Monday, February 19, 2018

2250 Weather Front

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is assessed that HAARP having studied creating radioactive dams to produce fallout in specific zones, limiting it to that location instead of "pretty America" which deserves to survive...........if you need reminding the Pentagon plan was the flyover country peoples could die of Soviet attack while the pretty people of the coasts could lament how grieved they were that millions of people perished for their ivory towers.....that is your reminder of American policy in action in some will die so others will live, that a new experiment is being conducted, as I noted in exclusive matter anti matter, a two thousand two hundred and fifty mile corridor from San Francisco to  Quebec.

This is assessed as a jet stream block to contain fallout, and to create a kill zone from northern California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and of course southern Quebec. You know where all the not pretty people live.
This would make a ruddy good moisture dam for the nuclear fields of Wyoming and North Dakota.

Here is a map of North Dakota for some reason, just as a proof of the miles this not possible front is moving weather across America.
A normal stationary front can bubble moisture producing clouds along a 500 mile front. This though is a moving front of over 2000 miles.

Here is the rub in this though, in this river stream has been pushing clouds along it since Saturday February 17th. The winds were blowing strongly out of the south out of Iowa in this period in warm air and the clouds were moving northeast. By the 18th, the clouds were moving still northeast, but the winds were blowing hard out of North Dakota.
Again all an impossibility in normal weather.

It is of interest that there are weather experiments taking place with regularity, that the focus of these actions appears to be nuclear containment of fallout.

This preparation all has the appearance of failed political policy. Perhaps it is why Mr. President has been so disapproving of the nuclear saber rattler Herbert McMaster.

It is an interesting pattern which repeats that some Americans are always deemed expendable for the deserving Americans.

Such an achievement and it is certain the architects of this weather wizardry are soothing themselves by saying, "Well we are killing some expendable Americans so the majority will survive and thank us, as we all lament this necessary policy".

Something is very wrong and unfortunately this blog is the only source posting on these realities again.

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Donald Trump just moved to raise your electric rate 200 dollars per month

We take your blood now and will suck your soul out later

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I doubt this exclusive will be reposted anywhere as it will not resonate the red light danger it is to the Trump Junta robbing you of all you have. The title says it all, in Donald Trump will add 200 dollars to your electric bill by a policy he just enacted with a unanimous vote of democrats.

Let the Lame Cherry give you background on this so you come up to speed. You remember Obama eco green power generation of wind and solar power? What you do not understand is that power generation is so expensive that it is subsidized by you. In addition there is a mandate on the energy grid to purchase 40% of all electricity from wind and solar which of course is twice as expensive as coal power.
That is the reason you have watched since George W. Bush left office a 50 dollar electric bill rise to 150 dollars. If Donald Trump truly was an American President he would have ended that mandate and built 100 coal plants across America to lower electric costs again for a real economic recovery.

Once you understand that fact, understand what the Trump Federal Energy Regulatory Commission just voted on in mandating that your power company begin investing in battery storage for wind and solar power, and this battery power MUST COMPETE with generators of coal, gas and nuclear, and your power company must factor these costs in and FILE PRICE CHANGES by December of this year.

As you probably need a simple version to the above in explaining the quote below, Donald Trump just ordered your power company to buy batteries to store power, and then figure out how much they are going to drive up your electric rates to pay for this.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission unanimously voted Thursday morning to remove long-standing barriers to energy storage in power markets, an emerging technology that can solve renewable energy’s most persistent problem: how to use it when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing.
The FERC order requires regional grid operators, the Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators, to revise their pricing to recognize the benefits of energy storage and allow the technology to compete with generators in wholesale power markets.
RTOs and ISOs must file price changes in 270 days and will have one year to implement them.

This is going to be a massive project in size as this horrendously expensive solar and wind under Obama that you paid for now has a unsustainable output equaling all the nuclear power plants in America.

Do you have any idea how huge of space it will require to store this many batteries? Do you have any idea how this is going to make trillionaires the Buffett Nazi Conglomerates who hold a monopoly on lithium? Lithium also appears in lubricants so this is going to produce a shortage in that metal as there is not enough raw material to create this huge of battery grid.

Renewable energy for the first time is generating nearly as much electricity as the nation’s entire fleet of 99 nuclear power plants, a new report issued Thursday by the Business Council on Sustainable Energy and Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

This battery monopoly is going to expand to immense proportions. NOTHING in this world is going to expand like this in consuming resources and your finances, as you are the ones who are going to fund a 750% increase in this project. This will make the Manhattan nuclear project look like Mayflower next to an Aircraft Carrier.

Industry forecasts predict installed energy storage in the country will grow by 750 percent in five years, mostly due to the declining cost of lithium-ion batteries, said FERC Commissioner Richard Glick, a Democrat.

There are not available costs for this, but I did locate the cost of a Tesla battery for one car. That cost is 50,000 dollars.....FOR ONE CAR. The actual costs for a power plant generating electricity will be greater than the price of a billion dollar coal fired power plant by 500 fold as they are building with rare earth elements, insulating this a battery grid and not putting up concrete.

Tesla Battery Cost: New Report Suggests Model 3 To Cost $50K ...

It's likely the biggest question for the future of electric cars: How low can battery cost go, and how fast? Tesla Motors is thought to have the lowest cost-per ...

So you understand this, the following quote states that these battery storage facilities can only provide power to a limited number of customers for 4 hours. In some locations that is limited to 7 minutes.
This is not anything to depend upon. It is as criminal in scam as global warming, climate change, carbon tax and now Trump Battery.

In 2017 the California Public Utilities Commission installed 396 refrigerator-sized stacks of Tesla batteries at the Mira Loma substation in Ontario, California. The stacks are deployed in two modules of 10MW each (20MW in total), each capable of running for 4 hours, thus adding up to 80MWh of storage. The array is capable of powering 15,000 homes for over four hours.
BYD proposes to use conventional consumer battery technologies such as lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, connecting many batteries in parallel.

The largest grid storage batteries in the United States include the 31.5MW battery at Grand Ridge Power plant in Illinois and the 31.5 MW battery at Beech Ridge, West Virginia. Two batteries under construction in 2015 include the 400MWh (100MW for 4 hours) Southern California Edison project and the 52 MWh project on Kauai, Hawaii to entirely time shift a 13MW solar farm's output to the evening. Two batteries are in Fairbanks, Alaska (40 MW for 7 minutes using Ni-Cd cells), and in Notrees, Texas (36 MW for 40 minutes using lead-acid batteries). A 13 MWh battery made of used batteries from Daimler's Smart electric drive cars is being constructed in Lünen, Germany, with an expected second life of 10 years.

This is going to be an unmitigated disaster!!! As this Trump Battery Cancer is going to have to be replaced every 10 years, meaning the trillions this will cost will appear again in every decade following. This will cripple the energy grid, collapse it and put everyone in the dark.Trump Battery is the rationed death to America that Obamacare is.

There absolutely can not be any benefits in battery storage. The batteries can not store enough power, they are cost prohibitive, are storing energy from a too expensive source in solar and wind, and this will make lithium more expensive than gold. No one will be able to afford to turn on a light or drive a car.

There is not point in restating how grave this is, because this criminal regime is unleashing monthly some grande new scheme to to grind your bones up to dust to pay the Nazi conglomerates a new debt being added to your soul's account.

The cartel just slipped this by everyone and you will notice the Washington Examiner only reported on this and did not warn you of the threat of this. Nothing like paid for shills deceiving all of you children and brats.

Donald Trump is adding trillions of dollars of new debt on Obama debt. America simply can not afford this battery grid, even if each of you had a million dollars in the bank for the regime to steal in inflation and taxes.

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When they want another President

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On the night that President Gerald Ford accepted the Republican nomination in Kansas City, it had been a world where America had been ripped apart by Vietnam, the coup against Richard Nixon and the battle for the nomination of the Republican Party in President Gerald Ford and the real contender in Ronald Reagan of California.
By hook and crook Gerald Ford leveraged the nomination,  and it was his last victory as the heart and soul of America was with Ronald Reagan, and not the sitting President.

That night in Kansas City was electric. The Ford people had torn down all the Reagan banners, and the Reagan people put them back up. When Ronald Reagan entered the arena, the entire place went wild. The band was playing GOD BLESS AMERICA, but could not be heard over the din of the delegates screaming, WE WANT REAGAN.

Jerry Ford had created this disaster, along with his wife Betty, by dividing the convention to take the nomination. Florida's delegation held up signs, WE ALMOST MADE IT.

Every few minutes Ronald Reagan rose to accept the cheers and attempted to quiet the crowed, but the crowd would not be quieted.
Frank Reynolds of the press came to Reagan and asked if he was going to speak, because the crowd was screaming for him to address them, but Reagan deferred and said it was someone elses night.

As this continued on, Ronald Reagan arose again and thanked the crowd. Order finally came to the arena and President Ford began speaking. It was then that Bruce Harlow, the elder statesman of the GOP asked Mike Deaver if Ronald Reagan would agree to speak.
Reagan never dreamed Ford would allow that, so he said, if Ford invited him down, he would go.

As Ford ended his speech, the balloons fell and President Ford then looked up the Reagan skybox and said, Governor Reagan come on down and bring Nancy with you.

Reagan was stunned and wanted confirmation that he had been asked, and Mike Deaver said, "Yes,and you better get moving".

Ronald Reagan had no idea what to say, he had prepared nothing and expected none of this.

As Reagan began to speak, all the delegates were on their feet, for his entire speech. Kemper Arena had become completely quiet.
What Ronald Reagan told those Americans was he had been asked to write a litter to be opened 100 years from then, and that what he would be saying to them, was not about the problems they faced, but if the nuclear missiles of the Cold War had been launched.
It was a question of would those people in 2076 look back and thank the people of 1976  who headed off the loss of freedom and kept the world safe from nuclear destruction.

We know now that by God's Grace Ronald Reagan appeared when he was meant to, to save America and the world, without profanity and the ability to govern meetings in the White House where vulgarity was not ever accepted.

Unfortunately America has had nothing but failures as President since Ronald Reagan left America nuclear safe, enjoying a coming 30 year economic expansion and with secure borders. All of what Ronald Reagan spoke of in Kansas City in 1976 was by God's Grace accomplished through His servant Ronald Reagan.
We are alive today because Ronald Reagan was blessed and understood foreign and domestic policy, he trusted Americans and American trusted him, as a man of his word and a man of honor.

It all reminds one when one wants another President as the people did in 1976, one who held the people's heart and soul, and understood Americans from New York City to small farms in Nebraska.

"As he saw it, he lost the nomination in 1976, because God had other plans for him. Four years later, we would learn what they were."

- Nancy Reagan

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The 5000 Pound Gorilla in the Room on the Florida Mass Murder

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a 5000 pound gorilla in the room in the Florida mass murder perpetrated by Nikolas Cruz which no one is focusing upon, as the distractions are all meant to produce the debate about Gun Control again to divide the public.

Instead the Lame Cherry wills to produce a thought in your minds as the focus comes on FBI Director Chris Wray, and now Donald Trump defending his choice, as it has been Wray's FBI stonewalling on the Russian fake collusion investigation and Wray's FBI which did absolutely nothing concerning Nikolas Cruz.

 What I desire each of you to ask yourself first in this demand of the FBI to do something, ask yourself if you want the FBI banging on your door for you posting something on Facebook or Twitter?
We have all read the accounts of the cops showing up at this kids home and yet he was never arrested. So Cruz was doing nothing wrong. Do you want to be arrested just because the cops show up at your door?

We have to tread carefully in this lynch mob attitude of what is legal and what rights you have, because you give away Cruz's rights, you give away your rights.

The fact is in this, that until Nikolas Cruz fired shots at that high school, he had not engaged in anything criminal. He even paid his Uber driver and did not stiff the driver for the fee. You have to understand that he even purchased his weapon legally and after the shooting, he behaved himself, surrendered to police and was absolutely polite to the Judge arraigning him.
Cruz's attorney defined it best in Cruz was just a shattered soul.

None of that is an excuse for the violence he unleashed, but turn this around in, "Do you want to be placed on Homeland lists because of things you post online in venting or do you want to be denied a firearm or any other rights,  just because you are having a bad time of it, because if everyone is honest, we all have hard emotional times in life where we make the right decisions and move on. Nikolas Cruz though having his parents die, being isolated and despondent made a wrong decision for which he is now going to pay for in a legal trial.

With that understanding, I desire you to remember Jared Loughner, the shooter of Gabby Giffords and how Sarah Palin was smeared by the deep state over that. The Lame Cherry will remind you that Loughner was stopped by the authorities leading up to the shooting and they did absolutely nothing to stop him. In that, I desire to make the following points for each of you to consider in Chris Wray's FBI.

  • Robert Mueller turned the FBI into cult following of himself and James Comey where a Mueller following received the promotions.
  • The FBI is not one bureau, but has numerous offices, meaning there are different people politically running the Las Vegas division, the New York division, the Florida division.
  • The FBI has been politicized and as Eric Holder proved had contaminated the ATF to run Fast and Furious in giving guns to Mexican mafia to spike an Obama political agenda for gun control.

The points above reveals something of the reality of a politicized FBI. We know under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch that the Las Vegas FBI was drawing bullseyes on the Bundy photographs in a most dangerous breach of ethics.
We know in Oregon that the FBI there brought about the murder of LaVoy Finicum by Gregory Bretzing. So in reviewing the above points, what happens if the Florida FBI has people employed who were intimidated by the Obama regime to make it hands off of Muslims which all the FBI and Homeland was. What happens if some of those 5th column types like Andrew McCabe understand that if a slaughter is allowed to take place, that they will be later rewarded for this when a democrat takes office, because everyone understands in the Obama wing of the party that gun control is the deep state agenda to disarm Americans.

No one is asking the question, because they are too moral to ever engage in this, but what if Florida was a case of Rahm Emanuel not wasting a crisis, but the FBI there creating a crisis by allowing people on the edge to keep operating as the Obama party knows sooner or later one of these psych med people is going to go postal.

The gun control agenda is not driven, unless the left creates zombies who slaughter people in numbers. So who benefits from this, but the people who want societal gun control. This is not being brought up nor is it being mentioned to be examined, in what if the Florida division of the FBI, was like Oregon and Nevada in having gone rogue in a political understanding?

I realize that Ann Coulter and Donald Trump have political hay to make in stating the FBI was too wrapped up on Russia collusion to look at Nikolas Cruz, but that is not the case, as the FBI an the federal police state has more than enough employees staffing every division to deal with Nikolas Cruz a hundred times over, and they do that job every day. So the issue is not FBI resources, but what was the Florida division of FBI engaged in, did they assess Nikolas Cruz was just another crank not worth the time of a visit to feed his ego and bring him to the next level, or did the Florida FBI figure that leaving an unbalanced kid out there who might go off would bring them a promotion when Joe Biden was president as Uncle Joe rewards his 5th column.

 That is the issue in this, as the reality is the Florida FBI did not drop the ball on this. They had a reason they did not act and each of us has to come to the reality that if we are going to rant for something to be done, the something which is intended is to throw a kid into a psych ward for the rest of his life for posting rants online. What happens when it is your rant and the FBI under Joe Biden hauls you away, the way John and Bobby Kennedy tried to put a US general into the nut house for challenging the in speeches.

And now as you have been led to the Florida not dropping the ball, this Wiki quote provides you a stunning reality about the Mueller Comey FBI.

On February 16, 2018, two days after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the FBI released a statement detailing information the organization's Public Access Line had received a month prior, on January 5, from a person close to Nikolas Cruz, the suspected shooter. According to the statement, "The caller provided information about Cruz's gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting." After conducting an investigation, the FBI reported that it had not followed protocol when the tip was not forwarded to the Miami Field Office, where further investigative steps would have been taken

The Florida Miami office NEVER RECEIVED THE ALERT on Nikolas Cruz, because those political operatives appointed by Mueller, Comey and Obama, did not alert the Miami office there was a potential problem.
Remember the Texas Church shooting in those criminal records were not forwarded to ATF by the military. There is a deliberate reasoning behind this, and that reasoning is to allow unbalanced individuals to keep degrading until they act out in violence.

The laws have changed but unless one is making terrorist threats, Americans for the most part can still engage in free speech, unless they are Paul Nehlen and the Shapirio Nazis are out to #NeverTrumper a White Christian.

For almost a decade on, the FBI from Hutatree on has had a horrific record in certain divisions. That is why what took place in Florida is suspect in it appears the event was allowed to take place to set off another gun control fury, just in time for Charles Grassley to join with Diane Feinstein for gun control talks, as this all just is coincidence, again.

Think about that, as your review the Liberty Daily headlines below as they are doing a very good job of following this, and as you are not now being drawn into the gun control debate which has appeared again, you can ponder the real question of what was taking place in Washington DC again, because the key element involved in Oregon, Nevada and Florida is the DC office was appointing these people or not forwarding information to field offices, EXACTLY as was the case in the Clinton FBI before 9 11.  Director Wray is now reviewing this situation, for the President, and the President says he has full confidence in that review.

After watching the Director stonewall Congress though, I do not have the same confidence, but with that   review even taking place, means something is amiss as something was amiss in Nevada and Oregon.

So do not make the mistake of lumping all the FBI into the same political barrel. Your regional offices are probably not politicized as New York does a very good job as do most localities and is why one never hears of them in the news.

The question needs to be asked in if there is another secret society in the DC FBI which has decided not to warn field agents of problem individuals, in order to drive a political agenda, and in this case the anti gun debate.

That it the 5000 pound gorilla in the room

In the above, there is exposed the deep state political operatives who are on the payroll to go out and make this another gun debate issue, another call for ending your rights and diverting attention from the reality of why did the DC bureau of FBI not alert the Miami office of FBI?


Trump's Resolute Reads Are Obama Resolutions


 I'm enough shemale for George Bush and Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Linking mental health to gun ownership follows on Mr. Trump depriving medical weed users being denied firearms.
Trump says he'll visit Florida, emphasize mental health after school shooting
On Thursday, President Donald J. Trump addressed the Nation and announced his plans to visit Florida after a gunman opened fire at a high school in Broward County, resulting in 17 deaths. President Trump’s remarks underscored his commitment to “working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health.” The President also ordered U.S. flags to be flown at half-staff through sunset on Monday.
Yes good intentions build homes and good feelings pay bills.
U.S. homebuilder sentiment remains near highest level since 1999
- Bloomberg Markets
According to the latest data from the National Association of Home Builders and Wells Fargo, “confidence among American homebuilders held steady in February near the highest level since 1999.” This new report signals that “home construction will continue to pick up as economic conditions remain favorable.”
The Federalist reported that America has no crumbling infrastructure problem, meaning this is another looting of the Treasury by the Nazi conglomerates.
Building a stronger America
“A Nation’s infrastructure is a measure of its greatness,” National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn writes. He breaks down the infrastructure plan that President Trump unveiled this week—a main goal of which is to stimulate state, local, and private investment. “Rather than telling governors and mayors what to do, we will partner with them as they invest in the most pressing projects,” Cohn says.
Dems did not anticipate bribes to distract that businesses will be taking these deductions for years to come.
Democrats scramble on taxes as Republicans gain steam
The Democrats have been caught “flat-footed by the suddenly increasing popularity of the GOP tax plan,” CNN reports. Democratic leadership has been in a “scramble” trying to “reignite opposition to a tax plan . . . [that] is now seen favorably by about half of voters.” Democrats did not anticipate that “businesses would quickly hand out sizable bonus checks in response to its implementation.”

I thought Trump Tax just solved all of this?
Sen. Tim Scott: New tax law will spur opportunity in distressed communities
- USA Today
Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) met with President Trump, Ivanka Trump, and others in the Oval Office this week to discuss how “Opportunity Zones” could be a game-changer in confronting poverty in America. “The Investing in Opportunity Act gives investors incentive to put their sidelined capital gains into struggling areas in every zip code,” Sen. Scott writes.
This will jump electric rates another 40% as this is a battery subsidy, which will require your power company to us expensive battery power.
FERC moves to help solar, wind power by removing barrier to energy storage
- Washington Examiner
In the Trump Administration’s latest regulatory rollback, the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee removed “long-standing barriers to energy storage in power markets,” a move that could help the country better utilize its solar and wind energy resources.


Poodle Time Lines for Dynasty Results

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I sometimes forget in these private conversations with myself that people do not know sometimes what I am typing about. It was in that the subject came up in a note concerning time lines, so tonight I am going to do something I enjoy, without mentioning politics.....well politics will be mentioned,  but as the example in what I mean when I mention time lines.

Thank you for your Godly posts. It sounds very familiar to my life. But what is the timeline constructions that you mention? How does that work? I don't see that in Bible. Please explain further.

Sometime before 2015 I locked onto the time line which was to be Jeb Bus the nominee and Hillary Clinton the nominee for 2016.  I posted on such, and about a year later the always experts online were stating that it was a done deal. I mentioned that nothing was not a done deal and laid out a possibility where that Wisconsin Governor could actually be the nominee for the GOP and defeat Hillary Clinton, as the Lame Cherry was  not signing on to more Bushism or Clintonista globalism and lies.
The Holy Ghost started mentioning to me Jehu from the Bible. I knew who this furious driver was and interpreted it to mean God had something and someone in mind to makes fools of people who thought they were in control.
I knew Jehu was  out there, hoped it was that Wisconsin guy, but as he faded, I became focused on Donald  Trump, and began constructing a time line to make him President. Remember this was 2015 and everyone knew him to be a fool. His being in the White House now looks easy, but it was not easy placing him there as by God's Grace I could generate a time line on this scale, but it was necessary for someone to assemble the wetware, and that is where Maggie appeared. I would that I could introduce all of you to the most important person  to elect Donald Trump, but I can not. If it were not for her though, Donald Trump would not have reached the White House, DIA help or not. She assembled the key people and I know I have ragged on Reince Priebus to be rid of him, but if it was not for Priebus and the Christian outreach he began before Trump was even in the race, that platform would not have brought the votes in those key states of Wisconsin,  Pennsylvania and Michigan.

At this point, you might look  around at all of this chaos and realize that when someone writes a new time line and make someone President by God's Grace that satan and the  rest of the  time line convulses to the extreme. I was knew to this, and no one had ever attempted this before, except for hints when God  made David or Jeroboam king, or other things He wrote the time lines for.

All of us can affect time lines by our wills and choices. It is why lottery tickets are so variable as you have millions of people driving their will into the matrix. Some of us like Dick Algire the Remote Viewer watches the matrix and reports events. In 2016 he was engaged in a remarkable record in revealing terror events before they took place. In the summer of 2016, he was seeing a city in America being destroyed. A popular girl started observing the matrix and tracking this event in order to stop it. I posted on such things, in the location, the problems with the device and other such things to create a wave of people not wanting this event to take place. I was a bit to precise and that is why Homeland appeared and started interviewing me.
This is why I do not post on things like this and do not become involved in event structures or time lines, as I do not want the hassle, my file expanding or to interfere with events, as I work for the return of Christ.

My intention for electing Donald Trump was simple and that was to make peace with Russia, protect Christians east and west, to restore America and lessen the blow of Judgment. 2017 pretty well  had the junta undoing what the best laid plans were and now it is a reality of the original time line of war re establishing with the President moulded into the time line.

The specifics of what God moves me to do is not something that children can be expected to play with, so I do not provide the details. It does require a popular girl though as the armature to direct the current.

If you remember the episode on Star Trek where Spock mentions that time is thought to be a river of eddies and currents, which sweep to specific locations and events bring them forward, that is close to what the matrix is. In studying Dick Algire he and his associates actually wear grooves into past time lines, so that lesser viewers will be swept to Algire's rut in the road. When I started undoing bad events, it was proven that the time line could be rewritten, but there is energy and events in the time line, and events do form again, and stopped enough they will produce an energy which needs to be released.
Think of a bad event like you getting killed in a brick falling on your head. You or someone stops it in the matrix, but if you are supposed to die, that event might build to an entire city collapsing into a sink hole.

There are many factors in this, like the Bible speaking of their iniquity was not yet full, meaning the evil had not generated enough negative energy to bring fire and brimstone from Heaven or the Israelite wiping out the Canaanites. Of course God is not going to place into the Bible a manual on how to write time lines, or people would try and change them, but all it would do would be to drive forward a surge in the current bursting the dam, as God's Will, will be  done. Nineveh was to be judged as Jonah stated, God relented and the time line moved to another date of Judgment.

The reality is that events good or bad are sort of like a souffle in a number of things have to happen to have a tornado form and it has to be a perfect set of events or it all collapses  and has to start building again. That is the matrix, and God spoke, God through me revealed the plan, Maggie provided the wetware and Donald Trump was President.

Of course no one wants to believe this, and people will scoff, but the evidence is in the archives here and while I did not change the time line, I set rules for Sarah Palin to be on the 2008 ticket by God's Grace and this blog by God's  Grace told everyone that Romney was a straw man. People did not believe me until the events took place and Obama stole another election.

I am by God's Grace once again working on something that I hope to share with Richard and Stephanie. I will not go into details, but it is the same God Light, or energy generation formed by will. All matter is energy at it's center in the God Light, it is there that God assembles the light into gold or a horse by Will. The mathematical equation would   be Results = Thought (God's Will) + Matter (C2). R=TW + MC2.

That is how you make Donald Trump President or how you write a time line.What  intend to generate is goodness in spheres for people. satan sneering at God about building a hedge about Job for his prosperity and health.

For me personally, once God accomplishes something through me or I learn something can be done, I lose interest in been there and done that.

Oh I was going to write that a poodle was bred to be a hunting dog in France for waterfowl as their oil coat kept the dogs safe while retrieving. Could you imagine a red poodle Irish Setter fetching ducks. How pretty that would be.
That has nothing to do with  time lines, but I like pretty dogs and appreciate the hunting heritage of the poodle.

Each of you affects your personal  time lines, and sometimes national  time lines by your wills. If you would as Christ states God's Will Done and not your will, the time line would run smoothly and not be in competition of where you  are going to end up anyway. My life has been in such a shambles in spiritual attacks and being burned out that I have not the energy to have things rectified and rely upon God Who can do all things, which is a lesson in I am not as gung ho buster buster that I hoped to be, as I too need to be humble in God directs  and not thinking I wrote time lines that make me wonderful. The wonderful part is the Holy Ghost in me accomplishing all things..

That probably is not the full answer which was expected, but it is an overview of the work accomplished through me that all have forgotten as it is always what rabbit can you pull out of your hat tomorrow to save us.

Everyone wants to be the one on top, but they never consider the costs. I sowed in the Lord a beautiful garden of peace and now it noxious  war weeds again. God knows all of that and all anyone can do is the right thing and God will sort it all out, so goodness or good deeds are not lost as God remembers and rewards.

That is about all there is as I have to do some  things before the night comes and no man can work.


1976 an era of Presidents

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The public from Frank Capra  type movies and the way Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne conducted themselves always presumed that politicians would not be foul mouthed gutter trash in important meetings of state.
Donald Trump in the shit hole, seemed to not be a President of a nation, but could not even conduct a meeting which was not filled with obscenities. That points to a most weak leader for all of his pastoral cleavage which spiritually advises him.

President Gerald Ford was another frustrated and weak man, as he once said in a meeting as Ronald Reagan attempted to gain the GOP nomination for President, "I'm through with that son of a bitch".
Ford though being weak had to put forward appearances and in that Ronald Reagan suggested that Bob Dole of Kansas would make an excellent Vice President as Ford was so weak, if he picked liberal the conservatives would bolt and if he picked east the people of the west would stay home and vice versa.

After President Ford acquired the nomination, it had been agreed to between John Sears, Reagan's campaign adviser and Chief of Staff Dick Cheney for Gerald Ford, that the candidates would visit each other as a sign of unity.
The Reagan family knew this because Maureen and Ron jr. were listening at the door.
Ronald Reagan made Sears promise that President Ford would not be asking him to be Vice President as Ronald Reagan did not want the job, and he did not want to have to be in position of turning the President down.

President Ford visited the Reagan's in the early morning and no mention of the VP slot was made, but that changed in the morning when Mike Deaver awoke Ronald Reagan and said "people" were there to talk to him about being Vice President.
The trio was Holmes Tuttle, Justin Dart and William French Smith.  Reagan climbed out of bed, and informed his powerful supporters that he was not interested in being Vice President and then the phone rang, and Ronald Reagan picked it up and said, "Terrific, you made the right choice".

And with that Bob Dole was Vice President as Jerry Ford was  on the other end of the phone.

In the earlier meeting between Reagan and Ford, Gerald Ford had mentioned a list of six candidates that he asked Reagan's judgement on. They were Howard Baker, Elliot Richardson, John Connally, William Simon, William Ruckelshaus and Robert Dole.
Most of those names are no longer remembered, but Ronald Reagan stated he thought very highly of Bob Dole of Kansas. Dole was a right choice for Ford as he was a war hero, honest, solid and would unite the Reagan people to a certain extent. Things did not prove out the way it was hoped though, and it makes one ponder if John Connally who had been shot with John Kennedy in Dallas, might have been a wiser choice for campaigning in the West and South, as Carter was very strong in the South being from Georgia.
Equally good would have been from Tennessee, Howard Baker of Watergate fame who would become Reagan's Chief of Staff later. Baker could have impressed enough voters with his "What did the President know" and his being from the South, would contend in those states too.
It was all mute though as if Jerry Ford had not lost, Ronald Reagan might never have been President due to the disaster of Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office.

These are the histories which we would not have, if not for a wife of a President who was most honest in her memoirs about everyone and specific events. No one else could have described 1976 AD in the year of our Lord in Kansas City, the way Nancy Reagan did, in that hard fought campaign and how it did change the world, and revealed how the leaders of America mind's worked.

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