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What more could anyone want really, in the extermination of the Caucasian from all things, because after all, who really wants to be reminded of the race which advanced humanity from the stone age to the cyber age. Star Trek in it's new fagsexual manifestation is really only cleansing the world from the horrid reminder in how God chose the White Race to bring Spirituality to the world and by that increased Wisdom and Understanding, so we should just chisel off the Caucasian features on Mt Rushmore and make heavy eyebrows and big nostrils with protruding lips the signature of the advancement of humanity.

There’s been a rather ugly strain of criticism of Star Trek: Discovery online and it goes like this: The upcoming CBS All Access show’s cast is too diverse for some of the franchise’s longtime fans. The term “white genocide” has been bandied about.


EW asked Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green — the first black woman to lead a Trek cast — about the complaints.
What puzzles me about all of this is I seem to recall a black woman leading the original Star Trek cast, and yet in the new version, even she is has been wiped from the record.

a black woman (Lt. Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols)

Granted the current replacment for Uhura is horrid, like he fag Spock, but somewhere in this I just do not get with the tearing down of Confederate Soldier monuments in America, how it is come to a point that Black pioneer actresses like Nichelle Nichols are being run off to the shanty town when they were lead cast members of the Original Star Trek.

So while Star Trek has more colors than white, and it has the scent of feces penis perversion, it is not really just White Genocide. It is instead Trekiside, in the Black women from 1967 are not Black but White, and all of them are all in this color bubble being genocided for their accomplishents, and there is that faggot George Takei cheerleading again in this reprehensible crimes against humanity.

Original series star George Takei has even gotten involved to defend the new show.
As long as a cast is racist and smells of excrement it is something to support according to that weird Takei.

I have no idea if Trekicide will last past a few episodes in it's darkness or if it is another Lou Grant and Cagney and Lacey money pit of non profit to promote the American Genocide. It really does not matter to me, because I will not watch this garbage propaganda, because that is what it is.

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Why is only one American calling James Comey a Crook?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The saga of Dennis Montegomery is one which stuns the mind with the reality that as an Intelligence Contractor he was privy to information which revealed the criminal syndicate which is the deep state, in he had proof that the intelligence community put Obama into office in 2008 in stealing the federal election by tampering with the votes in Florida.
I will repeat that bit of information, because in 2008 around 10 million GOP votes flipped and disappeared from John McCain and Sarah Palin to Birther Hussein. In all we are learning from Vault 7 and what Dennis Montegomery is pointing to, it was the literal deep state intelligence community which engineered both of Brack Hussein Obama's election thefts, proving exactly what the Lame Cherry has stated for the past 9 years that Obama was an intelligence asset of the globalists and that he never was elected President.

When Dennis Montegomery walked out of the intelligence network he took with him 47 hard drives worth of damning information as to what the deep state had been engaged in, including unmasking tens of thousands of Americans illegally, and worst of all in this, the FBI was handing over your personal data to perverts who had no business to be having access to your information.

The new lawsuit alleges misbehavior by Comey and others when Montgomery “was induced by Defendants Comey and the FBI and made to turn over 47 hard drives of evidence of the aforementioned illegal, unconstitutional activity, which hard drives alone are valued in excess of $50,000.

Patriot Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch is representing Mr. Montgomery and has been from the start of this. It was Mr. Klayman who negotiated the return of the 47 hard drives, with partial immunity for Mr. Montgomery, in which all the evidence was handed over to James Comey and the FBI, with the personal disclosure that James Comey was overseeing this information and directing the investigation.

In another Comey cover up for the deep state though, the investigation was suppressed and the information buried, and for all we know has been destroyed, and that is what is behind the new law suit to protect his data by Mr. Klayman and Mr. Montgomery.

I looked around the internet for just how many contractors are employed by the US government and it is staggering. There is an entire Nazi state funded conglomerate which rules America from the shadows in people in the private sector like kook Reality Winner with access to all of your personal information.
My reason for examining this is the wonder that with all of this criminal activity, why is only Dennis Montgomery out there showing the red flag that something is so heinously wrong with America as every branch of the agencies and departments is out of control.

800,000 people have access to your personal data. There are 4 million people who have access to your personal information and can access how you are being spied on. That means 1 out of 75 people in America are spying on you and have access to your information at the touch of a keyboard.

Evanina was once the CIA’s top counterintelligence officer. He described the recent leaks as an inevitable result of a spy culture in which, he pointed out, contractors employ 800,000 of the 4 million U.S. citizens holding security clearances.

The largest Nazi conglomerate in this is Booz Allen, who it just so happens Edward Snowden walked out with heaps of information. Think of it, in a satellite company has access to all the US intelligence secrets. The Russians or Chicoms do not need to hack into American elections, because according to Montgomery the IC is rigging elections for years for Obama and their assests, and they probably have hired 1 out of 5 foreigners in visa workers who are spies from around the world, and you are paying them 6 figure salaries.

The most high-profile contractor leak was from Edward Snowden, who worked for Booz Allen at the National Security Agency.

The five market leaders are Booz Allen Hamilton, CSRA, SAIC, CACI International and Leidos. All of them are based in Virginia and are deeply involved in developing cyber and hacking tools. Other players in the cyber realm include Accenture, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman.
And the relentless pace of mergers and acquisitions in the spies-for-hire business has left five corporations in control of about 80 percent of the 45,000 contractors employed in U.S. intelligence.

It is not just this labyrinth, but the Defense Intelligence Agency has it's own network and contractors adding to this Obama signed order of sharing all the Donald Trump information, but it makes a bit more sense why Mike Flynn was targeted as he was aware of all of this criminal activity in the IC and was beating the system to assist Donald Trump's victory.

How many people work for the DIA and what is its budget?
More than 16,500 men and women work for the worldwide DIA workforce. 
Our budget consists of justified requirements and is analyzed by DOD and Congressional budget committees.  Exact numbers and specific budget information do not get released to the public due to security reasons.

What is most sickening in this is the revelation that the Intelligence Community contractors are nothing compared to the massive networks like the Environmental Protection Agency. It is a reality of what does the EPA need spies for and an entire network to crack down on Americans whose corporations are directed to find evidence to fine and imprison Americans.

In all, 16 civilian and military agencies make up the "intelligence community."
Sanders said the number of intelligence contractors is lower than the number of contractors employed by NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency and other large federal agencies.

In a world of all of these contractors, why is it that Dennis Montgomery only loved America enough to become a whistleblower to try and save America? That is stunning and proof of how far America is gone in this indoctrinated hierarchy spying on everyone illegally like a lab experiment, and at the center of this is James Comey, as he covered up this investigation, as did Andrew McCabe now running the FBI. All of this information is known by thousands of people, and not one is saying a word, as they apparently agree that protecting the system is more vital than the United States of America.

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The Lame Cherry Sun Tea Recipe

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With the heat of summer upon us, I like drinking cold sun tea. The problem though is most tea I have tasted at like Subway, reminds one of what ran off of Luther's Boots.

This is the way I make sun tea and I am aware of all of the doomsday warnings against using hot tap water as of course lead is in it to whatever else the miserable primates have dreamed up to make life mirror their hateful existences.

Sun tea of course requires sun. I also like for this the robust American brand tea of Lipton. You do not want the weak English teas as it will be lost in the end product.

I begin with two Lipton tea bags, a gallon jar, prefer glass, and I start filling that jar with the hot water tap until full.

I then put in the bags, and place it on a hot metal surface where the sun can have it's energy collected. As I make sun tea late into the season, that means in the back of my pick up as the best solar oven I have. Four hours should have what looks like tea, and you do not have to wait from cold water to get that weak tea often brings starting out with a cold base.
Sitting on concrete is white background so it lacks thermal exchange except on very hot days, and wood is a non starter as that absorbs or released little heat.

Inside is simple. I transfer it to glass half gallon jars, with 4 TABLESPOONS of sugar. I want something I will enjoy like a soda, so the sugar goes in. If I find throw away fruit, lemon will go in, but otherwise this is a perfect tea, without that "off the leather boots" flavor you get in most fast food places or the weak as water you get from the brand name teas.

I love drinking soda, but unless it has sugar in it, it gets to be a problem for me........bothers me with sugar too, so tea is a good change.

I serve this in a metal glass, as metal holds ice tea better than a glass. Glasses need frosting and always heat up too fast. A metal glass is best.

Where I obtained my metal glasses was from canned salmon. I am careful so I do not slice my lip, but that is where my army green metal glasses all come from. I hate salmon patties, but the glasses I do like and tea always serves best that way.

That is the good glass of sun tea recipe in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Department of Motherland Security

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Like all of you, I have never liked that creep Homeland thing that George W. Bush came up with. It sounds like something out of George Orwell and 1984. Having stewed on this rape of sensibilities for too long, the Lame Cherry hereby refuses to call that agency Homeland any more than these Red States which are Reagan Blue States, and only became red when that leftist prick Tim Russert decided to become color code police and change the Republican Blue to red.

From this point on, the Lame Cherry will only refer to Homeland as Motherland Security, as it was  God, Mom, Apple Pie and Hotdogs, not God and Homeland.

Motherland is much more fitting as Germany has the Fatherland, and America has been the Mother country as Russia has always been the Mother country. People readily rise up to defend Mom by instinct, while Homeland sounds like some shit for brains brainwashing from the Tavistock and Stanford which it is.

I know this is not a long post or a post that seems to matter, but it matters completely, as I am not going to be intimidated by Homeland any longer like your Home is going to send you to Gitmo. You would behave when your Mum told you too, so you will naturally behave for Motherland too, who is only there to protect you and kill everything that is not American.

So that is the nipple word, Motherland, the Department of the Mother Country, the United States of America. Motherland Security.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Donald Trump and when the NATO clock Strikes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the belligerent actions of President Donald Trump toward Russia for months, there is reality in this, that it does not make any difference if Mr. Trump knows what he is doing, is being manipulated, is unaware or the events are accidents, because the reality is Mr. Trump is now responsible for an era of Cold War reactions, and Americans must now face the facts in two important historical accounts.

Account 1 in the Cuban Missile Crisis under John Kennedy, global nuclear war was stayed, because a Russian commander refused to fire off his nuclear missiles in  the Caribbean at America, due to American Naval belligerence.

Account 2, the Russian nuclear defense ministry was alerted that America had launched a massive first strike on Russia, but the Russian military did not launch an immediate response and instead trusted that it's systems were reporting a false alert.

The reason for a review of the above historical context is the matter that in mistakes, the Russians trusted that the Americans were not engaged in actions which would harm Russians and their personal prejudice and bias was for America and not against Americans.

As of late, there has been almost a generation now of abuse of the Russian leadership and Russian military by Americans, in which America has not addressed the Russian complaint, but continued on in more demonstrative actions, ramped up from Russian reactions.

The following is now a series of military aggressions as is historical between America and Russia, but today the military aggressions violated all substance in a "NATO" war plane did a direct intercept of the Russian Defense Minister's aircraft.
In empathy, could you imagine if the Russians scrambled a fighter jet to intercept Sec. of State Rex Tillerson's aircraft? Whichever nation in NATO engaged in this changing from military to civilian targets has ramped this up to a most dangerous sequence of events.

Russia's defence ministry said, however, that its fighter plane reacted after the American reconnaissance plane made a "provocative turn" towards it, while another US reconnaissance plane entered the same area 10 minutes later.
Russian fighter jets routinely approach and identify aircraft in the skies over the Baltic and Kaliningrad, but most of these actions stay within safe limits.

In this, NATO claimed in the original encounter that the American aircraft was simply flying surveillance in international airspace, but the Russians claim that the Americans turned into the Russian aircraft making a most dangerous situation.

There is an old line from a John Wayne movie called Big Jake, where Mr. Wayne's dialogue tells Richard Boone, "You understand this, whatever happens, your fault, my fault, first shot goes off and you are dead".

What happens when a Russian aircraft flying close to a reconnaissance aircraft has a mid air collision? What happens when a NATO interceptor crashes into the Minster of Defense's airplane, and the escort shoots down NATO aircraft?

The situation that HR McMaster and the NATO Neocons have elevated the confrontation with Russia is unacceptable. An American pilot just shot down a Syrian jet, protected by Russia, for bombing terrorists which America was protecting and America followed this up with shooting down an Iranian drone.
Onto this, the world has watched Russian typical incursions to NATO and American airspace, which is 1960 vintage gamesmanship to warn the United States that it's actions are threatening to Russia. To this the Americans have been shooting down aircraft allied to Russia, and someone in NATO greenlighted a direct threat against the Russian Government.

Anyone makes a mistake in this, and this elevates to a level which America in Europe or the Mideast will be humiliated by Russia. President Trump was meeting with the Nazi stooge of George Soros from the Ukraine in the White House, and what follows is the direct threat against the Russian Defense Minister. Anyone reading that could transpose Vladimir Putin meeting with the Defense Minister of Mexico and then directly threatening Sec. of Defense Mattis, and immediately Americans would be reaching for the nuclear launch codes as Americans would understand that threat.
So what do you consider the Russians are reacting to what President Donald Trump has been sending signals over.

In assessing this, Russia will not be foolish in directly threatening the United States nor NATO, but Russia will move into the Balkans and to areas on the American border as in Cuba and Nicaragua. As this blog has noted, before 9 11, Russia attempted to warn the United States of terror attacks, but was ignored. We now know that the Intelligence Community was overthrowing American elections for Obama and was engaged in that there were criminal elements involved in 9 11 who wanted an American war against Islam for oil in what were the Russian 'stans'.
These same deep state coup plotters have Mr. Trump under investigation and are the conduits for the aggression against Mother Russia. The short of this is when Russia comes across direct terror threats against America, in WMD attacks, Russia may choose to remain silent as what benefit would it be for Russia to warn America, when America is sending war signals and just endangered one of the top officials of the Russian Government.

Russia has shown restraint, and only acted in it's national interests and in protecting it's Russian People. In a world of accidents, how long will it be before an American jet or NATO actually kills a Russian? We are at a defining point in this now that due to Trump policy, many nations from China, Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Germany, France would see it in their national interests to remain silent for a series of attacks to cripple the United States.

There is a definite problem for the United States, and the responsibility now rests on Donald Trump as he is President, and it is either his actions or his lack of being in command where forces in the Pentagon and NATO have just deliberately threatened and endangered the Russian Defense Minister. There are direct signature beacons on all aircraft, especially the Russian Government aircraft and their travel routes. NATO knew this was the Russian Civilian Leadership and they chose to intimidate that person to send a message to President Vladimir Putin.

We are witnessing Islamic terrorism erupting across the West in small scale attacks. How long will it be before the Muslim allies of the Eurasians strikes a blow again against the Americans? There are numerous Muslims who were betrayed by Birther Hussein, and all of them would enjoy being the next tyrant of Egypt to Saudi Arabia, and for this to take place, the crippling of America would cause the domino effect to affect the world for the next 500 years.

President Donald Trump should sack the commander at NATO who allowed this pilot to threaten the Russian leadership as a signal that Mr. Trump is interested in peace. That message will not appear, as every signal to the Russians from the President is to sucker them with photo ops in the White House to fool Russia, and then move 3 ways past Sunday to take this to the next step in containing Russia behind the Caucasus and entombed in iced over ports.

It will only be a matter of time before the European seers in their visions come to pass in assassinations of Russian allies in the Balkans, because NATO deliberately threatened the Russian Defense Minister.

This is unacceptable activity against everything America stands for, or used to stand for in honorable gamesmanship. A new level has been reached and there is not any turning back from what NATO engaged in and the White House sanctioned in silence.

 The world under Donald Trump has engaged in actions which there are not any turning back. Time and events will continue to flow to either an accident or a deliberate act by those who would benefit in the end of the Christian world. The event is out there and each strike of the clock brings that event closer to fruition.


What's the 6 20?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not writing this to whine about the poverty which is still attempting to keep me, but to explain to the people who have dropped notes in hotmail what it looks like when I log in.

See I run Windows XP, and Firefox on my old laptop, and yes it is working very good in all aspects and do appreciate the person who asked, thank you. The thing is Microsoft wants everyone to update to the new spy systems so they cause problems for Explorer 8, and in my case they literally will not allow Firefox to log in. I just get a blank screen.
I had this happen over a year ago, and it came out of it on a Firefox update. Firefox updated, but lo and behold it will no fix. The last time the NSA was playing fun with me, in I could log into another email account at Microsoft, just not the blog's account.

The above is what hotmail looks like in Explorer 8 and I was having difficulty trying to figure it out. It reminded me of the old Netscapse version when they stopped being supported and everything went to java script.

So for now it appears I will be dealing with IE 8 and picking my way through email, as I am trying to figure out what to do with perhaps moving the account as I have had it with Microsoft from top to bottom. I have tried numerous free emails and some just take too much bandwidth, and some like Yahoo I already have an account and I hate logging in under another name in my one click emails. Some I bring in on Thunderbird and some emails will not support that. Some like Proton, soon as I got the account, the entire site got hacked and everything went down for weeks. I am sure that was just a coincidence too.

I just wanted people to know that I am not ignoring you. I am having technical difficulties again. The thing is I have hated hotmail for years and never used it except as a dump box and that is what this address was when I inherited it. This account was stolen by Russian hackers too or someone, but those kinds of things were never looked into even when I complained that Obama trolls were phishing my accounts........and I actually gave Microsoft a picture of the fat, black dude in Washington state, who worked at the company who was behind the scam.

I have had problems with Yahoo too, in the Obama years in they were censoring emails wholesale. Now Yahoo has been acquired and I cringe at what kind of bull crap will be taking place in those emails. Like I had AOL long ago, but when Time Warner bought it, they confiscated my unpaid account for a paying customer. I really appreciated that spoils system, and in Yahoo's case..........yes that account was hacked too and I had to send them my ID to get it back (perhaps Facebook should check those records as Facebook has my fricking birth certificate and press credentials and still have that account in limbo).........where was I going with this?????????
I just do not want to move in and then have Mexican squat my butt out the electronic door, so for now it is the slow go on hotmail, which is about the chittiest email on the planet. Yes I could do Gmail, but.......Gmail feels like a trailer house on gutter avenue in being tinny, and I do not want to be in an email account that John Podesta chose to mail from.

I suppose I will check again, but it is not like I have other things to do in I was trying to put sprouted vine crops in the ground a week ago. Heck I might as well knit booties for them if I wait a few more days.

I will though probably look for some free email which sucks and try and be free of Bill Gates NSA moneywhoring codex terrorism. For now I have to get things done for tonight and that mean I better get it headed down the road.

Le Sigh*



A Trump Spiritual Fornication

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Want to know why Donald Trump's Presidency is in perpetual meltdown?

I have informed you of this previously, but the problem is Donald Trump based his life on sodomites and the babylonian mystery religion. This Jehu has been off the reservation his entire life, and in his own self promotion books the following statement by Mr. Trump says he looked to David Geffen the sodomite and a kabbalistic Jew as delivering the best advice for his life.

It is in black and white, and there is no denying it, and Mr. Trump is in meltdown, because he still has the same Christ denying Jews advising him and the same sodomites counseling him.

I know this post did not take long, but the facts do not take up a great deal of space when they are in Mr. Trump's own hand, and unless he removes the apostasy and makes Christ the Oval Office Ruler, this floundering administration is not going to be saved by Marionite Melania Trump or anything else the President thinks he can rig and jig to make things work.

There is One Way, and that is the God Whom the Founders pledged to in Covenant of this Christian Nation, and that is Jesus the Christ.

Mr. Trump's way to the top is plunging him to the abyss.

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