Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Pregnant 1% Election

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I did an inquiry on image Obama seizing control of the US fraud elections which installed Obama twice.

This is not Russians.

I am getting a .......I am not asking the correct questions to get the proper response as I am not locked into the flow. What is coming through though is this is one of the Suboperational Groups which George HW Bush set up back in the day. Meaning, the hackers are a CIA shadow Sub Op. They are running out of Alexandria Virginia and are piggybacking from a location in western Russia to leave an incriminating trail to the Kremlin.

Inquiry states what this is all about is the reality that Donald Trump is running landslide victory numbers and ........I do not detail this part concerning Mr. Trump, but suffice it to say that Mr. Trump is associated with individuals which have neutralized Hillary Clinton's ability to steal the election........and that is why Homoland has been enacted illegally into the elections, in order to steal this election on the MK ULTRA conditioning you have been hearing in these fraud polls. I am telling you that just like Obama's stealing it from Mitt Romney, you are being conditioned that Hamrod will win this with a pregnant 1%.
What I am telling you is that the votes have already been counted. That is why Homoland has been set as overseer of this, as it will clamp a national security cloak on this and no one will be able to review the results, because the majority of the hackers are working for the regime.

What is being tagged on this in Russia is some peacenik group or something which is the front for this transfer point.

Do not bite on the both candidates going tits up. That is a Mockingbird bluff. "They" appreciated the work posted here of NYC824 and are reinforcing it to scare Mr. Trump and the Hamrod.

This will not make a great deal of sense to most of you, but inquiry states that the signatures of hackers are not the algorithms, but the system conducting the hack always "pings" from the electronic grid which it originates from. Different continents and nation's power generation grids have a signature. The E print on this is American, no matter what the Mockingbird is implanting in your grey matter.

The underlying story in this process is there are those who have neutralized the methods which Obama Clinton steal elections, and that is why Homoland is being activated

The fail safe is blaming the Russians for another internal American election theft.

I am tired and that is about all I care about on the reptilian clock.


making the cross

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We never did touch down. Hell of a way to introduce yourself to an operation though in putting heels down in a poppy field. It was the question though as Ops was telling us when asked if the LZ was hot, that they were all hot, unless it was the brain dance fields, because Terry never fought it out in the fields, as that was the rule in no one fucked with the poppy, but here we were putting boots on the flowers.

Ops though had on his Sapogi. Swore he took them off a dead Ivan, but he spew allot of shit, like telling us tales of the great wars when the spooks were on friendly terms with Terry and the Big Turban was one of the boys.

Said his boots came off a Disbat. Fucking Russians were always on parade in that shit hole. Selling their AK's for a chance to rape a sheep or keep up the perpetual opium dream.

Where we were didn't make a damn bit of difference as operations would claim we were on this side of the border, never crossed that border, never invaded that country and never violated that friendly. Hell it was all poppy up in Saigaland. It didn't make a damn bit of difference if it was some hairy eating with sticks or dipping with his fingers, they were all the same, a bunch of parasites that someone should have exterminated long ago, but they never were because of that poppy that kept the money flowing into Eurobanks.

It was always one charlie foxtrot of a shit hole and always would be. Rules were all the same. There would be no dust off as we were the fob. The fobbits were long behind us with the geardos under the fast movers. Here it was just us and the jungle jim.

We were unofficial, because we were always unofficial. That is how things got done. Do a favor of haji and haji's favor was replacing the ratfuck with an IED. Never was a tango mike as all they ever were thankful for was how big the money dump was.

Could hear some tic in the distance. Willy Pete was auditioning to lume the landscape and Ops was saying grace over some joes going kinetic giving a spotlight to us. But what the hell, most of us when we bought it got a toe tag for Mum to hang on the wall which said something like, "Bukshee was not such good business, but be sure to enjoy the paper business as chumly would have wanted it that way."

We were horsing it up the Saiga. It was all Saiga, but it was man love thursday, and we meant to attend prayers, as that is what the man eaters said. A catch and snatch in this big howdy, as this was all keystone according to the big haji back at 1600 Penn, so nothing was hot, except the kara kush kept dropping the teds on us. Godblessed flaps back in the states doing the hawkeye on us, and always some trinket wearer looking to get the Obama medal for taking out the bad dope dealers. Haji had the IED's and we had the teds in the tows.

Always wait for haji to take a piss or a shit. It is one thing they do alone. Brief said the turban was clockwork orange though on the body functions and the mats. Hit the shit though on time and did the extract. It was all tak tochno.

Xiao didi was there waiting in no man's land. Little brother was the cover that this was not us. This was the guito who knew all the shit. Everyone there knew it was going to be a magic act except the glans head.

This was supposed to be the big story or Ops would not have had us dining at the Ritz. It was theme park now in the no mans. We never got the green light go at the dance, but this one was the last waltz, so we all knew the damn lie being fed us. Someone was being fed china doll ass, to have the curtain go up later, to grab the diaosi and make them parrot.

There were no trees in the hinters. Didn't want trees. Plenty of caves but they were like echo chambers when we got the bird to sing. Last thing we needed was haji being rabbit and we not having smoke and mirrors.

Always make the birds sing in the mud huts as it absorbs the bird calls. Came with the real floor act as types only appreciated. Genuine German steel all around in the gambrel hung from the main pole. Always accommodating with dirt floors so the X could be crossed. Hooks through the wrists and hooks through the Achilles. That always made them sweat in the education. The librarian was always checking out the books.

The librarian knew the secrets of metals in the sharper they were the more they burned like hell. Hell was stoked as the parrot was singing and we had to get it right on the confirm as Ali Baba had more story than there were haji.
It is always the comedy show to know what went on behind the curtain as Big Haji was taking the cred for a dead fred who went zero hour before the birdcage frogs alpha mike foxtrotted the actor.

Slipped the parrot into the last suit and gave it the four acre burial. It was all gundecked and the official blow was george jetson. It was just another day making the cross.


No Room For God

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading a Catholic book on St. Michael and the Angels, which of course  is blasphemy as Michael is an Archangel and the Saints are the redeemed Spiritual children of God, for as Scriptures teach, as mankind was created a little lower than the Angels, they will one day as Spiritual children become the children of God........but I digress as I rescue numbers of Catholic books from the junk store, to burn them, in  order to save Catholics from the Vatican, but again I digress, as this book was really apostate.

We all know that the Pater in Rome is supposed to be the Vicar of Christ, but like the stations of the Cross in Jesus could not have done it without humans, this Vatican book had these fabrications in them.

So we all know it is Hail Mary, in the Virgin Mary, but Mary being prayed to in Mass has all these job  titles too:

Queen of Heaven
Queen of Paradise
Queen of Angels
Queen of Saints
General of Angels

Yes America has a Surgeon General,  but the Vatican has their own Virgin General.

No place in Scripture does Jesus or any one else ever refer to Mary the Mother of God in any of the above jobs or descriptions. The best honor Jesus bestowed on His Mom was to place her in St. John's care.

This  though is about Angels, joining Mary is Michael the Archangel. Now in Scripture when St. John fell down before an Angel in fright, the Angel scolded him sternly to NEVER worship him,  because all Glory and Honor are God's. Angels are fellow servants as people are to glorify and honor God.

That is why when Catholics have visions of Michael telling them to build churches to God and him, it is in violation of Christian teachings from the Bible, and it is why when 'angels of light' appeared to the Reformer Martin Luther, he rebuked them, because the great Protestant believed the Word of God, and not his eyes, for satan deceives all who choose to be deceived.

Any way, the book came out with this about Michael the Archangel.

Prince of every mass.......does the Purgatory thing.........does the final escort of souls......protects the Catholic church.

All without any Scriptural confirmation, and in violation of what Jesus teaches as Christ is leader of the Holy Angels in Named Angel of the Lord.
Wherever two or three are gathered in my Name, there is Christ.....not Michael.
Today wilt thou be with me in Paradise, Christ told the thief on the was not Michael and purgatory.
David Inspired teaches "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me". The Thou is God not Michael.
Finally......Michael is protector of the Israelite peoples in all the Faithful to Christ in the 13 Tribes who confess Christ as their only begotten Savior.

Those are the Scriptural facts which refute all this Catholic dogma.

No wonder the false prophet of Rome in the Pater Pope is saying no one needs Jesus, is in bed with the abomination of sodomy and rewriting the Commandments, because that is what the Vatican believes, as there is no room for God in Catholicism, as their version of the Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael leaves no room for God.

Holy Angels have a number of vocations in serving God and assisting God's children to fulfill their Spiritual destiny on earth. We are to give thanks and glorify God for His Holy Angels helping us, but we are not to ever worship them. They are Spiritual creatures lower than God, a little higher than humanity is at this moment, and wonder at the mystery of God creating His own children in longing to look into the redemption of humans.

I thank God for His Angels. I ask God for His Holy Angels help and protection. I do not ever though add to the Bible nor embellish Mary or Michael. It should be enough to be the human God created to have the Holy Ghost place the Word of God into her womb, to be born as Christ the Savior, in God with us.
It should be enough for the Archangel Michael to be the Angel fighting for God's Plan. It should be enough, but it never is with the religion of Simon Pater, the sorcerer of the Acts who tried to buy the gift of the Holy Ghost and was rebuked by the Apostles, and then journeyed to Rome to found his universal church, which incorporated all the pagan abominations Christ warned us against.

God comes first and last. There is no room for Angelic adoration or worship of Saints. That is all God's.

It is always all about God, for without God in you, there is no room for you in Heaven.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When the FBI Manages Child Pornography

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Details, partial details, are emerging concerning a new Fast and Furious criminal breaking of American and International Laws again, but instead of guns to Mexican terrorists, the Obama regime via the FBI was handing out child pornography to perverts.

What is most interesting in this case are in the quotes below, in the FBI in their hacking division actually improved the transfer of kiddie porn to child molesters, in order to speed up the process and garner more net traffic. Literally the FBI improved porn servers to such an extent that it magnified traffic, tens of thousands of times.
A judge in January rule though that this "evil" was acceptable as it targeted bad people.

The FBI also revealed that it has the keys to an uncrackable Tor, but all of this knowledge is denied to Mozilla in Firefox in trying to keep it's users from being hacked.

The new Loretta Lynch justice department now can use one warrant on one server to gain access to tens of thousands of other computers.

None of this from the Lame Cherry is to take the part of child rapists, as the Lame Cherry has been warning for decades that Hillary Clinton's group has been pushing legalizing child rape, and after the quotes, that is what the Lame Cherry is most concerned about in all of this.

Tor, which is used for private communications by government officials, lawyers, journalists, judges and others, was thought to be virtually uncrackable until news of the FBI’s operation became public.
Mozilla, the company that offers the Tor browser, asked the FBI to reveal its methods so it can be patched, warning in a court motion that, “absent great care, the security of millions of individuals using Mozilla’s Firefox internet browser could be put at risk” by its disclosure. The Tacoma judge denied the request.

Judge Bryan rejected that argument in the Michaud case, stating during a January hearing that agents were “trying to catch the bad guys, so to speak.”
“Whether they did it right is a different thing,” he said. “But they didn’t do it wrong as to be grossly shocking or outrageous to violate the universal sense of justice” and warrant dismissing the charges.

Defense attorneys, however, alleged in filings last week that FBI agents actually improved The Playpen site during the two weeks they had control, making it faster and more accessible. Visitation of The Playpen while under FBI control jumped from 11,000 to 50,000 people a week.
“This is easily the largest domestic use of hacking by law enforcement in U.S. history,” said Mark Rumold, a senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital freedom and legal services nonprofit in San Francisco. “The problem is that there just aren’t a lot of rules on how they go about it.”

Michaud’s attorney, Colin Fieman, a Tacoma-based federal public defender, is leading a “national defense working group” that is tracking and coordinating challenges to Operation Pacifier cases.
He says the overarching legal issue in all of the cases is the FBI’s decision to search and hack thousands — maybe tens of thousands — of computers around the world based on a single warrant obtained by agents in Virginia.

For normal moral people, the exploitation and assault upon children is the worst of crimes. The question which requires examination is, it is common knowledge that there was a vast child rape and murder syndicate operating in Nebraska, and no one was ever prosecuted in that mass crime, nor are the Washington DC brothels trafficking in child porn and actual rape.

The Franklin Scandal: The Elite Child Abuse Ring in Nebraska

The Franklin Scandal: The Elite Child Abuse Ring in Nebraska Authors note: ... - The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokes, Child Abuse and Betrayal 9.

That which brings us to the question, why is the FBI distributing child pornography in targeting the perverts in the mass population, but is not investigating the elite who are raping children?

From time to time, we see pervert groups in Europe rounded up, which  touch on media or middle ranking elite in removing them, but it never rises to the prosecution of those who are progressing the NAMBLA agenda for the Obama Clinton regime, for the pedophile elite who are after EQUALZ in the process of legalizing the rape of children as the next civil rights agenda.

That is the answer in this, that like LaVoy Finicum and the Bundy's being murdered and jailed, for the protection of Clinton Foundation and Obama regime donors to gain access to the mineral wealth of the American West, these common perverts are being rounded up in mass by the FBI, in order to keep the "innocent children" for the George Soros and Warren Buffett type elitists to legally rape, in removing all the contenders for these unmolested children.

Think of it, all the weapons illegally sold by the powers that be to blacks to murder each other, along with the dope monopoly is protected, but Gun Runner and Fast and Furious was targeting the mafia competition. The same with this dark web has all the appearance of removing the competition in the perverted masses, not to protect the children, but to reserve our children for the rape by the Hillary Clinton elite.

The FBI is now breaking the law to enforce the law of monopoly for those the police state serves, but when the elites are raping and murdering children in Nebraska or DC, the FBI stands down and the elites continue on with their raping of the innocent.

That is the story in this.

Why Bill Clinton's 26 Trips on the Lolita Express Child Rape ...

Why Bill Clinton's 26 Trips on the Lolita Express Child Rape ... with Jeffrey Epstein. ... Epstein a pass on child rape, that Bill Clinton already had rape ...


Donald Trump pro America vs Hillary Clinton anti American

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 

This is a synopsis of the President elect Donald Trump slave trade speech in Arizona

Build the Wall
Enforce the Law
Verify entrants
Validate the productive

I do not foresee anything coming out of the Trump Border Security Speech than what Mr. Trump has been stating from Day One. From that period he has been absolutely constant as has Kellyanne Conway, even if she would not use the word DEPORTATION as it would be utilized against the Trump campaign in being distorted.

What Mr. Trump will accomplish is instead drawing lines of distinction between his American Policy and Mrs. Clinton's oligarch policy.

Mr. Trump secures the borders and builds the wall, while Hillary Clinton leave it wide open to terrorists.

Mr. Trump enforces the law and deports criminals, while Mrs. Clinton leaves rapists and murderers go free to prey on Americans.

Mr. Trump verifies those seeking to enter America are pro American, while Mrs. Clinton allows Sharia law revolutionaries in, in emass.

Mr. Trump makes a caveat in those illegals who have been here for decades, are productive and have families are going to have a special status, so children are not dragged through the streets, while Mrs. Clinton keeps all the illegal welfare sucking vampires in America.

None of this has changed or is hard to understand, unless of course you are a crook oligarch exploiting slave labor and gleaning welfare subsidies to your conglomerates, who employ Clinton crooks  or the cuckservatives being funded by all of this criminal rapine against America.

Mr. Trump has spoken of safe zones in areas like Syria where people will be relocated from America. The point is in the entire Trump policy with Border Patrol, it is simple in once the American police state starts hunting gangs, then all of the criminals will begin shifting south of the border.
Once America starts stopping and returning Sharia Muslims, then that flow is going to cease, and all of these shit hole nations Obama promised that they could dump their rapists into America, so they would not make revolution in Saudi Arabia or Mexico. Putting these nations criminals back into their borders, will make these nations deal with their repressive regimes.

That is a synopsis of all of this, and I would hope Mr. Trump would make mention of the slave trade as Hillary Clinton promotes Disney hiring Curry Niggers to replace Americans, and Mr. Trump would be for returning Americans to their rightful jobs again.
I would tax Facebook and all of these corporations 200,000 dollars per slave worker and that would end the problem of firing US workers. That though is in the details and the details are not what this will be about. This is about Donald Trump being pro American and Hillary Clinton being anti American.

Nuff Said


Emerging Time Line

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As of August 29, 1536 hours, inquiry points to the Dick Allgire time line has changed. I am studying this and it appears that infusing future time lines into present time lines will charge them, but if powerful enough entities are made aware of the plots, measures can be undertaken to erradicate them.

It is one thing for the the Dick Allgire associates to view an event, on CNN, through themselves in the future. It is another thing though to construct that event, and make those aware of that event which it is intended to be used against, and then having those powers move to protect themselves.

In the example of NYC824, it appears this was a complicated plot and quite typical of the cartel and the regime. Use Muslims to construct a device inside America, to be used against America, but the overlord's real purpose was to utilize this device in Europe when it was confiscated.
Being at base an Islamistan bomb, it was designed to implicate Russia, along with other blames for a scorched European war.

The inquiry points to the reality that Russia is aware of the situation. Therefore the events that Dick and Dev were seeing, are events which Russia is moving to neutralize, and inquiry at this point, concludes these RV events are vanishing point time lines, as a new time line has generated.

I do not believe the end August event which was sighted will now take place. I do not believe that the NYC824 transfer event to north Italy will take place either. What inquiry points to is Russia has obtained evidence of this ship sitting in Egyptian waters, and this ship due to Russian "blackmail" will now be moved up the Black Sea and Russia will take custody of this bomb.

If one reasons that hackers releasing damning evidence of NSA spying in Europe and Hillary Clinton's emails of bribery are causing problems, what would a release of information of a device created with US military oversight in Missouri, intended for NYC, and was transported to Egypt where it was to be placed in northern Italy, do to the social order of Europe and America in discovering what the cartel was really plotting?

What Dick Allgire is accomplishing with his group is groundbreaking and is important to understanding the dynamics of the matrix in how it generates and how it responds to stimulations.

I sincerely hope that the time line is resetting to it's orginal doomsday event mode, because in that, it is possible to once again with a President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin to create a Christian alliance of the east and west, to protect the vast majority of these peoples, not allowing the genocide of nations. It is impossible to stop an anti Christ, but it is probable of providing Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump the majority of power and energy, so that the beast time line will do the least possible damage, as Christians under Putin and Trump protection would not be martyred.
It is not possible to stop Armageddon as it is a necessary battle of the forces of this world at war with Christ. Their extermination is a necessary good to remove amassed evil. So the size of Armageddon would not be affected, but it is my intent to stop the scorched earth size of nations in the civilized world. satanic zealots can leave their nations for battle, while not dragging those nations into the battle.

To review in this, Russia does not have custody of NYC824, but the time line projects that event to take place. "Things" or deceptions can take place, but the position to stop this is a very strong one, so as this is started to become a surge, I intend to amplify it to seek this peaceful remedy.

So every person reading this understands. This is not about donations, my fame, my being right. This is about what I began in 2015 to be made aware of in the Jehu Factor, which is making Donald Trump President, not because I chose him, but because he was chosen and my God provided Will is set upon stopping Jeb Bush.....done. Stopping Ted Cruz........done. Stopping Hillary Clinton, which in turn will stop this global nuclear war against Eurasia with American involvement and Europe being scorched earth.
It would be logical to assess the cartel and regime is not pleased with this outcome, but the original time line will allow for their achievement in God's time, so I pray the Lord is my Deliverer.
The construct is then President Donald Trump allied with President Vladimir Putin on Christian pursuit for the protection of billions of people. That is what this is about, and all other is adversary to this and a threat, with a danger to all.

Main objective then is stopping this premature start to war, so President Donald Trump can work with President Vladimir Putin for the best protection for the majority of people on this planet for what is coming.

In understanding the duplicity of these groups advancing the order, there is probably something generating out there. It is concluded that we get past September 11 without an event, that if the next 6 weeks can be steered to a Clinton collapse, then the Lord willing Mr. Trump is not sucked into something or Mr. Putin, the time line will reset as I have been moved to construct it for the good of the good.


Monday, August 29, 2016

The First Murder of Birther Hussein Obama

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With millions of Obama rapists now pouring into American communities, America is soon enough going to experience more disappearing children of all ages, like New Yorker Brittanee Drexel, who at 17 lied to her parents to go on spring break to Myrtle Beach, and thought she could advertise her wares, and go off and play with Niggers as all was Obama Hysteria on April 25th, 2009 with historic 44 in the White House.

What followed was a kidnapping, gang raping, drugging and according to an eye witness, a multiple sexual assault, Drexel's attempted escape, her being pistol whipped and then capped twice by her Nigger terrorists.

I have warned all of the hootchies on Facebook that their porn pics are telling the world of coloreds that all White girls want to be fucked and are sub human, but none of that ever gets through. The threshold is around 5% of the population and then America will have the wholesale gang rapes of England and Europe.

This post is placed here as one of the many people in this world who thought in Obamania that they could go off and play with the Niggers, as being a prissy bottle blonde she thought "NO MEANT NO" and she could go whore around with the Afroids and it would be her little secret of slutting it up.

Brittanee Drexel is dead because of Barack Hussein Obama, Obama's voters who stole two elections and the Blacks who thought Obama meant revenge on whitey.

Drexel was dumped in a gator pond, where remains have been found, but with these Nigger criminals, it could be any one of a number of dead Carolinians.

Britanee Drexel got what she exposed herself to. Soon all American women will run this roulette along with their children in perverts pissing in little girl's stalls.

Those are the facts no one has yet connected. This stupid girl was murdered because America vouched for another criminal designer negro in Obama, and she thought she could go off and pet the Niggers and they would not bite.

Nuff Said