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Trump Colored Glasses

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I post this for all the Trump Clappers, because IF Donald Trump was actually doing the things he claims and IF the Trump economy was actually producing as he claims, the Lame Cherry would be the first to applaud, but it gets stale fast when that faggot over at Gateway Pundit lists all these Trump accomplishments which are not accomplishments. I will detail this in taking apart a sentence of Mr. Trump's latest speech, so that ALL OF YOU will understand what the Trump speak is really accomplishing against you.
I am doing this, because exposing what is really going on, is thee only way that you are going to get more than a few crumbs. I want the real American Dream for ALL Americans and I want all of you to have great lives, but what Donald  Trump is engaged in, is giving you pennies in tax cuts while robbing you of dollars in Trumpflation, and he is looting your energy treasury by selling your coal and oil to Eurasia to feed his massive spending in this Wall Street conglomerate Nazi economy.

This is the Trump statement of everything is coming up rosie in the Trump Colored Glasses.

Estimates predict the U.S. economy grew at an annualized rate of more than 3 percent in the fourth quarter of last year – just like it did in the two quarters before that. The economy has created more than 2 million new jobs, and the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest rate in 17 years: 4.1 percent. We have achieved the lowest African-American unemployment rate on record, and the unemployment rate for Hispanic Americans has also hit historic lows. Chrysler has announced plans to bring jobs and production back to the U.S. from Mexico. And the stock market continues to set record high after record high.

If Donald Trump and that treacherous Congress had passed real tax reform, repealed Obamacare, allowed insurance industries to market affordable plans ending Obamacare, and Mr. Trump had passed a real energy program to lower American energy rates, Americans  would have witnessed 4% growth.
What Mr. Trump's 3% "growth" is based on is business realizing he is not going to implement more Obama restrictions now. 3% is a stagnant economy as an economy needs 4% to maintain itself. Mr. Trump's economy is based on gouging conglomerates importing 3rd world slave labor, and Mr. Trump NOT counting the 95 million people out of work who are Americans.

2 million new jobs were created, but these did not go to the 95 million unemployed  Americans. They went to Eurasian cheap labor which Mr. Trump is record importing and allowing open end visas to remain in America permanently for amnesty.

The reason unemployment on Blacks and Hispanics is hitting record lows is they are off the welfare trough as that ran out, and they gave up looking for work, and black market criminal activity as in Chicago murder zones is where these off the book people are "working".

Lastly, all of these plants going up in America from Chrysler to  Apple are NOT GOING TO EMPLOY AMERICANS. Donald Trump worked a deal out where he will import the Eurasians and Latinos into America for cheap labor, where they will be employed by US conglomerates, thereby increasing their profits. Donald Trump for Wall Street is making America a plantation economy with all of these slave enclave workers, like Ivanka  Trump's shoe factories behind walls in Africa.

That is the reality of the Trump economy. It can NOT sustain itself as the conglomerates will shift to robotics and America will be left with this Nigger class displacing the Blacks and even greater crime rates as the dope economy feeds the Wall Street franchise economy of billions  of dollars per year.

I will repeat in this the foundation of all America and not be distracted by Donald Trump tweet fiction. America has more than enough coal, oil and gas to create our own deflation which in lower energy prices would put 5000 dollars into every American's hands yearly.  By repassing Reagan Kemp tax rates, this will create the same endless cycle of prosperity in America as long as HW Bush, Clinton and Obama taxes are not robbing Americans.
Regime spending must be cut, and the biggest cut is entitlements NOT TO AMERICANS, but stopping all welfare to foreigners and the system balances itself immediately.

All of this Make American Great Again is easy, but Donald  Trump in his Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchkin and Ivanka Kushner is Jew screwing you in a pig in a poke. This is not a real economy, it is a plantation economy meant to take  the fight out of the last Americans, replace them by vermin competitor 3rd world hordes in competition for resources and benefit the feudal few on top in concentrating funding,  so a Donald Trump never arises again.

The bullshit pile on Donald Trump has to be called as no  one is explaining this, as all of your cuckservitude media whores are paid by the deep state to troll all of you and never point out what Donald Trump's policies really are harming Americans over.

Are there bright spots in the Trump cabinet in Pruitt, Zinke and Acosta? Yes there are, but they are still not doing near enough to bring back poison control of dangerous predators in recertifying chemical agents and getting rid of the armed police state in their agencies.
Compare that to the rapine of Gary Cohn and Ivanka, with the lethal nuclear war policy of McMaster, Mattis and Tillerson, and Kelly and Nielsen make america great again for establishing the slave trade, Mr. President has absolutely nothing to crow about as everything he does is turned against Americans.

I point these facts out as you know them in your grocery bills  and how you see these endless parades of foreigners in your communities, and you know something is wrong, but end up getting mad at this blog, as it is easier to believe in the fiction of  Trump tweets.
The window is closed on Trump fixing things, and it is about to be nailed shut and painted over, in none of this will ever be fixed as America will be ended in this generation. Unless people start demanding JOBS FOR AMERICANS FIRST, AMERICA FOR AMERICA FIRST, all this Trump rhetoric is going to benefit the foreigners, as that is where the money is for the conglomerates as there is not any patriotism or loyalty to Americans.

This is all Biblical in the curses of God in a people who reject His Law and go after sodomy, butchering babies, corrupt courts and tax confiscations.

Deuteronomy 28

43 The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.
 44 He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail.

This is what Mr. President is cheering as a great economy. This is not a great economy.

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Pedo Paddock

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that we know that Stephen Paddock was a proud hero of NAMBLA in kiddie porn as appeared on his laptop, which makes him a hero in most Obama voter ranks, like his brother who was under FBI surveillance for kiddie porn so it should beg a question of now the Paddock boys who left tracks all over pedo sites were unknown to the authorities, but that is not for the Citizen to know, as we now have more information released from Las Vegas Law Enforcement and on the massacre, in which problems are arising as we are still told of a "lone shooter" scenario, but evidence points to someone else in this suite.

There are police reports of another person of interest, logic would point to his brother, but this is not about pedos or persons of interest, this is about the newly released evidence.

 Look at the following photos, and tell me what you see about the weapons there, as they are telling you something.


To not drag this out, we know that Stephen Paddock was right handed, as we were told this by the bloody evidence and the official report of self inflicted suicide.

Did you notice on the above, that the rifles are laid in opposite directions? The only way this would happen is if a left handed person was laying those weapons out, along with a right handed person.
For those who would submit that Paddock was carrying a weapon in each hand, the evidence shows that Paddock was laying down one rifle with his right hand and numbers with his left hand. Forensic psychology would conclude that two people were in that room, and the left handed one was the individual who was placing most of the stockpiles for display.

That is one of those things which haunts the official narrative which makes one doubt the official narrative.

Then there is something which really exposes the official narrative as a lie.

This is the door which the camera was wired to.

Notice anything about the door?

How about this hallway photo. Do you notice anything about this?

 I am not doing the Johnny Q jerk around here of you, as I know you are not seeing what needs to be seen, but am building this so you get the point, in what you needed to see was which side of the door was the automatic door closer on?
It is on the inside and it lays the foundation for the official photo evidence below.

We were told absolutely that Paddock fired through the door, as the closed door. The hallway photo shows no door fired through, only the one removed. As Paddock was not firing through his webcam door, which would have been a sight fire, instead of a blind fire, the public is left with the above door, which is from the inside of the door.
The problem is the bullet holes are raised on the inside. If Stephen Paddock was firing through the door to the outside, they would be dimpled, instead they are raised and someone on the outside fired 29 rounds into Paddock's room.

None of that is in the evidence report, and it literally destroys the official scenario.

The official report indicates approximately 1050 casings were recovered in the room. Again we were officially informed that over 200 rounds were fired in the hallway. That leaves 850 rounds fired into the concert.

Remember the 850 as Wiki reports this:

2017 Las Vegas shooting - Wikipedia

2017 Las Vegas shooting; 1. 2. 1. ... fired more than 1,100 rounds from his suite on the 32nd floor ... About an hour after Paddock fired his last shot into the crowd ...

Then this from the New York Daily News on forensic audio examination.

Las Vegas terrorist fired 280 rounds in 31 seconds into crowd ...

Las Vegas terrorist Stephen Paddock fired 280 rounds in 31 seconds into ... the fleeing crowd across Las Vegas ... in the Las Vegas massacre.

If 1100 rounds were fired from Paddock's suite into the concert, then who fired the other 250 rounds? If all that is recorded is 280 rounds on audio, then where did these other 820 rounds go?

In review of this in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, there was a right and left handed individual in that suite laying out weapons. Furthermore, someone was shooting into that room, and it was not Paddock firing out of that room.

Every time the authorities start releasing information and making it official, it exposes the official narrative as bogus.

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Mr. Presidet: Time for White Exemption Executive Order

Thee Emancipation Trumpification

As Feminazis March, Ohio State Course Reprimands “White Heterosexual Masculinity”

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry demands that President Donald Trump apologize for White People in America, as stated by Jewry George Soros and his funded Black Lives Matter, Raging Muslims and Latinos and the Pussy Hat Protesters. For 241 years White Americans have dominated the United States to the inherent repression of minorities and the majority of women, with their Caucasianness and Protestant Christianness, by all of their  success in being blessed by their Creator. This must stop immediately and on this the Lame Cherry DEMANDS that President Donald Trump  issue this Executive Order.

Be it known that White People are completely to blame for what America was built from in a wilderness and savage land. In stating that Truth, I, President Donald Trump, hereby issue this Executive Order banning from this point in history, all involvement by White Protestant Americans funding the government, fighting in wars and having any responsibility in financing or protecting the United States as they have for 241 years, as their funding and lives are abhorrent now in this 21st century of liberalism and minority rights.

To be clear, this proclamation, forthwith, declares that White Christian Protestant Straight People are emancipated from paying taxes in all forms, serving in wars, being subject to criminal prosecutions, imprisonments and fines or having their life, liberty or pursuit of happiness in any way benefiting the United States, as their assistance is not wanted nor accepted from  this moment forward.

President Donald Trump

This is what the Lame Cherry demands of President Trump, if the President is a true deplorable. Let him emancipate the White Christian, in the same way that Abraham Lincoln emancipated the Black. Make it a reality that the White which produced America, now will have the same right as minorities and women in not having their property, lives or persons confiscated by the federal regime in Washington DC.

Prove you are who you say you are Mr. President and issue the Emancipation Trumpification of White Christian Americans, without any limits on their Citizenship, but forbidding their having to support a nation in any form which the liberal now wills to impoverish and die for.

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Trump 2020: Operation Rodman

Ambassador Rodman take a message to my friend Kim.....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I suppose you forgot how Birther Hussein Obama used HAARP to drop record snows in the Rockies so the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers would "wild" and flood out Republican states like North and South Dakota.

I suppose you forgot when Kentucky was cycloned off the map and Birther Hussein never appeared either.

I suppose you forgot when Birther Hussein sabotaged deep water British Petroleum in the Gulf to drive up oil prices and to oil pollute all those Republican states too...and Mark Halperin said on Charlie Rose that Obama did not care, as "Those states did not vote for him anyway?"

The Lame Cherry did not forget and this leads us to Donald Trump's North Korean policy by Herbert McMaster who works for John McCain and George Soros, as poor little Obama liberal Hawaii sends out Jim Carrey doomsday tweets about the missiles are falling on the Big Island.

Hawaii Still Rattled After False Missile Alert Causes Panic: ‘At that Point, You Just Pray and Find God, I Guess’

Tucker Carlson said it best in this demographic roulette which is being waged in the American Genocide, and he is the first media personality who has actually stated what the Lame Cherry warned about in thee American Genocide which is here.

Tucker Carlson: Does Anyone Actually Believe You Can ‘Swap Out’ All Americans With Foreigners & Have The Same Country?

I looked up on Wiki the population of United States cities. Now remember that Hillary Clinton stuffed the ballot boxes with like 3 million votes in California for the win. Figure that Obama flipped 10 million votes each time from McCain and Romney as strawmen, so just look at these numbers in the 10 million figure.


New York[6]  New York 8,537,673 8,175,133 +4.43% 301.5 sq mi 780.9 km2 28,317/sq mi 10,933/km2 40.6635°N 73.9387°W
2 Los Angeles  California 3,976,322 3,792,621 +4.84% 468.7 sq mi 1,213.9 km2 8,484/sq mi 3,276/km2 34.0194°N 118.4108°W
3 Chicago  Illinois 2,704,958 2,695,598 +0.35% 227.3 sq mi 588.7 km2 11,900/sq mi 4,600/km2 41.8376°N 87.6818°W

See Wiki is helpful in even giving the nuclear coordinates for Kim Jong Un to nuke these cities. I was going to make a long list, but the above 3 cities is like 15 million, and in doing this, Donald  Trump will be President for ever, so all that is left is like John and Jung mop up in festering pustule places like:


 Washington 704,352 608,660 +15.72% 83.8 sq mi 217.0 km2 8,405/sq mi 3,245/km2 47.6205°N 122.3509°W


Denver[12]  Colorado 693,060 600,158 +15.48% 153.3 sq mi 397.0 km2 4,521/sq mi 1,746/km2 39.7619°N 104.8811°W


Minneapolis  Minnesota 413,651 382,578 +8.12% 54.0 sq mi 139.9 km2 7,660/sq mi 2,960/km2 44.9633°N 93.2683°W

As you can assess as a Karl Rove or David Axelrod bean counters, Kim Jong Un could clean out all the American shit holes, and Donald Trump would dominate for a century.
Now ask yourself if democrats laughed when Obama was doing genocide on White folks in Republican States in water and oil baths, do you think that Republicans will be whining about being the dominant party in America once the liberal communist population centers are removed for 2020, or maybe 2018?

And in knowing those figures, we know that Donald John and Kim Jong are best of friends waving their nuclear dongs at each other like Sumo wrestlers before a match. Neither want war, but each know that they got to put on a show for the girls as the hot wives club all discuss things like size matters in Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Don.

See here is proof of the good buddy relationship between Don John and Kim Jung with matching middle names.

Trump Says WSJ Misquoted Him, ‘Obviously’ Did Not Say ‘I Have a Good Relationship With Kim Jong Un,’ Has Audio Tapes

But what would the conversation be like between John and Jong? I mean how would it go? Would it be like, "Hey Master Don, I pull out my big missile and ejaculate on your adversaries, but what will you do for me Big Donald?"

The reply might be something like, "Hey Lil Kim, how about you do that, and I will plant plutonium on the Yalu, which will keep China and Russia from invading you, and your having to suck on their long dongs. We let the Chicoms mine the radioactive fields and you get the money and China dies on the vine".

It all ends with a thumbs up as Kim Jong Un is a man of honor and knows a good deal.

The President likes you Kim, and you could both do each other a favor.....

So there you go, as Jim Carrie and Jamie Lee Curtis went nuts blaming Donald Trump for democrats pushing nuclear alerts in  Hawaii as this was somehow his fault, and all this fake news is floating around about Donald and Kim being great buddies, could you not see Junta John Kelly's eyes lighting up with nuclear flames in population control in a nice manageable nuclear war for the Pentagon to rule America, and all it would take for Trump 2020 is a little help from America's nuclear friends.

Let's sing...........

The Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friends Cover - YouTube

"With a Little Help from My Friends" is a song by The Beatles, written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The song was written for and sung by the Beatles ...

This post must be important as I was going to write it at midnight and it just slipped my mind and here in the bright morning light it came to mind again in how Trump 2020 would be a certain winner in the next election.

For those who think discussions like the above do not take place, just think about who it was that decided in Obamaland to dump tens of millions of Muslim and Jesuit Rape Cock into GOP areas, to overthrow Republican States in a deliberate political process. One politician's rape cocks are another political operatives nuclear salvo.

Just something to think about.

It is amazing in the numbers though, that when the European Seers who predicted that New York would be struck, that one city would make certain that Republicans would always win every national election, until of course the rape cock bastards produced enough voters to make up that 10 million difference.
Gee you do not suppose that is why the cartel has been dumping foreigners into America, to offset such an event now do you?

Just something to think about.

Let's sing though again.........

WHEN I'M SIXTY FOUR (The Beatles) - YouTube

Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm sixty four? Ev'ry summer we can rent a cottage on the Isle of Wight if it's not too dear.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Lame Cherry Experiences Sexual Terrorism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry taking example from Natalie Portman in coming out in creating a new form of sexual harassment in SEXUAL TERRORISM when a male or lezbo fan of her's sent her a rape fantasy, as Ms. Portman confessed all of this before Pussy Hat Protesters, that the Lame Cherry desires to tell the world that the popular girl too has experienced Sexual Terrorism, so traumatizing that I still have concern about choking on my own vomit as it still makes me so sickened, and pictured below is the sex terrorist who sickens me.


Yes it was none other than the braless Natalie Portman, posing with the protector of serial rapist, Bill Clinton, with her nipples poking out like a whore, degrading all women as trampy tarts to be used by old dykes like Hillary Clinton.

As Natalie Portman has now defined unwanted sexual contact as TERRORISM, it is fitting that Natalie Portman be named as a Sexual Terrorist.

This is Ms. Portman going Beaver Terrorist in making one phobic where her bare pubes have touched in her many public appearances as what is the difference between anthrax from a Muslim as it is as unwanted as having Portman's nether juice coating your coffee cup or your hands as there is no telling what she has rubbed up against.

Again, her is Portman terrorizing the public, in forcing her sexual contact on us. We simply do not desire this and here Portman keeps engaging in PHOTOGRAPHIC RAPE of innocent men, women and children.
How many children have witnessed this and is this now not Pedo Portman before us?


The one thing to focus on in all this Sexual Terrorism and Photographic Rape by Natalie Portman, is the removal of Pussy Hats for fur covering up the beavers of the angry women on the march.

Yes the uniting factor is now fur, coyote ugly fur, beaver fur, muff fur and finally women like Natalie Portman will be named as Sexual Terrorists and Photographic Rapists, and she will be in court with Kevin Spacey, who is now accused of not just butt boy sex, but of racism.
You do notice that Natalie Portman never stars with Black lesbians now does she....


Nuff Said


EverCrisp ®

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I received this and desire to explain something again which I posted in the archives.

I like to grow stuff, and it's highly disappointing when things don't work out. You cannot grow an Evercrisp tree from the seed of an Evercrisp apple. You will get some genetic variation. You must obtain scion wood (I would suggest more than one) from the Evercrisp tree and graft it onto root stock. Do at least a couple of trees. You don't want to put all your hope in one tree. I will be grafting some scion wood in the spring from my old generation Yellow Transparent apple tree.. delicious apples.. not keepers, but i spiral slice and both freeze and dehydrate. Waiting for a response from a friend who is very experienced in this to get the name of a root stock he uses that is very hardy. I think it is the Russian root stock. He orders them from Fedco I believe: This is for full size trees. usually scion wood ships in march and root stock too. So, this is all good timing. Best wishes. Paul

I have been all through the genetics and listened to the industry experts who man all the educational bio labs who always tell the public not to grow apples from seeds as it is not a clone. Apples like all things the English engaged in, in the epic period of genetic breeding which produced most of the food the world understands from Herefords to other landrace strains unique to America, was not in labs, but in fields.
Apples were horrid fruit in Roman times which is where most apples originate from, that came into England where the English planted numerous seeds of what I would term the Pippin class of fruits which appeared in America, where the Americans planting seeds produced the third generation of apples in the Spitzenberg Baldwin lines. Americans planted numerous seeds, and were progressing things until the Delicious stain appeared and retarded a great deal, until the one seeding out of thousands grew in the Wealthy of Minnesota.

Minnesota took the 4th generation, to the 5th in the Fireside. It is this group which produced what is the next modern series of Evercrisp.

4th generation apples are unique in character as their genetics breeder truer to the parent in my experience and actually improve. The apples I have from Wealthy, Haralson and McIntosh stock are superior to the parents.

As for the rootstock, the Russian is a fine variety. It actually produces a medium apple sized tree, will on it's own produce a very large acceptable apple, a pie apple, but the best the Russians had.

I fully intend to graft apples on the T bud when we get our place. That is future and for now I collect and sprout seeds, because there is not such a thing as a bad apple from a seed. God intends all apples for use.Tannin apples mix well with cider. Sour apples often make the best pie apples. I can always graft any known apple onto a  seedling I grow to increase pollination if I can not yet understand what God intended for that tree. All apples are not desert apples, but all apples are good apples.
I have faith that my Evercrisp seeds will produce apples which will be better, probably one that does not have a hint of juniper berries as Evercrisp does.
All the Evercrisps are not the same, as the ones from Michigan in soil are superior to the apples with the "America" label on them which are quite weak.

Some apples are protected by patents, and grafting their buds onto rootstock is a crime. Honeycrisp was a monopoly for some time, and grafting trademark apples is a criminal act which those who own the patents take serious and prosecute, so the legal alternative is as I stated, growing EverCrisp ® offspring from seed is the only legal alternative as 25 to 50 dollars for a grafted legal tree is out of my price range.

That is the dollars worth.

EVERCRISP Trademark of Midwest Apple Improvement Association ...

EVERCRISP is a trademark and brand of Midwest Apple Improvement Association. Filed to USPTO On Thursday, March 15, 2012, The EVERCRISP covers [Living trees and] Fresh ...

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Cherry's Women

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Remember a few days ago when I posted about a book I was looking for?

A Lame Cherry Question For You To Solve

I actually contacted the Library of Congress and they could not locate it either, but are a most helpful group of people, which was most refreshing in government service.

The thing is I was searching for my deceased teacher, and I could not find her either, when I happened upon myself in this exchange online, as people seem to overlook that the Lame Cherry knows all.

The main character was called Stone, or Commander Stone. I recall them being in outer space, probably in orbit around Earth. I think their might have been some kind of spider involved, like a space alien maybe. There was some mishap with the ship, and I seem to recall something about like a broken needle in someone's arm, which put them into deep sleep. I do not remember the title, but can only see the off color white book, in paperback, which was not too big.
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A good start but we could use some more details, take a look at this guide to see if you can edit in any more details. – Edlothiad Jan 15 at 9:38
I'm afraid that's all I can remember, I know it's thin, which is why I have the hope that maybe somebody will remember more or know it by chance. It was actually read to us in primary school in the early 70's. – Dryade Jan 15 at 16:58
This might be Robert A. Heinlein's 1952 juvenile SF novel The Rolling Stones. (It was written ten years before the rock band of the same name was formed.) The UK title was Space Family Stone. The novel has the main character named Stone - in fact all the main characters are named Stone, being from the same family. The story starts on the Moon but most of it is set in a space ship, travelling within our solar system rather than making an interstellar journey. The "spiders" you remember could be the little alien creatures called "Flat Cats" which are cute but breed too fast. The tribbles in the famous Star Trek episode The Trouble with Tribbles were inspired by Flat Cats.
I don't remember a part about a broken needle in someone's arm, but it is many years since I read the book.
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There was a dramatic segment in which Granny Hazel (Hazel Meade Stone, little girl Hazel from The Moon is a Harsh Mistress) and Buster (the baby of the family, around 1-2 years old) get lost in the asteroid belt because of a fault gyro in a "rocket scooter" and Hazel puts herself into a trance state to conserve oxygen for Buster. – Zeiss Ikon Jan 15 at 18:05

As I was discussing this with the Library of Congress fellow, I thought this book sounded like a Robert Heinlein novel, but could not be sure. I still am not sure, as I do not remember all these characters and the flat cats do not sound familiar, but the Rolling Stone and the subsequent Heinlein works will be at least something to keep in mind as I adore Heinlein. One of my many dreams is to one day get several million dollars in funding to film Starman Jones EXACTLY as Robert Heinlein wrote it. I still would like to change Sam's death, but I could adapt it to make the sadness seem like the best thing. I would love to cast Bruce Willis as Sam and cast all the Christians and Conservatives in Hollywood. Be a spectacular moneymaker like Passion of Mel  Gibson.

In any who, I did smile at my mimic, as I always hear from people the bullshit of Jeff Rense to Rush Limbaugh praising their listeners as the brightest bulbs on the planet, but if you read who posted my question, in their response to a question, their real persona broke through and they used the intelligent phrase of primary school. See normal Anglo Saxon English would say GRADE SCHOOL. A cowering soul would have just said school, someone who cut corners would say, "class". The intelligent person attempting to assist me utilized educated English
This is a fine reflection on the rest of you as ..........should phrase that in Norman English in, This is an appropriate reflection on the remainder of my it places you in an intelligence group by vocabulary and that is the Lame Cherry collective.

I will have to sort through these Heinlein works if I ever have the time and money. Is something I would do is collect all Heinlein's works and violate all my reading and just read fiction, instead of autobiographies. I don't think these are the books, but if they are not, I will lie to myself that it was the Rolling Stones.

I still remember some broken spaceship, someone looking in at some person with a needle in their arm as they float around in space. It was not some space monkey, but it is not like my teacher re read the book to us.

Probably should wrap this up before I bore all of you intelligent people.

Just thinking, I should write a short story about what I think the story was about and just let all this other stuff go  tits up, as I am sure by taking credit for it, someone would appear ranting at me for stealing their idea.

Now that is an idea...........

I wonder if I could find a way to include comforting breasts as one needs comfort with needles broken off in arms.

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