Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The King's Outlaw

I come like a thief in the night, no locks stop me, guns drawn,
ripping you from your beds, probing your bodies and your computers,
I am the law and I say who is hauled away to be hung.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is not going to waste a great deal of time on this, because what Robert Mueller in his witch hunt is engaged in is intimidation of President Trump for not letting Hillary Clinton steal the 2016 election. That is it.

It is beyond abuse of justice when Robert Mueller and it appears to have been acting director Andrew McCabe gaining a search warrant for Paul Manafort's home, which included breaking and entering over the ludicrous charge that Manafort would erase evidence. So this raid had to take place in the dark, where the Manaforts could have thought some Antifa nuts were breaking into their home with guns drawn, and attacking them, endangering the Manaforts and the FBI agents, who should have known better than to stoop to this intimidation, because they could have waited until breakfast and knocked on the door and entered the home.

This though is the new abuse of justice by Robert Mueller:

Manafort offered Russian billionaire 'private briefings' on campaign...

Mueller casts broad net in fishing expedition...

For the record, John Podesta could have briefed Kim Jong Un on what Hillary Clinton was doing, as Birther Hussein was parading around Europe briefing Merkel in Germany in 2008 as Obama's dope dealers in South America were being briefed by Obama campaign aids.  There is a matter of freedom of speech and Americans can talk to anyone they please.

It is a point that as Mark Zuckerberg sways bots to steal ad revenues from Washington Post and other advertisers, and that is illegal, it is not illegal if Obama sends out moles to disrupt comment sections in 2008, no more than it is illegal for Russians to send in bots to trend stories, whether Donald Trump personally asked for this or whether the Russians just did it to mess with the US elections.

Just because Hillary Clinton and the deep state does not like losing, does not mean those who won are criminals. This is a point that the Lame Cherry states again the Trump Junta needs to convene the Supreme Court in a 3 Justice Panel of Alito, Thomas and Breyer to review exactly what Robert Mueller is engaged in, as this thuggery of what was done to the Manaforts is not what J. Edgar Hoover would have ever engaged in. This is the police state of the KGB in action and is not American.

Robert Mueller is a disgrace to the legacy of John Jay, J. Edgar Hoover and all the law enforcement who protected and served, and had the self control to never intimidate and terrorize.

It all comes down to the reality of the one question of, "Would you like to have this thuggery ripping apart your lives?" When the answer is no, then it is time to take a stand and state how wrong it is, because once this becomes standard procedure, America is devolving back to paddy wagons in people being beat to a pulp by New York's finest.

Paul Manafort is an American. Paul Manafort possesses the golden thread as much as each of you possess the same golden thread of INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, and not Robert Mueller having the FBI rant at an American in the dark that they will be indicted, when no charges have been brought.

We now have Mrs. Manafort in the dark being groped by the FBI searching for weapons, and the FBI with Robert Mueller using Mike Flynn's son as a weapon against Mike Flynn to terrorize this American.

This is not what America is about. This is not what the Founders constructed nor intended. This is the King's Outlaw, Prince John in Sherwood Forest criminals unto themselves by the sword they carried.
It is time to make the Highest Court in America review Robert Mueller's and all of the actions of those parties involved in the above for years, and when found outside the law, to have warrants issued for their arrest.

Now special counsel probing Trump and Russia hires prosecutor who specializes in getting witnesses to turn on their friends and bosses

  • Robert Mueller, the former FBI chief who is now special counsel, is adding a top Justice Department lawyer who specializes in getting witnesses to 'flip'
  • Andrew Weissmann

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A Feeling

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I post this because for quite some time, months in fact, I have been deluged with emotions from the future, where I reside, and this morning it was high anxiety.
I realize that many of you for some time have been "feeling" that something is not right, and considering the rubbish the world is in, that is an obvious one with storm clouds on the horizon, but this is different, and I post here in an attempt to explain once again the matrix in it's workings.

Thee above is a screen capture shared by the Viking, which makes absolutely no sense as the blog is not supposed appear like this at all. This is the way the Viking's screen is plastered though, while it is supposed to be a scroll. Oh to be popular girls.

I try to understand the matrix as it is an emotional recording of events, past, present and future. To be exact, I attempt to only inquire through the Holy Ghost so that I receive a sound reading. I try everything I see and I ponder over and over in the Holy Ghost in attempting to figure things out by God's direction. There is though something off about the matrix and as near as I can discern, it is this part is something God does not want me to know.

The Pur or the casting dates are of interest as there are dates which events are to take place, if they do not, they reset and the process begins anew. They keep moving on inquiry, and then come back and it is in this that the Holy Ghost is hiding things from me, and that is problem in this in trying to understand the information.

None of you were around when all this began. An example would be like from that Star Trek OS, in Spock mind melding with Nomad and the machine would not let Spock's mind go. It is not my mind, but my emotions which I lock on to or other people's emotions. When I state lock, it is locking, a meld, a welding of auras, as the more I feel, the more I concentrate, and the more I concentrate the more I meld, so what I hear and feel is a ringing and a sort of blanket of energy, which keeps growing as I meld with a person or persons no matter the distance. It takes some effort in diverting thoughts to break the connection and to cleanse from it. My first experience was quite horrid in someone who betrayed me and being emotionally attached, the connection would not dissolve.

What has been taking place is I have been feeling the rage of nations, and feeling the emotions of individuals who are not yet historical events. In August I was feeling the rage of a group of people who failed at something, and were replaced by a serene individual who was brought in to fix things. The rage disappeared when the fixer appeared, and it was the normal societal upheaval for the past weeks, but I have started waking up again with anxiety and a host of other emotions, which I am picking up from people in the near future.
 There are so many powerful emotions. I feel souls confused. I feel electric heat. I feel darkness of this womb. I feel anxiety, dumbfoundedness, shock, tired, anger, hurt, frustration, wonderment. I feel two worlds, a hurricane wash of turbulence on both sides, silence. I feel silence.

There are events out there that set, and reset. They are reset again and I am feeling the emotional charge of people engulfed by these events which are connected. I do not understand why the energies keep reaching out to me, it seems more than me listening. In experiencing main events or stopping them, these are main events that effect the living and the dead, as that is what the matrix is, a recording of the emotion of the human and living tide which sweeps forward. These are large events or this type of cacophony would not be coming from the future.
I do not like being jolted awake like an alarm clock through the night and then early every morning as I pick up people in the fetal position.

As the Holy Ghost is being silent about things, all I am certain of is when the event completes or it resets, I will then be set free of this emotional alarm clock again.
What I pick up is two main events, the second overshadows or covers up the first.

This is something I desire no part in and as the Holy Ghost is keeping me in the dark, that is God's Will and I accept that.

Line reset, line generating.



Trump's Rise of the Pon farr Vulcans

 Father, I demand kunat kal-if-fee,
the ritual fight to the death of the world for me!!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the year 2000 AD in the year of our lord, the elder son of George HW Bush moved to upstage his brother, Jeb, by running for President of these United States, in a GOP cast of characters led by the liberal media's darling, John McCain, who was  touted as the defense guru of all time.
In hindsight, after observing John McCain with terrorist Nazis in Ukraine to his pet ISIS terrorists in the Mideast, Mr. McCain's  expert standing on foreign affairs is more akin to Osama bin Laden, and not Henry Kissinger. In all of this contended GOP nomination of trick and dirty tricks, George W. Bush was deemed Bush Lite, and moved to shore up his foreign affairs and military standing by bringing in his father's entourage, which began with Condi Rice and one of the most savvy political insiders in Dick Cheney.

This group on defense issues would become known as The Vulcans. They were so named due to the fact that in Condi Rice's home city of Birmingham Alabama is a steel statue created to Vulcan, the Roman diety of who brought fire and steel to humans.


The Vulcan Twin - Romulus and Remus
Condi Rice and Dick Cheney

The Vulcans is a nickname used to refer to Republican Presidential candidate George W. Bush's foreign policy advisory team assembled to brief him prior to the 2000 US presidential election. The Vulcans were led by Condoleezza Rice and included Richard Armitage, Robert Blackwill, Stephen Hadley, Richard Perle, Dov S. Zakheim, Robert Zoellick and Paul Wolfowitz, and Wolfowitz protégé, Scooter Libby. Other key campaign figures including Dick Cheney, George P. Shultz and Colin Powell were also closely associated with the group, but were never actually members. During the campaign, Bush sought to deflect questions about his own lack of foreign policy experience by pointing to this group of experienced advisers. After the election, all the members of the team received key positions within the new Bush administration.
The name "The Vulcans" alludes to a huge statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and metalworking, in Rice's home town of Birmingham, Alabama.

The policy of the Vulcans, became the driving force for the anti Semtic term used to smear the Neocons, who are Jews once leftist communists, who changed to become New Conservatives. One will note that most of them would become #NeverTrumpers.

From a historical position, President George W. Bush embarked upon a stay at home military where he would hit terrorists to protect Americans, and focus on the domestic recovery of the American economy which has drawn down into the Clinton recession, on the heals of the Dotcom bust under Mr. Clinton.

9 11 changed all of that deliberately by the globalists, as striking America by Muslim terrorism, opened the door for oil pipelines in Afghanistan and what would become the Neocon Doctrine of democratizing the Mideast, not as Jimmy Carter engaged in, in Iran with Khomeni, nor as Obama with his community organized terrorists, but as Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle advocated, a defeating of Brzezinski created Militant Islam, but using military force for good, in breaking nations like Iraq and replacing them with democracies where the will of peace would prevail.
It was a grande and humane gambit, but in the end the Philistines in Gaza voted to promote terrorism, and when the worst Muslim leader in the world, Barack Hussein Obama stole the White House by flipping 10 million GOP votes electronically, what was the Vulcan Doctrine of the Neocons, would become the Obama Doctrine of leading from behind and thumping one's chest loudly as a gorilla in the forest and using big stick drones to kill off all the people who did not agree with your leading terror Islam from 1600 Penn Avenue.

The core group in the Obama Doctrine which brought billions of dollars to ISIS, beheadings to non Muslims and complete anarchy in the Mideast and Africa was another birther in Samantha Power, joined by Susan Rice, a tan Negress like Val-erie Jarrett, her promoter and the most lethal of all Hillary Clinton, who joyously proclaimed in Libya, where their old leader Khadaffi was beaten, anal raped, dragged through the streets and then shot in the head on live television, and then put on display like zoo animal, giggled, "We came, we saw and he died".

This gang of four, would become the Humanitarian Vulcans, as they deemed themselves a higher motherly order, where they used military might to butcher people, to stop terror minorities from being killed  by the Muslim state.
What took place in Libya was textbooks George Soros NGO, where Soros convinced Khadaffi to release all Libya's terrorists, and then the terrorists revolted, and as it was the Libyan regime's responsibility to protect the citizens, they called out the army, whereby the Humanitarian Vulcans, called out the US military to slaughter Libyans and turn the nation over to the minority of Muslim terrorists, all in Obama's Humanitarian Vulcan ideology of the terror ends, justify the terror means.

Samantha Power is one of those pushing Obama to bring more ...

UN Ambassador Samantha Power was once described as one of three humanitarian Vulcans advising Obama. Hillary and Susan Rice rounded out the trio.

Val-erie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton or the Vagina Vulcans

As the misconception of George W. Bush in Muslim building failed, and the disaster of Barack Hussein Obama community organized terrorism failed, both failing because what this was always about in the cartel was Iraqi oil disappearing under George W. Bush, and later with Obama oil in terrorist hands and the new element of terrorists running the opium trade in Afghanistan for European banking profits, what emerged with the election of Donald John Trump to the White House, in his Junta Politic, was another phase of those who lust to use fire and steel to make the world behave, in the Trump Doctrine of the Pon Farr Vulcans.

The most simplistic way to explain the Trump Doctrine in the Pon Farr Vulcans, is by example.

Jewish press for the Jewish state create a fake news story about Syrians using chemical weapons on terrorists and fake pictures of harmed children appear. Ivanka cries and Ivanka Tweets. Ivanka pleads for daddy to do something, which daddy does on advice in the Pon Farr mind meld with Herbert McMaster, who says launch a tomahawk salvo to make Ivanka stop crying by Mad Dog Mattis.
Just like Afghanistan and Libya, which had nothing to do with humanitarian realities, but about their oil and leverage against Russia, that is all Syria was about. American bases appeared to stand against Russia and Syria has oil under the Golan which the Jewish state wants, as the Jewish state wants to deport it's Philistine back to Syria to end their problems.

Example 2

Jewish Kushners for the Jewish bankers, meet with Chicoms to bail them out of bad 666 New York billion dollar real estate debt, and convince daddy Donald that North Korea is the weak link for peace and great opportunities for Trump Brand.
Mr. President makes North Korea a central foreign policy issue as he already has Russia furious at him over Syria, and for beautiful chocolate Mar Largo cake, in handing over American policy to Peking, in which the rewards for the Kushner financiers are to be immense in Raytheon missile stocks and Chinese investment, bu the end result is China plays Mr. President, as the Kushner clan sell visas to Chinese invaders, and China ends up threatening the United States with nuclear war if America strikes North Korea first.
Of course Herbert McMaster for the Pon Far Vulcans is not focused on American security, but is focused on North Korean rare earth elements worth trillions of dollars if China gets hold of them.

This Vulcan policy all sounds to have high ideals, but those paying the salaries are moving on natural resources behind the high ideals. Like the image that the Prophet Daniel was shown, the head of George W. Bush Vulcans was gold in morals, the body of the Obama humanitarian Vulcans was tarnished brass, and the Pon Farr Vuclans of Donald Trump are rotten iron with crumbling mud in having the amorality of serial rapists and serial murderers.

 Mr. Trump's Pon Farr Vulcans, are the Blood Fever Vulcans in the fever of their heat all involves nuclear warfare across the planet.

Pon farr - Wikipedia

Pon farr / ˌ p ɒ n ˈ f ɑːr / is a ... D. C. Fontana explains that pon farr is not the only time that Vulcans feel ... Blood Fever" Vulcan Ensign Vorik ...

The cast of Donald Trump's Pon Farr or Blood Fever Vulcans are before us as they are the bones in the nuclear grave who worked their way to the surface while they were burying all the Loyalists and Christians who back Donald Trump for President.

The leading nuclear fevered Vulcans are the shadowy coup plotter in Mike Pence. In this group are Herbert McMaster, Mad Dog Mattis and John Kelly. Think of their passion being the war that took their erections form them in Vietnam. Everything they think is based in 50 year old lost wars, they are trying to make amends for in not being John Wayne.
They invest a great deal of time with their Vulcan steel in shaving body hair from their bodies as they phobic over body hair.

Herbert Skinhead McMaster, Mad Dog Mattis and Mike Nuke Em Donno Pence
The Blood Fever Vulcan Warmongers

This is left hand jack off of what gets the Pon Farr Vulcans woody of Vietnam Redux in Pyongyang. There is another more practical group of Asians in the Pon Farr Vulcans, who do not weep as much as Ivanka, but are the face of the thirty pieces of silver in selling out America.
No high ideals in them, just a Greater Jewish state by suckering America to fight another war, which Jared Kushner negotiates for a crooked peace, Gary Cohn carries the cash bag and Dina Powell makes her Egyptian representation for Hillary Clinton.
Their arousal is produced by the sound of commerce.

Gary Grab Ass  Kohn,  Vulcuck Jared Kushner and Dina Hooverin' Powell
 The Blood Fever Vulcan Moneychangers

This is  Trump Brand policy. He railed about Bush, Clinton and Obama, but his Vulcans are employing the means for the same profitable ends, for their same employers.

Let's use trillions of American dollars to buy Pentagon arms for profit, have billions disappear under Bush43, let's use trillions of American dollars to buy Pentagon arms for profit, have billions disappear in training McCain terrorists to reappear as in opium trade under Birther Obama, and let's use trillions of American dollars to buy Pentagon arms for profit, and have get the point.......under President Donald Trump, as you are told to be highly moral leftists or patriots on the right, to rah rah this as the answers to all of your new found problems.

It was a noble attempt in the Neocons to try to make Brzezinski's militant Muslims tame by voting. It was ignoble of Obama's Marxists to remove stable dictators and replace them with community organized terrorists. It is insanity for Donald Trump's knuckle draggers to be fighting a 50 year old war that John Kennedy was trying to get out of for the same Ashkenaz mafia for profits of 1960.

There is a Trump Doctrine having formed in the Rise of the Trump Vulcans on the ruins of broken campaign promises of peace, secure borders and prosperity, which is as old as Donald Trump, as these are the failed policies which brought America to 20 trillion dollar debt and demise, all by the design of the internationalist then and the globalists now of the same order.
It will begin the great Eurasian War as it began the last world wars, as Britain was led around by the Great Game in her Ashkenaz financiers, engaging in wars and protecting the same lands for the profits of the feudal few 1%.

These are the Trump Blood Fever Vulcans, it is a nuclear fever.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Bad Movie Review: Into the Sun

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

These series of bad movie reviews were supposed to be bad movies. When you have a bundle of bad movies, you expect a Steven Seagal movie to be bad, so you hold off on watching it, and as it is not too long, save it for some fill in night as background noise, and then get the surprise that Stephen Seagal, actually is a masterful director, and has such an understanding of Japanese culture and custom, that in the midst of an action movie, he can turn out a charming movie of story line depth and even a love story of deep devotion.

I did not expect this in the least when I watched Into the Sun. This is where Keneau Reeves who is part Japanese attempted to strike Ronan, but fell far short compared to Mr. Seagal. This movie was so Japanese centric in mood, that all of the bad things I have heard or experienced in Steven Seagal, have been wiped away, as he honestly has immense talent.

Steven Seagal is a good enough actor, but he is a superb director. His action sequences were remarkable in he is a large and aging man in this movie, and he choreographed it so  splendidly that it was fast and lithe. The interactions in Japanese were perfection in having the correct pause and ambiance.
I do not want you to think this is some movie to change moviehood, but this is a movie which should have had far more acclaim for the skill which Mr. Seagal created it.


Yes it is action hero, so there are the standards in Dirty Harry stereotypes which never left this genre. But it is in the Japanese cast which Mr. Seagal gains the story line as it should be  told, and it wipes the Americans from the screen as he is the shadow curtain between both worlds.

It is amusing in Juliette Marquis was chosen as a Japanese, as she is Ukrainian, but she honestly fools viewers in the role, as you think she is part Japanese, which is a central theme to this movie in foreigners being a problem in Japan upsetting the status quo, a direct reality of America today.


Eve Matsoah is perfection in beauty and charm as a highlight to this motion picture. This was simply a remarkable cinema creation by Mr. Seagal as it was photographed as in the golden age of Hollywood where women were framed beautifully as were the shots to tell a 1000 word story in a few frames.

So all credit goes to Stephen Seagal in a remarkable movie which was not bad. Personally, I would rather enjoy it if Hollywood would hand him  several hundred million dollars for around 8 Japanese culture movies, as he is very good at capturing Japan in documentary form while making it most interesting.
For those who remember Shogun, starring Richard Chamberlain, this movie is every bit that Japanese nuance to draw the viewer in.

Congratulations to Steven Seagal, his press propaganda has turned on him, but he created a wonderful movie which was all his cinematic genius.

I hate and loathe modern movies, and yet Mr. Seagal had me enjoy and love this move in rewarding my watching. I like this movie, liked his directing, and liked his ability to create Japanese culture in perfect form.

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Buffalo Tongues

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For some reason I was moved to look up about pickled buffalo tongues and instead I was perplexed as I know more about them than the posts online. This gem was ludicrous in what this woman wrote on some poetry site.

Buffalo tongues were pickled in salt, freightcars of them, & shipped east in a rhythmic industrial music of the mind, millions of tongues passing over our horizontal sleepers, clackety-clack.
I don't know whether they were packed in wooden crates or barrels, or if merchants supplied the hunters & shippers with stoneware vats, the 20 & 50 & 100 galloners that still show up at country auctions. It must have been very dark & very silent inside a vat of tongues.
But I'm wondering, to begin with, how hard it was to cut the tongue out. How rigid were the jaws of the dead animal? Could a right-handed hunter hold down the lower jaw with his right knee while inserting the fingers of his left hand in the nostrils & pulling the jaws? In this way his right hand would be free to work a knife. But he'd need two hands to cut out the wet tongue, wouldn't he? Maybe it had to be a two-man operation.
They did not have to break out teeth to get to that organ, I'd guess, but how far back did they make their cut? Did they try to get as much root as possible, maybe a little palate, & was the root a darker or fattier meat that chefs were glad to receive?
It must have been arm-wearying work to collect hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of tongues. Were they thrown into salt or a brine solution right away, or put in leather or canvas bags, or Indian baskets, or were they thrown on a wagn? How much did noe weigh? I've read that in the buffalo killers' camps conditions were such that skinning knives also "did duty at the platter," but just how big & what shape was the tongue-knife? …

Then of course there is the pickled tongue recipe, but I am certain that the runners and skinners were not cooking up 30 tongues a day in pickling spices.


  1. Boil tongue in salt water for 3 hours. Peel skin from the tongue.
  2. Mix remaining ingredients in a large, nonreactive pot and bring to a boil.
  3. Add meat and boil for 10 minutes.
  4. Cool and store in refridgerator for one week.
  5. Slice tongue thinly to serve.

OK according to President Theodore Roosevelt, here is the reality.

One does not cut the tongue out through the mouth, but one slits the throat and pulls it out from that juncture. It is beyond the pale in someone post about breaking a jaw to get at the tongue.

As for pickling, to pickle meant salting not spicing. It is the same as the English in corning. As I found no records if spices were added or it was like pickled eggs at the bar in saline solution, it is one of the mysteries of that era.
I do know that Teddy Roosevelt did smoke tongue as well as other meat to cure it. That would be a wonderful delicacy.

One thing in the tongue, when you boil it, plunge it into cold water to get the nasty skin to slide off. If that white membrane is too repulsive with taste bud bumps,  then slice it off.

Tongue was a delicacy among White Americans. It is one of the best cuts of meat, especially in sandwiches.  I will assume the tongues were packed in salt in 50 gallon wooden barrels on the plains. The salt would wick the moisture out to produce a brine, with the tongue skin still on. What the merchants did in Chicago, Philadelphia and New York is a guess, but I would conclude they would have been boiled to rid the tongue of the skin and salt, like a Virginia ham or Norwegians with salt cod.
I doubt pickling spices were used. It would have been a slab of meat cut off, slab of cheese, a big dill pickle and a beer, topped off with a pickled egg.

Always the way it is, in I usually know more in passing than the always experts posting idiotry on subjects.

Thank You Lord.



Tuesday, September 19, 2017

el Presidente Ivanka

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well the Trump of Babylon was all over the United Nations today, and it was not Donald Sr., but who knew that el Presidente Ivanka was ruling at the United Nations, holding court, giving speeches and taking over...........and speaking Spanish too boot in Twitter posts.

  1. 1/2: Pensando en todos los afectados por el temblor de hoy. , estamos rezando por ti y te mandamos nuestro amor! 🇲🇽
  2. Ivanka Trump delivers an anti-human trafficking speech at the
  3. Today I joined UK Prime Minister & world leaders at the United Nations in a Call to Action to – at United Nations

Unfortunately, it appears the Trump of Babylon did not engage in sexual intercourse as her paramours of Justin Trudeau and Tom Brady were not.

Apparently being and unpopular tramp like Michelle Obama, Ivanka Kushner has propaganda plunged into an image change of promoting motherhood, in posing with children to make everyone forget her political and marital infidelities.

I hope the nephew did not catch some Ivanka world disease for the photo op.

Was just thinking, do any of those Kushner kids look like Jared Kushner.


Up Ivanka's Wazzoo

I tell you that Tom Brady's dick is this long
and I heard it from Ivanka as she measured it with a meter stick!!!!


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well, isn't this an interesting As the Kushner Turns episode...........

The Mooch claims Tom Brady didn't go to the White House Super Bowl celebration because he 'may have had a relationship with Ivanka Trump'

I swear Giz my jizz is only for you. 
Besides Ivanka kept calling me Daddy!!!!

There does seem to be a ..........well wet nether situation with Ivanka, when  it comes to men who do not wear strap ons.

Justin do you like being called "Daddy"?

Apperantly Anthony Scaramucci has figured out that it was the Kushner's who cut his balls off and hung them on the West Wing Wall, as he is cucking Jared Kushner by outing little Princess as a hose bag.

And President Trump can thank John Kelly from cutting of the Mooch's calls to the President for this little retaliation.

Is there no penis which has not gone where
no man has gone before Ivanka!!!!


You could have been my son in law, Tom,
but Ivanka wanted a cuck with a cock not 
two zip codes in size!!!!