquiring all of Greater Texas, from Hermosillo, Chihauhau, Saltillo, Monterey and Victoria, with Baja California acquired as a resettlement of  the invaders of America as an American protectorate.

This Greater Texas is a land which will be opened to American homesteaders in provided 160 acres of land, farming it, utilizing the waters of the Rio Grande for irrigation, these lands will become the property of these settlers in 7 years.
Mexican squatters will be removed to Baja California for resettlement for equal amount of land for their exploitation.

In this, for ever 36 sections of land, 2 will be set aside for local schools, and 1 to build fire and hospitals.

As the Territory of Texas is developed, it will petition the State of Texas to be recognized as part of the State of Texas and immediately be recognized as an addition of the State of Texas to the United States of America.

This is the solution in not one border wall, but two. Mexico will pay for both walls in the annexation of the lands in back rent and penalties which Mexico owes the Republic of Texas.

If President Donald Trump was a true Nationalist and American Patriot, he would not be taking American property, displacing Americans for a wall which is Mexico's criminal responsibility. Once again though, it falls to the Lame Cherry to expose the lack of credibility of Donald Trump and his lack of foresight to this issue. Americans have been put upon and put out for far too long, and now Donald Trump is doubling down in penalizing Americans. It is time that the Republic of Texas take it's possession and that Americans enjoy the fruits of their labors as One wall is good, but two walls makes America Great Again.

Nuff Said


Es hora de terminar el trabajo de 1845
Es hora de que Texas y los Estados Unidos anexen el
Que México ha mantenido como rehén por más de 150 años

Como otra cereza Lame exclusiva en materia anti materia.

El Presidente Donald Trump es un Presidente que no puede penalizar a los estadounidenses por sus PROMESAS.

Por ejemplo, el Presidente prometió a las familias de DACA que estos invasores que asesinan y violan a los estadounidenses serían repatriados a sus propios agujeros de mierda, y aún una víspera del viernes Donald Trump se escabulló con una traición a los estadounidenses permitiendo que los criminales soñadores se quedaran en Estados Unidos Asesinar y violar a más estadounidenses.

En la misma realidad, ahora el muro de ficción del señor Trump en la frontera con México está penalizando a los estadounidenses.

En primer lugar México está en control de donde se puede construir el muro ....... no se puede construir en el Río Grande.


En segundo lugar, México está desplazando a los terratenientes estadounidenses de sus propiedades mientras el señor Trump está construyendo el muro en AMERICAN LAND.


Tercero, los estadounidenses ahora están siendo amenazados con órdenes judiciales de entregar sus tierras, y no los mexicanos que son el problema.

Confío en el Presidente Trump ahora tanto como Jeb Bush usando las bragas de Hillary Clinton, así que pongo en la esfera pública una solución en el Muro de la Frontera y está basado en la REALIDAD de que MÉXICO ES EL PROBLEMA y México no sólo pagará por este muro, Sino que también proporcionará TODA LA TIERRA.

Es asombroso lo que M 1 Abrams tanques y 50 BMG tendrá México de acuerdo.

Como la Cereza Lame ya resolvió la pared en paneles de hormigón, para crear un centro ferroviario y de negocios a lo largo de toda esta ruta, la solución para la pared es la siguiente:

La primera parte es la solución del senador Ted Cruz de utilizar la confiscación de las incautaciones de la mafia mexicana para pagar el costo del material para el muro.

En segundo lugar, la parte de costo de Lame Cherry, en la que los conglomerados comprarán acciones en el muro, para el transporte y el desarrollo de negocios, por otros mil millones de dólares, exactamente como los ferrocarriles estadounidenses fueron desarrollados a través de América.

Tercero, el muro es construido bajo el dominio Eminente en tratado con la República de Texas, ya que toda la tierra en el norte de México es Texas más grande, y Texas nunca renunció a sus derechos a este vasto depósito de propiedad. El Estado de México debe a la República de Texas en los billones de dólares en alquiler y multas por no pagar a Texas su debido ingreso en esta propiedad.

En este caso, el Muro Fronterizo se construirá en 9 zonas en el Gran Tejas, al sur del Río Grande, y en las mejores vías de paso, incluyendo las carreteras establecidas en esta área.

Ahora aparece la necesidad de la Pared Fronteriza Dos, que es un muro de 5 zonas de seguridad, adquiriendo todo el Gran Tejas, desde Hermosillo, Chihauhau, Saltillo, Monterrey y Victoria, con Baja California adquirida como un reasentamiento de los invasores de América como un estadounidense protectorado.

Este Greater Texas es una tierra que se abrirá a los colonos americanos en 160 acres de tierra, cultivándolo, utilizando las aguas del Río Grande para el riego, estas tierras se convertirán en la propiedad de estos colonos en 7 años.Los ocupantes mexicanos serán trasladados a Baja California para su reasentamiento por igual cantidad de tierra para su explotación.

En este, para siempre 36 secciones de tierra, 2 serán reservados para las escuelas locales, y 1 para construir el fuego y los hospitales.

A medida que se desarrolla el Territorio de Texas, pedirá al Estado de Texas que sea reconocido como parte del Estado de Texas e inmediatamente sea reconocido como una adición del Estado de Texas a los Estados Unidos de América.

Esta es la solución en no una pared de la frontera, sino dos. México pagará por ambos muros en la anexión de las tierras en arriendo y penalizaciones que México le debe a la República de Texas.

Si el presidente Donald Trump fuera un verdadero patriota nacionalista y estadounidense, no estaría tomando posesión estadounidense, desplazando a los estadounidenses por un muro que es responsabilidad criminal de México. Una vez más, sin embargo, cae a la cereza Lame para exponer la falta de credibilidad de Donald Trump y su falta de previsión a esta cuestión. Los estadounidenses se han puesto y puesto por mucho tiempo, y ahora Donald Trump se duplica en penalizar a los estadounidenses. Es hora de que la República de Texas tome su posesión y que los estadounidenses disfruten de los frutos de sus labores como Un muro es bueno, pero dos paredes hacen que América Grande de nuevo.

Nuff dijo


Trump Menu Now Serving You

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As President Donald Trump attempts to produce an excuse of keeping his promises that got him elected, a glaring reality is appearing in this as the Conservative Treehouse terms Donald Trump as Nazi in being a Magnificent Bastard like Rommel, that Donald Trump has a knack of promising things like a new house, but when you check in back after the deal is done, you find your new house is a Hollywood lot house in only the front exists.

There is pattern emerging in this, in Donald Trump throws crumbs to his followers, while doing window dressing nothingness, as the main agenda is cementing the Obama legacy.

Obamacare, became Obamacare 2.0 and is now Obamacare 3.0, which is nothing but rationed death yet, with the Ryan mandate that you pay insurance companies that Rand Paul stated had  15 billion dollar profit last year.......more money, so the Chamber of Commerce billionaires do not have to provide insurance to 6 figure salary rich employees.

Sure Donald Trump is in the process of Repeal and Replace, but this is not the tar baby Americans ever intended to vote for.

Then there is the epic tax plan. Here is a list of winners and losers.....and you will probably see a pattern here in everything Donald Trump does is about Trump Brand, in other words it all profits the Trump fam.
You will notice in this list that the American People are not addressed in the least.


Businesses with high tax rates.
High-income earners.
People with creative accountants.
Multimillionaires who want to pass money to their heirs tax-free.
People who still fill out their tax returns by hand.
Retailers and other companies that feared a “border adjustment tax.” 
Donald J. Trump.


Upper-middle-income people in blue states.
Deficit hawks. 
People who want Congress to pass something for permanent tax relief

So in review, we have Donald Trump cementing Obamacare, making the HHS Secretary a Czar who will under Hillary Clinton bring back all of Obamacare and install single payer for national rationed death, and a tax package which does not in Gary Cohn policy benefit Americans, but rewards Chamber of Commerce oligarchs so they can hire more of these legalized Trump invaders which Mr. Trump is pouring into America to replace Americans.

So the shell game in this is Donald Trump will get a win on Obamacare 3.0 as Americans know they are screwed and nothing is going to change, and then Donald Trump will reward his Muslim and Jesuit rape cock businesses, all to build to the trifecta in this, Donald Trump's Carbon Tax, which is again breaking his word in staying in the Paris Climate Change, because carbon tax is a way of destroying small business people so the robotic conglomerates can rule the entire world.

The latest word on the administration's stance came from Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who said Tuesday he would not advise Trump to abandon the deal but rather renegotiate it.
That statement aligned Perry, the former governor of Texas, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who formerly headed ExxonMobil and has spoken in favor of honoring the US commitment to the Paris deal, struck in 2015 and signed by more than 190 countries.
Trump's daughter Ivanka, and son-in-law Jared Kushner -- who both serve as his advisors -- are also said to be in favor of the deal.

Basically the above is Bush fam Texas in Perry and Tillerson who are in charge of his globalism to destroy America completely, and the Kushner mafia of Jewish finance who will do the bookkeeping for the oligarch bankers of the West.

What each of you is going to understand by shock rape to your reality is like the idiot who married a foreigner in America, who promised to love, honor and cherish you, until they got you home as they did all that, but then surprised you by beating you with a broom, sent you on the streets to be a whore, after they had you enslaved working at the rag trade for 15 hours every day.

What your ideas in your mind of being honest and expecting a car that runs at the used car dealer, is not the car Donald Trump will sell you that they dragged out of a Mississippi river, after a car crash, and the dealer polished up with wax.

For those who hold out hope, Donald Trump lied to the DACA Mom. Donald Trump lied to Vladimir Putin about peace. Donald Trump lied to Americans about naming China a rogue currency. Donald Trump has a proven record now, that when enough money is involved with Jewish finance in profits from the Chamber of Commerce, and it benefits Trump fam, he will bomb Syria with missiles he owns stock in to he will protect China for their 400 million dollar bribes to the Kushners.

Donald Trump's idea of keeping his promises and his word, is probably the same Donald that Fred Trump sent away to military school to beat his ass to keep his word. The problem is Donald Trump simply learned to be more clever in watching his father being a slum lord in how to extricate money from poor people.
That is why the Kushner's get along so well with Donald Trump as being a slum lord is in his genes. It is why Don and Eric's main goal in taking advantage of the Trump policy for Trump Brand is to see how not to enrich Americans in Trump voting states, but to produce an inferior brand like Ivanka's fake jewel line for the poor, to con people out of their money for patriotism, as the children of Ivana Trump are all slum lord oriented too.

When all is said and done in this, each of you are going to be alot older, alot more stressed, alot more closer to the grim reaper and have alot more foreigners shoving you out of the way as you are the minority in Trump America.

It is time to get off this Trump horse and run for your lives away from the abyss he is leading you into. The sooner you conclude what is obvious now, is the sooner you can evolve to figuring out how to survive and not end up the main course in some Mexican's taco or Muslims couscous.

Nuff Said



Ivanka Trump Business The Old Fashioned Way

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There seems to be a reality that Ivanka Trump wants to take credit for womanhood in this world and place her name on every astronaut accomplishment to championing little girls over those successfully evil little boys. In that, I wonder of the hypocrisy of Ivanka Trump in she has a reality of going to Germany with Frau Merkel to promote women working, but what kind of work does Ivanka Trump champion.

Because as North Korea is now a Trump focus, there is the reality that President Trump's beautiful chocolate cake relationship with terror leader President Xi of China, that China is the greatest vaginal rapist of North Korean women in one of the most disgusting human sex trades on the planet. Somehow though Ivanka Trump has nothing to say or pose for pictures over on this issue.

One wonders why Ivanka Trump Kushner has absolutely no problems with China gang raping North Korean women in selling their vaginas for Chinese abuse.

Kushners May Get $400 Million From Chinese on Tower - Bloomberg

... stands to receive more than $400 million from a prominent Chinese company that ... Bloomberg quickly and ... Kushner Family to Get $400 Million ...

Then again maybe Ivanka Trump's silence on women has to do with her slave labor exploitation of these same Asian women for Trump Brand.

“Workers at one Chinese footwear factory that, according to US customs data available on the ImportGenius database, has made more than 130,000 pounds of Ivanka Trump-brand shoes, describe being subjected to an array of workplace indignities, some that would potentially qualify as violations of local labor law. Workers say that the factory, Xuankai Footwear Ltd., located in the Houjie area of Dongguan in China’s Pearl River Delta, required them to work lengthy shifts stretching up to 16 hours that tested and exceeded the limits of human endurance. Some workers also allege that the factory paid illegally low overtime rates and systematically delayed wage payments.
“’I couldn’t do it,’ said one 26-year-old worker, who had been previously employed in several other Houjie shoe factories but said he quit after mere hours at Xuankai. ‘I was too scared.'”

Then again, Ivanka Trump is an globalist exploiter in she likes not only championing the Asian sex trade in her dealings, but she deals with those who are bringing back the African slave trade.

Ivanka Trump’s Shoe Factory Is Moving From China To Ethiopia Because Labor Costs There Are Much Cheaper

Again, what ever could be the reason that this feminist, West Wing Cabal leader of leftist Trump leanings, the bomber of Syria, the antagonist against little boys for little girls, just does not have any poses or things to say when it comes to her financial enterprises when they rape and enslave women.


Right into the Danger Zone,375x360.u1.png

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am fascinated by the strange world of destiny in how careers are made by other people doing career ending things.

This has to be prefaced in I have never watched Top Gun, as I hate Tom Cruise and I hate Navy flaps like I hate Air Force flaps. So it might be a surprise that I like Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins, the only song he ever had worth a flap.

The story of Danger Zone is fascinating as the producers of op Gun needed a song, and hired someone to write  Danger Zone, but the thing is NO ONE WOULD record it for them.
Think of how great a song it is, and numbers or rockers wanted to do their version......yeah bone idea.

Film producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson, along with music supervisor Michael Dilbeck, had over 300 songs to employ on Top Gun. Testing compositions against the dailies of the opening scenes at the aircraft carrier, nothing satisfied them and Bruckheimer asked soundtrack producer Giorgio Moroder to write something. With the help of songwriter Tom Whitlock, he composed "Danger Zone", and had Joe Pizzulo record a demo. With the approval of the producers, soundtrack distributor Columbia Records requested Moroder to have "Danger Zone" performed by an artist signed by the label.
The band Toto was originally intended to perform the track, but legal conflicts between the producers of Top Gun and the band's lawyers prevented this.
Bryan Adams was approached to allow his song "Only the Strong Survive" on the soundtrack and perform "Danger Zone", but Adams refused any involvement, feeling that the film glorified war and he did not want any of his work linked to it.
REO Speedwagon were also approached to perform "Danger Zone", but the group declined due to not being allowed to contribute any of their own compositions to the soundtrack.
Corey Hart was also approached to perform "Danger Zone," but he declined, preferring to write and perform his own compositions.
Eventually, the film producers agreed that "Danger Zone" would be recorded and performed by Kenny Loggins. Whitlock went to Loggins' Encino home, and once shown the lyrics the singer added his own improvisations

I wear my sunglasses at night.......

Run to you.......


Riding the storm out.........ok that is a great song by REO, but shit snacks sally, who the hell turns down Danger Zone, when all you record are whine ass songs.

For the song though, the salvation of it was not Kenny Loggins high pitched voice wailing, but it was a former Christian rocker named Dan Huff, in the raw metallic riffs which gave the song the base for Loggins to launch from.

Dann Huff, lead singer and guitarist of the 1980s hard rock group Giant, played guitar on the song. The bass line is performed on a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer, with the drums being provided by a LinnDrum drum machine, both instruments extensively used in 1980s pop music. A tenor saxophone is added near the end of the song.

Dann Huff, the guitar that every person has heard playing on other star's albums and none of you ever had a name for, as you enjoyed his excellent riffs.

Huff began his career as part of the original Christian rock band White Heart in which he played with his brother David Huff, and later in the melodic hard rock band Giant. He has since then been active as a session guitarist and producer in both rock music and country music with his first guitar recording debut for Ron Haffkine and Kyle Lehning. In the 1980s, Huff has played guitar on albums for Michael Jackson, Scritti Politti, Whitesnake, Roger Hodgson, Steven Curtis Chapman, Doro Pesch, Juice Newton, George Benson, Whitney Houston's debut album Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Kenny Rogers and more. Since the 1990s, Huff has been working as a producer for various bands and artists, some of which include Faith Hill, Megadeth, Rebecca St. James, Rascal Flatts and Lonestar.
Some songs Huff has played on include Whitesnake's 1987 US radio version of "Here I Go Again" and Michael W. Smith's Go West Young Man.

It is a loss that the era of American rock has vanished in the talentless Beiber and those things called Country music have morphed into bad rock nightmares. Who knew the end of rock was the 1980's.

Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone - YouTube

Highway to the Danger Zone I'll take you Right into the Danger Zone. Category Music; License Standard YouTube License; Music


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why Kim Jong Un Is A Danger

Hundreds of weapons were fired across the sea in Wonsan, North Korea, in the military demonstration 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For all of you reading this, the above photo would be the proof of what the Lame Cherry is addressing in why Kim Jong Un is a danger, but you are incorrect. I will also point out I stated he is a DANGER and not DANGEROUS, there is a vast difference in this description.

For some asstard reason Sean Hannity and the Trump security people think that 150,000 PLA Chinese on the border and Chinese statements about North Korea going beyond the line are  threats against North Korea, when if one examines all Chicom actions, they are a clever two edged blade, and the target is the United States and not North Korea.

Furthermore, a television screen is a multi  viewer screen. North Korea puts on a display of force which could just as easily be employed to punish China, as South Korea and America.
Would you feel secure if Mexico was threatening Russia with nukes and this display and then told Washington it was a puppet state that was a problem too, or would you think this was only Mexico threatening Russia?

Hundreds of tanks were lined up along the eastern coastal town of Wonsan in a show of military strength celebrating 85 years since the North Korean army was created

This though is about why Kim Jong Un is a danger, and it is the following photo of why he is.

Leader Kim Jong-Un  saluted his military from the top of a private car as they drove through the demonstration

Do you see it?

Study the photo closely. What do you see?

I am witnessing Kim in details. New pressed clothing. A man in charge. His driver is a man who if he messes up will be killed, so he pays attention to every detail, to the shine of his personal car, and that little flag is perfect to the tassels on the flag.
That is attention to detail. That is attention to detail which means Kim has  fail safes built in at every level to inflict and punish on any enemy, not for a day,  not for a month, but for years ahead. This is a leader who would have found while HR McMaster was looking a satellites a way to get into the United States in numerous ways, with numerous agents to carry out the North Korean agenda.

This is not a sullen military, but the loyalists, and to the last crease they are attention to detail.

It does not make any difference the propaganda from South Korea in how bad it is in the North, because just like the bunker regime which is shoving Donald Trump to war, all of these leaders have their luxury in survival to the last detal.

The North Korean despot smiled with his military deputies as he watched the military drill 

Kim Jong Un knows America's two weaknesses. She does not in her psyche deal well with piles of dead bodies of children with American involvement. (Ivanka Trump proved that in Syria as much as Jane Fonda in Vietnam.) America also does not bleed well as a population, as Vietnam and Korea taught.

America fights clean wars in the Pentagon, sanitized, because they know the American weakness. If Donald Trump listens to McMaster, Ivanka and Mattis with the bunker elite, Kim Jong Un will make America bleed, which will bring a response which will produce piles of dead children to make Americans wince in guilt, and the extend the front, to make America suffer in her wounds.

Your Donald Trump thinks in quick strikes and 15 minute attention spans. Kim Jong Un is thinking in the same plan of 1950 in uniting Korea and driving America in humiliation to defeat again. Kim Jong Un knows it is it not him, it will be his son which he produce or his grandson, but he will win, because after all of the American sanctions, wars and bribes, North Korea still has attention to the tassels on her flags.

That is why Kim Jong Un is a danger, as much as there are still the last of the American Korean War POW's living as part of North  Korea's society. This Kim who was schooled in Europe has a POW group which has taught the North Korea intelligence how to respond in American thought process.

You did not know that your Pentagon knew Americans were left behind and patriated into North Korea, China and Russia from two wars in Asia? There is so much you never knew and you are still missing all the signs of why this Kim Jong Un is a danger and not dangerous, because he is a danger as the Americans do not estimate him nor this ruling class for how attending to detail they are.


Trodding a Winepress

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This was my Bible reading from the Holy Ghost, expanded this time, beyond the Arm of the Lord bringing Salvation to the red stained clothes trodding the winepress.

 2 Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth in the winefat?
 3 I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment.
 4 For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.
 5 And I looked, and there was none to help; and I wondered that there was none to uphold: therefore mine own arm brought salvation unto me; and my fury, it upheld me.
 6 And I will tread down the people in mine anger, and make them drunk in my fury, and I will bring down their strength to the earth.
Isaiah the Prophet chapter 63

I found this online sermon and it is fitting in the explanation.

Back here in the sixty-third chapter of Isaiah, "Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah?" [Isaiah 63:1].  And the blood of that carnage was by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs – – a furlong is an eighth of a mile – – two hundred miles.  And the blood of that awful battle of Armageddon, spilled by the millions, and millions, and millions of men who are gathered there at the great day of God, the Book of the Revelation in chapter 9 says that the king of the East, that would be China, has an army of two hundred million men at that great battle [Revelation 9:16].  And the carnage is so great that the blood is to the bridles of the horses by a space of a thousand six hundred furlongs [Revelation 14:20].  From Bozrah to Megiddo, to Armageddon is exactly one thousand six hundred furlongs.  It’s two hundred miles.  The great rendezvous of the nations of the world will be there.  And the mighty intervention of God in human history will be there in the great tribulation, the day of the judgment and vengeance of the Almighty Lord.