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The defense of James Comey

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today someone reappeared who thought for 30 dollars they could come in and lecture at this God Inspired Blog, after hiding away when America was at stake. The issue was how profound of virtue James Comey is, along with his non Catholic wife, who has been urging James to do the right thing...............

Dear LC, Months ago I read a story about Mrs. Comey. She's not jesuit. Nor Jewish. She a protestant. And attends church regularly. Anyway the gist of the story was about her being fed up with Deep State lies and was pushing her husband to take a moral stand. For whatever reason the story felt TRUE to me. And I stored it away in my thinking. Comey has indeed worked for Deep State his entire career. But it doesn't mean he likes what they and he have done to America. Trump kept Comey for a reason. And I believe the pieces are being put into place. And Comey is part of the Barium Test. And that Comey is a patriot. And is perhaps making up for past sins. We ALL get to re-think (repent) sins. And look for redemption in making RIGHTEOUS choices. This isn't to say I agree with everything I see. Nor that I am all knowing. Except I KNOW God is in control. I don't much like Jared nor Ivanka. I DO like Melania. Trump keeps Jared around cuz he loves his daughter and to keep him in check. A

The moral Comeys seem to think that lying to Congress is the right thing as Charles Grassley outed Comey in not coming clean in testimony as he makes up for past sins.

But what sins could this be for the Comeys?

Perhaps the murder of LaVoy Finicum for Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps the FBI agents at Malheur who fired at Mr. Finicum, initiating his murder and the covering up their acts by picking up shell casings, who have still not been charged by Comey.........after  over a year.

Perhaps the Finicum orphans not finding justice or closure in the regime admitting their crimes.

Perhaps the Bundy Patriots who are rotting in prison in being political prisoners are another forgotten group of Americans that Mr. and Mrs. Comey are too busy making up for past sins, to keep America from burning down in this coup against Donald Trump where Comey has been spying on Mr. Trump for 8 MONTHS!!!

If one bothers to review the FBI under James Comey, it has degraded to thee most corrupt federal group in America.

FBI agent arrested after firing gun at Grand Rapids police ...

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids Police say an FBI agent has been arrested in after firing his gun at a local officer outside a fitness club.

FBI agent accused of stealing drug money to fund lavish ...

A recently fired FBI agent is indicted on charges that he stole more than $100,000 in drug money The FBI agent's buying spree, prosecutors say, began in August when ...

FBI agent arrested in Hamilton County on drunk ... - Fox 59

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. (Aug. 25, 2015)- Police arrested an agent from the Indianapolis field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over the weekend ...

High-Ranking FBI Agent Convicted of Assault on Teen Nearly ...

A high-ranking FBI agent named Gerald Rogero was convicted for assaulting a 15-year-old in ... He then threatened the teen's mother with arrest when she tried to ...
That is just a sample of the quick search headlines of James Comey's police state assault on all Americans which has been the worst of situations for Federal Officers who have had to endure this litany of absolute corruption.

Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch: No Arrest

IRS targeting the Tea Party: No Arrest

Hillary Clinton crimes: No Arrest

Just progress this out, if Donald Trump's  staff was embezzling funds, raping people, shooting at Police officers, beating up children, drunk and stalking people in bathrooms. The President would be rightfully impeached as he is responsible, but with James Comey in his dirty house, he continues on while propaganda convinces simple minds that he and his wife are really the good people in this.

As this apparently needs repeating for dimwits. If you think your idiocy is so brilliant, go blog yourself, as 10 dollars does not get you the privilege of being an idiot in thinking you can influence what God generates. 20 dollars does not get you a permission to insult me nor dare to lecture at me.
So it is repeated STAY OFF MY BLOG in my private conversation and #GOBLOGYOURSELF.

I have a hard enough time of it without being bothered by people who think the Lame Cherry is a pony to ride to validate themselves.

So STAY OFF THE BLOG and stop contacting me with rants about HOW MUCH MONEY YOU SENT ME as I am not a whore to be purchased as that is what you think money allows you issue any abuse you choose to dispense.....from a Blackberry 10 Smartphone on Verizon. A lot of money is what one wastes on their self indulgences.




An Incredibly Loyal Person

"He is gracious with his time and has a tremendous heart. He is an incredibly loyal person and never forgets those who are loyal to him."

-Lara Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 Michelle Bachmann

"He is gracious with his time and has a tremendous heart. He is an incredibly loyal person and never forgets those who are loyal to him."

 Jenny Beth Martin

"He is gracious with his time and has a tremendous heart. He is an incredibly loyal person and never forgets those who are loyal to him."

David Lane

"He is gracious with his time and has a tremendous heart. He is an incredibly loyal person and never forgets those who are loyal to him."

Sarah Palin

"He is gracious with his time and has a tremendous heart. He is an incredibly loyal person and never forgets those who are loyal to him."

Mark Meadows

"He is gracious with his time and has a tremendous heart. He is an incredibly loyal person and never forgets those who are loyal to him."

Trump warns Republicans ahead of healthcare vote | TheHill

Donald Trump; ObamaCare; Sunday ... Chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), a Trump ally during the presidential ... to the bill designed to attract support from reluctant ...

The Lame Cherry apologizes for her ignorance, as this ignorant popular girl somehow missed all of the above being appointed as secretaries, directors, ambassadors and justices, in being the Americans loyal to Donald Trump and assisting to secure the God given victory to the President.


Cherrystone Files: A Tale of Two Comeys

Why would James B. Comey appoint Patrick Fitzgerald as Special Counsel on a case that was already solved?

Why would he even appoint a Special Counsel at all when Richard Armitage, the man responsible for exposing the identity of CIA employee Valerie Plame to the media, had already confessed and had not even hired an attorney to represent him?

Who is James B. Comey?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 What is about to be laid out here is something which has been before all of you in the evidence, and yet none of you could fathom it, as in your one dimensional thought processes, you can never comprehend that just because you would not pretend to be a democrat or a republican to cash a paycheck, there is an entire police state which engages in exactly that.

Most of you do not know the genesis of the Jesuit boy James Comey who is the Director of the FBI, and so connected that image Obama to Donald Trump dared not fire him, nor even George W. Bush, who was the first target of James Comey.

What most of you miss in James Comey is he is a facade, a front, a product of propaganda where the hero rode in against Patriot Act spying against Americans, as that is what the Mockingbird tells you, against the evil George W. Bush, but you never contemplate the reality that the reason Comey was against the spying, which he embraces now completely in a coup against Donald Trump, is the fact that the cartel which Comey answers to, wants to be the one in control over all of the data, and the Bush fam were about to become empowered with a tool to turn the tables on their competitors.

White House pushed Ashcroft on 2004 wiretaps - NBC News

White House pushed Ashcroft on 2004 wiretaps ... 2004 incident at Ashcroft's hospital bedside, ... , James B. Comey, John Ashcroft.

Yes once you comprehend that the Comey of 2004 against wiretaps, was the Comey who was a wiretapping son of a bitch against Donald Trump, you begin to discern that Comey was protecting the system for those in control over it........and the control in every bit of this is the ability to blackmail and destroy those who do not serve the system which rules the world by the cartel.

You think that James Comey tells you the Truth? That James Comey is some white knight who would never lie to Congress?

Read the Tweets of Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, who literally told the world that Comey behind closed doors told Grassley that there was not any evidence connecting Donald Trump to Russians, but the same Comey before committee kept the lie going against Donald Trump, for the pressure which is being brought to bear to make Donald Trump buckle and turn on is own supporters.

Senator Chuck Grassley, Republican Iowa

  1. FBI Dir Comey needs to be transparent + tell the public what he told me about whether he is or is not investigating
  2. After Comey briefing + doc review I can say and Clapper R both right about this No evidence of Trump collusion w Russia

This is the basis of the fiction and the lie of James Comey which everyone has missed. James Comey in working for the group that Barack Obama was caught on live feed calling them the "powers that be", is the group that James Comey served.
Comey unleashed the entire FBI to provide the cartel with complete blackmail information on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with the threat of impeachment depending on who ended up in 1600 Penn Avenue.

Who is James Comey? Unelected Obama appointee investigated both candidates in tense 2016 showdown

FBI Director James Comey, a man who "is answerable to not a single voter in the land," launched investigations into both candidates in "the most contenti…
World Tribune3 days ago

Of course Americans see through what the fraud of Comey is, because he has ruined the FBI, and has turned it into a police state tool against the American leadership, to destroy either the democrat or the republican who is the person of interest for the cartel to blackmail.

James Comey: Nearly 70% of US voters disapprove of the FBI Director, finds poll

A poll of registered voters showed they have a negative view of FBI Director James Comey by a two-to-one margin. The Harvard-Harris Poll survey was o…
The Independent

The reality is there were two Manchurians who were recruited by the cartel out of New York in these Jesuit boys. The second is the best friend and godfather to Comey's child, in Patrick Fitzgerald of Plamegate fame. Fitzgerald was sent into Chicago to remove the Daley machine as the old democratic party was being wiped out for the Neo Obama Communist Party.

Fitzgerald was ruthless in destroying Americans, just as Comey was in going after Martha Stewart.

Against criticism that these cases were based on circumstantial evidence, Fitzgerald responded: "People now know that if you're part of a corrupt conduct, where one hand is taking care of the other and contracts are going to people, you don't have to say the word 'bribe' out loud. And I think people need to understand we won't be afraid to take strong circumstantial cases into court."
On July 18, 2005, his office indicted a number of top aides to Democrat Richard M. Daley, the mayor of Chicago, on charges of mail fraud, alleging numerous instances of corruption in hiring practices at City Hall

For all the pontification of Patrick Fitzgerald in mirroring the high minder propaganda of James Comey, the reality is that Barack Obama and David Axelrod obtained Obama's Republican opponent in the 2004 Senatorial race's sealed divorce records in court, to defeat Jack Ryan.

Of interest, Patrick Fitzgerald could not find a crime in this instance as Obama was being protected by the cartel.

His 2004 campaign for the Senate, against Barack Obama, received widespread media attention for the disclosure of sealed custody documents stemming from his divorce from actress Jeri Ryan. The unsealing of those documents, detailing allegations that Ryan had pressured his wife to perform sexual acts in public, led to Ryan's withdrawal from the campaign

In 2008, our now infamous John McCain voiced complete support for this comrade of the cartel in Patrick Fitzgerald in keeping him in power. This is the same #NeverTrumper McCain now ranting about a special investigation of President Trump over the fake news Russian hacking.......same John McCain if you care to remember who PICKED UP THE PISSGATE DOSSIER AND DELIVERED THIS FORGERY DIRECTLY TO JAMES COMEY AS DIRECTOR OF THE FBI.

Keeping Patrick Fitzgerald - tribunedigital-chicagotribune

Barack Obama and John McCain both have stated, during meetings with the Tribune editorial board, that they would retain Fitzgerald as the U.S. attorney in ...

SEE: James Comey Campaign Donations to McCain, Romney |

FBI Director James Comey, under fire for his letter regarding newly discovered emails, is a past Republican campaign donor to Mitt Romney and John McCain.

Do you now understand that there is a syndicate blackmail ring, using the federal law enforcement of the United States as a police state maul, to destroy both Republicans and Democrats, and it is in the process of the impeachment of Donald Trump. For the Democrats on the left, who have suffered under Clinton and Obama betraying them in taking their jobs, not closing Gitmo, dumping money in Wall Street, if Hillary Clinton was in the White House, she would be screwing you over because James Comey had the goods on her and she would be serving the cartel just as Bill Clinton and Obama  did.

That is the reality of the United States. There is a deep state control over the federal law enforcement and the tale of two Comey's reveals it all, and it is now perfectly obvious once it has been pointed out, by all of the evidence which has always been before you.

The amazing reality in this, is after Obamacare 2.0, the Comey associates in the political minders in Steve Bannon and Paul Ryan, have Donald Trump thinking in enemies lists and retaliation, not against liberals, but against the very Conservative Christian base who is Mr. Trump's seat of power.
That is what a perfect intelligence operation looks like in maneuvering a leader to consume their own, as the system like a cancer consumes all.


Time to Ground Hans Solo

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not like Harrison Ford. I have watched his movies and been entertained enough, but I do not like this liberal in the least. I state that to be open and honest, and  to make a note of this, that Harrison Ford is now someone who has had enough close calls as a pilot, that this 74 year old must have his pilot's license revoked.

It is not a matter that pilots can fly at 500 years old if they have ability, it is a matter that Harrison Ford almost crashed his airplane into a jet with 100 people on board, because he was confused and distracted. He literally lit this airplane on a taxi way, and not a runway, and is now under FAA investigation.

As he landed, the Husky flew low over American Airlines Flight 1459 with more than 100 people aboard. The airliner was awaiting instructions to take off.

“Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” Ford asked the tower.
The air traffic controller answered that the Boeing 737 was holding short of the runway and advised Ford that he landed on Taxiway Charlie.
“I landed on Taxiway Charlie?” Ford responded.
When instructed to continue on the taxiway and hold short of Taxiway H, Ford told the controller, “Oohhh. I landed on Taxiway Charlie. I understand now. Sorry for that.”

To be honest, if Mr. Ford was flying in Scottsbluff Nebraska, he could fly his goober brain forever. If he was in Denver with the mountains, he should not be flying. If he was like John Denver in flying over the ocean, he should not be flying, and the fact is now that Harrison Ford does not belong in busy airports, especially with jets with turbulence, as he is a danger to himself and others.

This 74 year old should have been adult enough to ground himself or limit flying to remote locations. His not doing this is either arrogance or he is not in command of his faculties. The FAA must ground Mr. Ford and his family must sell his aircraft so the temptation is ended.


release it to where it is not

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I found this letter created by Russell Targ, one of the fathers of Stargate, the Remote Viewing science out of Stanford and found it interesting that for a man as accomplished as he is, that he was attempting to get Mockingbird Wiki to stop degrading Remote Viewing as pseudoscience.

There was an entry from his classified work which caught my attention in his people were able to predict the failure of a Chicom nuclear bomb, three days before it occurred.

This fascinates me as Dick Algire was this past summer part of an operation which was predicting future events off of the internet page of a news outlet, one month into the future. The work was tracking successfully until they published a future report about an event which removed an American city and region.

There was a certain popular girl who sort of changed the time line in stopping this event, and then got a surprise interview as certain regime agencies were displeased they had been cut out of the loop again by DC.

The point in this was the time line was changed. Two major events in 2016 were altered, one protecting a city and the other electing President Donald Trump, when every Nostradamus guru, star charter and whatever stated he would lose. Once again the popular girl rewrote the time line.

This fascinates me in the prediction of events 3 days out by the Remote Viewers, and other viewings which were accurate. The first experiment was successful at 1 kilometer in finding a trial subject. The further tests were accurate, but it returns to the reality that it is possible to alter time lines.
Due to the psychic storm unleashed on the subject who defeated Hamrod, it is evident that the popular girl disrupted the comfort zone of millions of lunatics in what they "knew" was the future.

The success of the popular girl was sufficient that the Algire group ceased publishing data on Rense. It appears that in the realigning of the city save to original time line and inserting the current victor, that thee entire time line was so altered that it has not yet recovered.
There is a surge realigning the events, but the principles are still sorting out. I ponder if it is possible to deal with physical manifestations of the Great Tribulation. Christ is the Principle of Peace, and if I could delay certain events and reactions, until after the Second Coming, then chaos would cease and Peace would Reign.

My concerns are submission to Christ, in I will not interfere with the Father's Will. There is a consideration of the Wormwood event, in not compounding it to a worse outcome. A fraction of an inch now would bring a miss, but if something else is there larger, it would make things too interesting.
The death of sinners in mass do not interest in the time line. My having a pleasant day does interest me as I have suffered enough.

I think I will ponder this more in my personal conversation. It is logical to conclude that it is possible to burn out the matrix and collapse the chaos onto itself. Energy released is both explosive and consumptive. Release the energy into another field of force and have it burn itself out.
Keep the event release but release it to where it is not.

1--In order to publish our findings in the 1976 Proceedings of the IEEE, we had to meet with the Robert W. Lucky, managing editor, and his board. The editor proposed to us that we show him how to conduct a remote viewing experiment. If it was successful, he would publish our paper. The editor was also head of electro-optics at Bell Telephone Laboratory. We gave a talk at his lab. He then chose some engineers to be the “psychics” for each of five days. Each day he hid himself at a randomly chosen location in the nearby town. After the agreed-upon five trials, the editor read the five transcripts and successfully matched each of the five correctly to his hiding places. This was significant at 0.008 (one in 5!, 5-factorial). As a result, he published our paper on “Information Transmission Over Kilometer Distances”.
2—In our 23 year program for the government at SRI, we had to carry out “demonstration of ability” tasks for the Director of CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, NASA, and Commanding General of the Army Intelligence Command. (The names are available upon request.) For the CIA we were able to accurately describe and draw a giant gantry crane rolling on eight wheels over a large building, and draw the 60 foot gores, “slices” of a sphere, under construction in northern Russia. The sphere was entirely accurate, although its existence was unknown at the time. The description was so accurate that it became the subject of a Congressional hearing of the House Committee on Intelligence. They were afraid of a security leak. No leak was found, and we were told to “press on.”
3—Remote viewing is easily replicated and has been demonstrated all over the world. It has been the subject of several Ph.D. dissertations in the US and abroad. Princeton University had a 25 year program investigating remote viewing with more than 450 trials. Prof. Robert Jahn also published a lengthy and highly significant (p = 10-10 or 1 in ten billion) experimental investigation of remote viewing in the 1982 Proc. IEEE.
4—The kind of tasks that kept us in business for twenty-three years include: SRI psychics found a downed Russian bomber in Africa; reported on the health of American hostages in Iran; described Soviet weapons factories in Siberia; located a kidnapped US general in Italy; and accurately forecasted the failure of a Chinese atomic-bomb test three days before it occurred, etc. When San Francisco heiress Patricia Hearst was abducted from her home in Berkeley, a psychic with the SRI team was the first to identify the kidnapper by name and then accurately describe and locate the kidnap car. I was at the Berkeley police station and witnessed this event.
5—Jessica Utts is a statistics Professor at the University of California, Irvine, and is president of the American Statistical Association. In writing for her part of a 1995 evaluation of our work for the CIA, she wrote: “Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance. Arguments that these results could be due to methodological flaws in the experiments are soundly refuted.… Remote viewing has been conceptually replicated across a number of laboratories, by various experimenters, and in different cultures. This is a robust effect that, were it not such an unusual domain, would no longer be questioned by science as a real phenomenon. It is unlikely that methodological flaws could account for its remarkable consistency.”
6--Whether you believe some, all, or none of the above, it should be clear that hundreds of people were involved in a 23 year, multi-million dollar operational program at SRI, the CIA, DIA and two dozen intelligence officers at the army base at Ft. Meade. Regardless of the personal opinion of a Wikipedia editor, it is not logically coherent to trivialize this whole remote viewing undertaking as some kind of “pseudoscience.” Besides me, there is a parade of Ph.D. physicists, psychologists, and heads of government agencies who think our work was valuable, though puzzling.
~~~~Russell Targ, May 12, 2014


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Echo of Jehu

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I sit here contemplating the future which you will enter and I live, I have to ask God His Will in what the future will be, for I think in my choosing, I will not change the time line again as I stated when I began this to place Donald Trump into the White House, that the time line should reset and events should reach the Great Tribulation.

What I received instead was a Homeland interview of intimidation and I shall not repeat that in rewriting a time line to stop what was intended. If this what the regime desires, then that is what will prevail.

I began this to negate Armageddon's effects, the Great Tribulation and to lessen the effects of the coming cosmic events for peace and cooperation between Christian Russia and Christian America. The time line though is resetting to the original order of chaos. The echo of Jehu appears to be solidifying.

Before us is our very own tyrant in the making, and he is intent on consuming his own.

Jehu was noted after being backed by the Jehovah faction, to have wiped out his enemies at home and been defeated by enemies abroad.

I have to inquire of God on this to know the correct position to take. My Lord Jesus is my Leader and the Truth and the Spirit is the home where I worship the Father only.
Many of you are disheartened by current events, do not be dismayed as your choice was correct, for you chose God. Jesus is Lord and the future comes to His return.


Censoring Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is most interesting that in the past 2 weeks 'someone' with the power to shut down an entire nation in Russia from viewing the Lame Cherry, suddenly today the Russians returned to their prominent location as equaling Canada in most cases for readership.

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States





United Kingdom





The above is a snapshot of the daily statistics as of today.

Now why would someone in the intelligence community go to these extremes.......

Extreme in the sense that during this same period of time the numbers of French users disappeared also, when the popular girl promoted National Leader Marine LePenn.

As you can ascertain, depending on the time of day in the world, the page views change from country to country. China and India will spike as the day begins dawning there.


United States








United Arab Emirates


I was pleased to have readers in Macedonia, Kenya and Kazakhstan. When the time is right, I am pleased about the loyal readers in Slovakia and Slovenia.

It all though goes back to who had the international power for 2 weeks to censor this blog in two key relationships in Russia and France.


В качестве еще одного эксклюзивного материала по делу «Ламе Черри» против материи.

Самое интересное, что за последние 2 недели «кто-то» с полномочиями по закрытию целой нации в России от просмотра «Хромой вишни» вдруг сегодня русские вернулись на свое видное место в качестве Канады в большинстве случаев для читательской аудитории.

Выше приведен снимок ежедневной статистики на сегодняшний день.

Теперь, почему бы кто-то в разведке пойти на эти крайности .......

Крайний в том смысле, что за этот же период исчезли также и числа французских пользователей, когда популярная девушка продвинула «Лидер-лейбл Marine LePenn».

Как вы можете убедиться, в зависимости от времени дня в мире, просмотры страниц меняются от страны к стране. Когда начнется день, начнутся всплески в Китае и Индии.
Мне было приятно иметь читателей в Македонии, Кении и Казахстане. Когда настало время, я доволен лояльными читателями в Словакии и Словении.

Все это, хотя и восходит к тому, кто имел международную власть в течение 2 недель, чтобы подвергнуть цензуре этот блог в двух ключевых отношениях в России и Франции.


Als ein weiteres Exklusiv in Lame Cherry Angelegenheit Anti-Materie.

Es ist sehr interessant, dass in den vergangenen 2 Wochen jemand mit der Macht, eine ganze Nation in Russland aus dem Blick auf die Lahme Kirsche zu schließen, plötzlich die Russen wieder an ihre prominenten Ort als gleich Kanada in den meisten Fällen für die Leserschaft.

Das obige ist ein Schnappschuss der Tagesstatistik ab heute.

Nun, warum sollte jemand in der Intelligenzgemeinschaft zu diesen Extremen gehen .......

Extrem in dem Sinne, dass in dieser Zeit die Anzahl der französischen Benutzer auch verschwunden ist, als das populäre Mädchen National Leader Marine LePenn gefördert hat.

Wie Sie feststellen können, je nach Tageszeit in der Welt, wechseln die Seitenaufrufe von Land zu Land. China und Indien werden spitzen, wenn der Tag dort ankommt.
Ich freue mich, Leser in Mazedonien, Kenia und Kasachstan zu haben. Wenn die Zeit stimmt, freue ich mich über die loyalen Leser in der Slowakei und Slowenien.

Es geht alles zurück, wer die internationale Macht seit 2 Wochen hat, um diesen Blog in zwei Schlüsselbeziehungen in Russland und Frankreich zu zensieren.


Comme une autre exclusivité dans Lame Cherry matière anti matière.

Il est très intéressant de constater qu'au cours des 2 dernières semaines «quelqu'un» avec le pouvoir d'arrêter une nation entière en Russie de voir la Cerise Lame, soudainement les Russes sont revenus à leur emplacement de premier plan comme égalant le Canada dans la plupart des cas pour le lectorat.

Ce qui précède est un instantané des statistiques quotidiennes d'aujourd'hui.

Maintenant pourquoi quelqu'un dans la communauté de renseignement aller à ces extrêmes .......

Extrême dans le sens que pendant cette même période de temps le nombre d'utilisateurs français a disparu aussi, quand la fille populaire a promu Leader national Marine LePenn.

Comme vous pouvez le constater, en fonction de l'heure du jour dans le monde, les pages vues changent de pays en pays. La Chine et l'Inde connaîtront un pic quand le jour commencera à se lever.
J'ai été heureux d'avoir des lecteurs en Macédoine, au Kenya et au Kazakhstan. Quand le moment est venu, je suis heureux des lecteurs fidèles en Slovaquie et en Slovénie.

Tout cela remonte à qui avait la puissance internationale pour 2 semaines pour censurer ce blog dans deux relations clés en Russie et en France.