Sunday, January 22, 2017

The End of Obamacare

Take the Hill Minute Gal


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

At this point, the Trump Administration is phrasing the exact policy Americans demanded in:

Don't Force Don't Deny

- Lame Cherry

Those are the words of Kellyanne Conway and that is all Americans have ever asked for in DO NOT FORCE US TO BUY OBAMACARE as most of us are poor, and can not afford to be penalized, and DO NOT DENY THOSE WHO WANT GOVERNMENT INSURANCE.

This is the only thing I demand in this in stop forcing me under criminal penalty to be involved in regime insurance. Once that is stopped, with the Trump Administration directing the IRS and other agencies to not enforce collection of penalties, then Obamcare is dead as it should be.

Speaking on ABC's "This Week" program, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, said President Donald Trump "may stop enforcing the individual mandate."
Separately, on CBS' "Face the Nation" show, she reiterated Republican promises that no one would lose their health insurance under Obamacare while a replacement is being developed.
"For the 20 million who rely upon the Affordable Care Act in some form, they will not be without coverage during this transition time," she said.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is transitioning exactly as Americans demanded in taking this slowly, in looking first to stop the rationed death, and then moving to competitive insurance and personal health saving's accounts for those who want it.

"We’re going to move carefully in conjunction with the administration to repeal and replace it with things like health savings accounts and interstate health insurance sales and high-risk pools at the state level to take care of people who have pre-existing conditions."

If this blog ever reaches Kellyanne Conway or Team Trump, I am like many Americans in existing in poverty. I am working my ass off, self employed and being penalized in record taxes which I can not afford. I apply for a waiver every year for Obamacare as I can not afford the penalty, and people across America are being socked with 1600 dollar a month payments and they can not afford that either.
I will not be forced to buy this program. It is contrary to my American Religion. My main focus in life is keeping alive in paying bills and saving money to acquire some land, so that I can become productive and enter into the purchasing of a health saving's account for us, or cheap insurance.
I simply can not afford this in I have to provide for my Mom and that is why I am granted a waiver.

All I want is to not be forced to be paying for this, and to not be criminalized, so I can get my feet on the ground again and start earning something to make America great again, as Donald Trump is generous in handing out 10,000 dollar checks to people in need, but people who are millionaires and read blogs still think they are selling houses for 1500 dollars on 3rd Avenue.

Obamacare is dead, once the mandate is stopped completely and the penalty collection is stopped by the IRS..........AND THE REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS HAD BETTER NOT PUT IT BACK INTO THEIR REPLACEMENT.
It is why I advocate a three tier program of Trumpshare for the poor, and two CHOICE programs  of savings accounts and affordable health insurance, with no one denied coverage, and the group, who have the right to not buy anything because of being  the 95 million without jobs or they simply do not choose to.

There can be set up percentage clinics in hospitals to reduce costs in poor people get 10 minutes with a Registered Nurse, diagnosed and signed off by a doctor and sent home treated. If not that, put this into effect in the US Military in National Guard Armories to triage people that way in a pay what you can program for the ill.

I applaud the Trump Administration for floating this and moving on it. This was their way of preparing people for the result, and forcing Congress to begin moving on this, instead of sitting on their asses talking about Cleo the Clock for 3 hours on Inauguration Day at a lunch.

Stopping enforcement of the individual mandate is going to mean a tax rebate to small business and poor people, because those thousands of dollars that Obama stole from them in Obamacare, is going back into their pockets. SERIOUSLY in a note to the Trump Administration, put out the notice to the public and the IRS, that this collection for Obamacare ceases on this April 15th taxes in people will fill out the Obamacare form, but NOT PAY THAT PENALTY.  That is populism in people will realize that Donald Trump saved them hundreds of dollars if not thousands and that will purchase a great deal of political good will for future actions in fixing all of this Obama disaster.

See why I should have a 6 figure salary, my own secure Secret Service cell phone to text refinements to policy coming from the common man in what Americans really desire.


I have to now go slid and slip in the wet slop for chores as I never get a day or moment off.

Nuff Said


Ode to Cherry Lame

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I type this on Inauguration Eve, I came across a note in email.

Lame, I just wanted to thank you again for your willingness to work unbelievably hard to help accomplish what has happened today. I am continuing to pray for you all.


I have been thinking today about God's direction and how I almost enlisted in the Marines. I was in shape as I did not want to bother with basics, but every time I took a breath I could hear my lungs crackle and that sort of settled the situation, and produced a blog which God worked through to change the world, in the election of Donald Trump.
I have been thinking about the Holy Ghost first hinting at Jehu two years ago to me, and how 18 months of my life disappeared in doing something I said I was not ever going to be a part of again in a political campaign, as the frauds of Hillary and Jeb were the same animal I was not going to serve.

God though has other plans. And when I state I do not know the direction of this blog, it is my choice that I do not want to be engaged in politics again. I have assisted in creating the monster in the time line has changed, but it is a matter of I knew from Prophecy that billions were going to perish in the Great Tribulation, so what I was moved to do, is not going to produce any worse effect.

It is my hope that Homeland will not have me popular any more in this is a Trump blog. I know though that TL and I have an elevated record and unless placed on the inside to sanitize it, that is not going away.

I have now a buffer again in some breathing room in the archives and it provides me the situation of thinking a bit more about adventures and content, but always this blog will be a tool of the Lord. He has not informed me what I am to do in serving the Lord.

It has always been my affection to be as George Washington. President Washington in reading histories, was moulded by the Roman Senators, whose greatest calling in life was to serve their nation and then retire to the land as the noble thing to do.
We are still saving and praying on the land part, but it is what I would prefer in being a squire, with the hunter and the horse, engaged in agrarian pursuits, with fishing and trapping, as leisure with the inventive projects which the genius of God provides. I greatly value and esteem the pursuits of the patrician classes of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Custer and Reagan.

I am remembering now this past April when my tax preparers humiliated me when I asked about taxes and what would be affected when Donald Trump was President. They laughed me to scorn in stating it would never happen.
The always experts had no comprehension what God was doing through the Lame Cherry to change the time line, and now I have to become used to using the term PRESIDENT and not image, because Donald Trump is an American President and I respect that word too highly to have abused it. So it was hidden away, and now I have to train my thinking to President, in whatever is the post about those things.

Making the voice known of making Trumpshare a CHOICE and not a mandate is what is the cause. There is no freedom in forcing people to buy things under penalty, and that is my honest only concern about Trumpshare. Give people the right they already have, and I intend not to purchase insurance again, as I trust in God and in reality I could not even afford a cheap policy, especially with the grave robbing taxes the Obama regime has levied on all Americans.

I do not know what this blog will cover or be until the Holy Ghost moves me. I was in a whirlwind and exhausted before all of this, and it has not let up in disappointments nor concerns. I just hope to have God's Peace and to recover.

One pleasant thing is not having to mention that image nor lurch.

We will witness though what God moves me to cover as at this point the dauphin has been anointed as Joan fulfilled her mission.


INAUGURATIONGATE: The Lie of Obama 2008 Inauguration Numbers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you noticed the bizarre fixation of the media on comparing numbers of Obama 2009 Inauguration to the Trump 2017 Inauguration, you should first comprehend when the Fake News Media is throwing the molotov, it means it is coming from Mockingbird CIA.........yes this would have been lying Russian hackster Director Brennan's operation.

So why inflate Obama's numbers and put out photos of small numbers of Americans at the Trump someone had to put down WHITE SHEETS ON THE GRASS to show a contrast to the cameras deliberately.
Oh you mean someone planned this out, and then placed staged photos like Muchelle Obama's big ass was small in photos?
Of course weedhoppers.

Now it is obvious that what was behind this was voter suppression, was the same Trump crowd numbers do not translate into votes.............yes another lie from the same Fake News Media.

There is a reality in the Trump numbers, in they were the normal numbers for Presidents if not a bit more. So how was the record number for Obama? Because it was staged and inflated and I can show you exact evidence of how the minders did this to overthrow America, starting with Obamacriminality., in fact has the entire "transportation" manifest posted, and it reveals there was an absolute plan to carry this out......and you will remember this was George W. Bush's people who coordinated this plot.

Charter Bus Parking Zones: Tour bus parking is available at RFK Stadium and designated zones within the District. Specific zones and road closures are posted on the District’s Inauguration web site at Streets around the bus parking areas will be closed to private automobile traffic and will be posted as Emergency No Parking zones beginning at 3 p.m. on Monday January, 19, 2009. Generally, these areas include:

  •  RFK Stadium
  •  12th Street NW to 22nd Street and K Street NW to P Street NW
  •  First Street NE to 6th Street NW and New York Avenue to H Street NW
  •  Designated areas in Southwest and Southeast
You must understand the key phrase in CHARTER BUS PARKING ZONES. Yes charter buses were hired by democrats to bus in huge numbers of people, and you will notice the plot started clearing out DC parking a day before the Inauguration to put the operation into place.

It is a reality just as ACORN was a get the dead people to vote for Obama, in there was a coordinated push in 2008 to get out the welfare deadbeats, and that includes the union and corporate ordered rich deadbeats to appear, as much as the welfare Nigs who were bused in too.

It was none other than the Washington Post, the CIA Mockingbird extension which first produced the "Obama Charter Bush Numbers Target", exposing the fraud of what was being initiated.  There was an entire section dedicated to promoting this operation at the Post.

Charter Bus Watch: 3,000 Registered So Far

As officials try to predict how big the crowd will be at the inauguration, one obvious place to look has been at the number of charter buses. At one point several weeks ago, officials and media accounts placed the number of charter buses planning to come to Washington at more than 10,000.
So far, however, only 3,000 have registered with the District for parking spaces along city streets (there will be special zones reserved across the city for the buses). That's about one-third of the spaces the city had set aside. Post reporter Mary Beth Sheridan reports that D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty seemed uncertain why the registration was lower than expected. At a news conference this morning, Fenty said: "We could see a lot of registration leading up [to the inauguration] or a lot of people who still will bring buses and not register."
By David A Nakamura  |  January 13, 2009; 11:33 AM ET

If you discern the above story, the fraud of Obama failed miserably, in the target was 10,000 buses and they fell 70% short. People simply could not be herded there in the "change they could overthrow America with". This hints that the "estimates" of the Obama crowd were inflated to match the projections, exactly as Obama's poll numbers are still being rigged from the inside.
The DC Mayor had been ordered to expect huge numbers of charters and they did not appear. So the Mayor was puzzled.

This ticket dump started two months BEFORE the Inauguration and became a huge problem. Two months plotting to stage numbers for Obama 2009.

Barack Obama and President George W Bush meet in the Oval Office on Monday. People desperate to attend the president-elect's inauguration ceremony are offering up to £25,000 for a ticket.

Even before they have been printed, some of the 240,000 tickets for the history-making swearing-in of America's first black president on Jan 20 are also being offered for sale - at prices of up to £10,000.
The US senator overseeing the ceremony has said she is writing to websites like eBay and Craig's List asking them not to sell tickets, which are free and distributed through the offices of senators and congressmen and other official sources.

It was not all buses though either in the poor Niggers trucked in for a backdrop.

WASHINGTON — Unable to find affordable transportation to and lodging in the nation’s capital for President-elect Obama’s Jan. 20 inauguration, one group of Obama supporters came up with a unique way to travel and stay in style: a ship.
Calling it the “Yes We Can 2009 Inauguration Cruise,” the group rented a 500-room cruise ship and plans to charge $1,000 a person to sail from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Baltimore and take charter buses to Washington for the inaugural festivities.

Yes this was the ultra rich who were behind this who could take off from work on junket, and the same rich were charting jets, to fly people into DC for this fraud staged event, exactly as Obama was chartering jets in Syria to fly terrorists into America.

Private Jet Traffic for Inaugural Half of 2009's Record

President Barack Obama's last inauguration broke many records in Washington — including one for private jets. In January of 2009, more than 700 private jets swarmed ...

That is how the cartel with the MSM gins up a fake news story by giving tickets away, and those freeloader tickers were such a problem that Congress almost passed a law to keep these poor Niggers from auctioning off Inauguration tickets on Ebay for a profit as that is what mattered to these people more than a free Obama vacation.

Sen. Schumer attempts to stop inauguration scalpers on eBay ...

... inauguration scalpers ... Obama's 2009 inauguration, but tickets for Monday's festivities. One ad started the bidding for two tickets at $400, or ...

So now you know the complete story about the lie of the Obama 2008 fraud inauguration numbers for the Obama who stole two Presidential elections in vote fraud as a Birther. The fact is 2013 for Obama election theft were "normal" numbers even with the same shipping crowds in.

And lastly, how do we know that this was a CIA Brennan Mockingbird story for certain? Because the Snatch March starring Naomi Judd and Scarlet Johanssen, on Saturday had counted the CHARTER BUSES bringing in these herds of paid for crowds in order to compare it directly to Trump Inaugural Numbers to give the impression that there were not any Trump supporters and the traitors were in larger numbers.

6 times more buses for the March than for the Inauguration!

Hundreds More Bus Permits Issued for Day of Women's March Than Inauguration Day The city has issued less than 400 permits for Jan. 20, Inauguration Day

For the record in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, the above is proof of one last CIA run operation to smear President Donald Trump on his Inauguration Day and the day that followed. Soros money was behind this as much as direct coordination with the CIA under Brennan and led by NBC in the Fake News Media.

And for the record, 95 million Americans are not employed after 8 years of Obama economic rape, so they do not have funds to spend on travel, and the reality is, President Trump did not spend the money on free charter ticket handouts, as the Trump Trans returned 20% of the money for the transition.

Trump's Transition Team to Return 20% of Unused Funding to US...

US Vice President-elect Mike Pence said that the transition team for President-elect Donald Trump did not spend a fifth of the funds available to it and will return the money to the US Department of the Treasury.

As a suggestion to President Donald Trump, perhaps you need to do more than go in and meet the CIA at Langley, and order your NSA to hand over every communication to Justice on this, for the full prosecution of this treasonous operation, which equals Russian Hacking as a fake news story.

Mr. President Trump, you should be aware that the Suboperational Groups were given their projection orders to carry out a continuous series of operations against you and to brainwash the American People to a suggestion of your having no support, so this cartel group of media and intelligence can first stop your making America great again, and second remove you from office.

I doubt as this story infiltrates across the internet that the source stories will remain as evidence of what has taken place as this was a large operation, coordinated by the CIA, Mockingbird, MSM and the Soros sedition groups. All of whom should be indicted and prosecuted.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


White House Staff Bending Over For Press Corpse

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

According to the lying press there are 4 people who think they are Donald Trump's Chief of Staff, in Jared Kurschner, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway and Reince Priebus.

According to the fake news press, Major Garrett of CBS fake news, Garrett was talking with Steve Bannon about the little cubby holes that the White House press corp endures, and Bannon upon seeing them said, "Well this is populist, we can live with this".
Garrett asked again if the press was going to be moved out, and Bannon said, "This is populist, we can live with this".

Let me start this off so there is no doubt in this, that I am pissed with Righteous Indignation.


For starters the DO NOTHING CONGRESS deliberately detained President Trump on Inauguration Day, so he did not get a damn thing done, and word came from Spicer of the Press Corpse, that it would be Monday.

Americans sent Donald Trump to Washington to DRAIN THE SWAMP, not to have those lazy asses in Congress stuff their faces with expensive food, preening on about Cleo the Clock (If you missed that, you missed two of the nuttiest speeches in the world, led by Nancy Pelosi, talking about a clock non stop.) and the reason I am pissed????

Trump seemed puzzled by Pelosi's cryptic message given at ...

Trump clearly looks puzzled when Nancy pelosi schools him on "Cleo". ... also talks about the clock which is above Cleo that Lincoln use ta look up at. ... Pelosi ...

I am pissed because there were Americans standing out in the damned cold and rain while these pompous asses were chowing down in comfort, and those Americans were out there 90 minutes waiting to march in a parade to honor President Trump, and then had to march in the dark.

That is what is wrong with Washington DC, in the PEOPLE get stuffed out in the cold rain, while those millionaires all jack each other off about how wonderful they are and think a clock named Cleo is of some value to normal people.

I did not vote for any of this bullshit and if there are still Trump advisers who are American in this inner circle, they should pay attention to a reality check which is about to be posted here about Up the Press Cunt Bannon.

A question first.

Ah where in the Constitution does it state that the press gets access and office space which Americans have to pay for in the White House?

Oh yes, freedom of the press........but what about the right of access of the other freedoms in RELIGION and ASSEMBLY?

Major Garrett on Twitter: "Steve Bannon just took a tour of ...

Major Garrett Verified ... Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet; Steve Bannon just took a tour of the WH ... His reaction: "very populist" #inauguration2017 #Trump ...

Why is it not populist of the American clergy like Franklin Graham to have his office in the White House, and 50 preachers have their daily briefing?

What about the assembly in the protestors and advocates. Why doesn't the Psycho Twats of America have their room to burn down in protest and the NRA have a room in the White House to wave flags?

Where is the legal right of access in this? When the press has a right that religion or assembly does not have, that is a breach of the Constitution and ILLEGAL!!!

Into this, where in the blessed room space is the Lame Cherry office in the White House? Or for that matter the Des Moines Register or Alex Jones or Jeff Rense. I certainly did more than anyone in this blog in accomplishing God's work in changing the time line, and I do not see Steve Bannon talking about how populist it is to have Lame Cherry access to the White House or any of the other hard working advocates who did all the work in running interference for Donald Trump.

So let us get a few things straight in this. Americans did not vote for the same fake news traitors to be given more rights than the rest of Americans. There is nothing populist in that in the least. Steve Bannon just agreed to press bigotry where CBS is of more value than a Paul Joseph Watson blog.
As the Lame Cherry reminds all in this, let Bannon put that horse shit into the elections, in the big press gets more right than the small electoral college blogs, and Donald Trump would not be President now, and instead Hillary Clinton would have Loretta Lynch indicting Donald Trump for treason in Russian hacking.

So that pretty much sums up why I am pissed off. I do not stand for Americans desiring to march in a parade were pissed on by the skies and those pissers in Congress preening each other like gods. I do not stand for Steven Bannon bigotry in rewarding the 5th column enemies of America with White House office space, when I am stuck in poverty and have Homeland interviewing me for posting information to keep Americans safe and to bring about world peace.

Major problems in the Trump White House in Steve Bannon just fed the political cancer, and Priebus and Spicer, assisted Congress in flat lining this Administration to keep President Trump from the job.

The Lame Cherry trusts President Donald Trump and the Lame Cherry adores Donald Trump, but this cadre of up the cunts from Mike Pence to Steve Bannon have proven they are the absolute problem in creating the destruction of the Trump Administration.

As Steve Bannon is so short sighted that he thinks elitist terror press is populist, then I demand that 50 preachers have offices in the White House and have a White House Clergy Director briefing every day, and I demand for equal access groups to assemble daily in the White House for equal access rights.
If that is not going to be done, the throw the damn press out to the street where they belong and stop having your head up a twat thinking this is some Constitutional provision, when all it is accomplishing is Constitutional destruction of America.

President Donald Trump is being ill served by unInspired, self serving flat brains. That is the fact.

Reporters also traditionally have free access to “Lower Press,” a set of offices for the deputy and assistant press secretaries just off the Brady Briefing Room. Some time after Obama and Trump departed the White House, the door to “Lower Press” was locked. Zeke Miller, a Time correspondent and board member of the White House Correspondents’ Association, asked Shah to have the door unlocked. Shah was unfamiliar with the setup — but the sliding door was unlocked within 15 minutes of the conversation.

Did Shah powder Zeke Miller's ass too while he was shitting on the Trump Staff as Bannon handed out the Exlax?

Nuff Said



Saturday, January 21, 2017

The DC Twat Protest

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In observing the psychological profile of the 500,000 ugly woman body rub (they were packed tight according to Buzzfeed) as this was not a march, there was a sexual theme to these creatures.

There were a great deal of F*CK TRUMP, and demanding that the President stop Tweeting, as this was very important.

Ashley Judd was fond of a child poem about Hitler and wet dreams.

Madonna was F bombing when she was not talking about bombing the White House.

There were vagina hats in someone was making a great deal of money off of stupid women obsessed with their female pee pee spot.

From what I could discern from the pictures, there were numbers of fat to creepy white guys like Michael Moore there, whose purpose seemed to get into tight crowds to have women rub up against them, and hordes of extremely unattractive females who have not had any contact which was not electronic for their entire lives which was not butch or dyke.

Fornication of some sort was what was on all of these creature's minds, and they deemed it important enough to have creepy males rub up against them.

It all is encapsulate in the above photo of two unattractive females, holding the largest erection they could find, to make up for their penis envy, to lie to the world, that the reason males did not have erections around them or ever ask them out, was because they were powerful women. No, the correct psychological diagnosis is that even rapists, blind men, and apparently Muslims have a limit to what they will ejaculate semen into, out of natural species preservation instinct, in no primate males are naturally programmed to reproduce with mentally retarded females with no milk production, as the child would either be eaten by dingoes or starve to death sucking dry tits.
Their dreams of all of these Obama Muslim and Mexican rape cock, and they still can not get laid as the ewes are still winning out.

500,000 of these things in America, and thankfully Canada turned a host of them back at the border who were too stupid to know they needed Obama passports.

The Ugly Women Begging For Sex Of Any Kind March.

Apparently their cats all died of cherry jelly overdose.


Make America Llama Again

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After experiencing the unattractive people who are #TwatTerrors, like Ashley Judd in the 500,000 vagina fluid march, and those things fire balling yesterday, I actually came across this protestor, who I agree with.

the llamas are owned by Ethan who "wants to take back our farms, food, families, and freedom." He says the llamas love to march/do it a lot

I don't quite get why baby llamas are being exposed to liberal lunatics in DC as they seem highly unamused, and would  rather be with the pretty people like Melania Trump or at least petted by Baron  Trump, but it is just I am more concerned about the llamas being hurt than all of these militants on two legs.

So I actually am for as is President Trump in US agriculture in family farms, raising good food, nice rural families and being free from the EPA and USDA.

I think Ethan should be invited to bring his llamas over to mow the White House lawn, and if he checks out and washes the dove shit off shoulder, he should be appointed Secretary of Agriculture, as he seems trainable in a llama has him on a leash and is leading him around safely in a gang of liberal predators.

I actually want to get some llama or those little other camel things......alpacas. Do not want to get spit on by a llama, but they only spit on people they do not know. I hear they stomp the hell out of coyotes and fox.

Too bad they did not recognize the Clinton terrorists as something to stomp.


RIP Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer Picture

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was saddened by the death from cancer of one of my favorite actors in Miguel Ferrer this week. I have always had a prejudice for Mr. Ferrer, as I worshiped the performances of his father Jose, who had a Cyrano world of marrying Rosemary Clooney, who was the eye candy for the Bing Crosby movies and concerts.

Yes she is the Clooney who is responsible for that self absorbed George Clooney.

Miguel Ferrer was none of that. Think of him as the common sense so void in George Clooney to Alec Baldwin. I recall an appearance of his on television after 9 11, giving the media holy hell for reporting that bin Laden's location could be pinpointed by his backdrops. bin Laden put up the white wall after that treacherous insight.

Conservatives will recognize another cousin of Miguel Ferrer in the indomitable B 1 Bob Dornan.

My condolences to Mr. Ferrer's family in his wife and children. I had always hoped to become wealthy and produce a roll for Mr. Ferrer as his talent was one of the rare things, in he could actually act.

His best work was Robocop, Iron Man III and Tales from the Crypt. Think of the wasted space of Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise in if Miguel Ferrer had starred in those movies.