Sunday, July 8, 2012

Russian Bare Sex

I don't know but I been told
Eskimo pxxxy is mighty cold
Wet and furry and full of hair
Just like xxxxing a polar bear
Sound off.....
Sound off....

Oh for the good olde days of boot camp and running along in the dark, singing uplifting songs and being warned against Susie Rottencrotch selling it to all the cherry GI's on leave........

People seem to be upset about Vladamir Putin sending nuclear bombers into Alaska in war games, when Barack Nobel Peace Prize Obama is not in the least upset about this being more flexible in his helping mother Russia eat the world.

After all there is the Peking girl cuddling up with Vladamir Putin, thee only man leader on the planet currently, and what difference is it really if Obama has 3 1/2 billion Eurasian at enmity with America, as he blows up the Middle East and has Europe in an economic shambles, as this is about the Neo Roman Empire and the New Asian Order as only covered here.

There are more important things like disarming America of conventional and nuclear forces and relying on Ronald Reagan's clean Star Wars systems to slaughter 3 billion Eurasians in war, as Obama likes the idea of green warfare in Americans die by Muslims, Obama murders Muslims, and Star Wars obliterates half the planet cleanly.......clean wars are next to messiah wars.

If Obama was a real American, he would have blown Vladamir's  Tu-95MS Bear H (prop) and Tu-160 Blackjack (stolen B1 bomber plans) out of the sky, the way Obama did Kim Jong somethings nuclear rockets. That would tell the Russians that Alaska is American.....but then Obama has been busy turning over Japanese islands to Russia and turning over Alaskan islands to Russia. The Bolsheviks under Obama do not need to start a war, as Obama just hands them lands.

The real problem in this is not the bombers, but the reality of the nuclear submarines which Obama has allowed Putin to prowl about the American waters, along with various fun things the Russians have developed in cat tracker subs......yes they Russians have an underwater catepillar which they use to preposition thermo nuclear bombs off American cities in order to first strike. Simple things really in one just stations them, buries them some and they sort of bouncing betty when they are activated by code, and that million sun heatwave just fries the coastal cities.

I suppose that is classified information, but no more than the prepositioned nukes Vladamir Putin and the Peking girls have diplomatically been stationing using Bill Clinton's Stan Nuclear Waste.....shhhhh
Don't want that tracked back to Peking or Moscow as Obama is best buddies with them.

Where was I?

I like building coffee tables you know. It really pleases me to put a Roman Ogee on them and to make a cherrywood stain bring it all to a cheerful outcome.

That was code of course. I wonder if Baby is speaking in elementary binary type code?

Any event, let us all appreciate that soon enough Obama will have America invaded within the lifetimes of the pagan masses who voted for him, and they can be raped by Russians, Chinese or Mexicans. I would suggest the Chinese as they are smaller and do not smell of tacos or usually beat you to death on a vodka drunk.

I suppose there should be something about Russian weaponized biologicals prepositioned too and action plans in how to exactly broadcast them in key locations and water supplies as anthrax and cholera are the Moscow gift which keeps giving.
Not all the fun is in China with bot warfare......yes the Chicoms have it, but they don't know how to turn it off or to not mutate.

Obama's family of Chinoids are such scamps and how all that Slavic slavery and bowing just did not appease the dragon or the bear.

I hope the Eskimos like being raped. Perhaps Sarah Palin will too as she went to hide under her bed from Obama and Rove thinking it was safe there, and here comes the Russians.
Well it never killed 15 million German infants to grannies being raped by Stalin's boys......who knows maybe the American Obama voting females have a secret fetish about that too in once you had designer negro, you always go ho.

I had a thing for designer negro
Liked hiking my skirt and being a ho
Commie xxxx and Marxist xxxxx
Obama whores like turning the trick
Sound off......
Sound off......

agtG 257

Disclaimer: This intelligence information has not be leaked by the Obama regime to Colin Powell so he can be a whore for murdering more national Muslims in Syria in Powellgate II.